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Wildlife in Wayanad

The backwaters of Kerala with its many deciduous forests and animal fraternity, is one of the most explored wilderness. Wayanad in Kerala consists of two main wild life resorts namely Muthanga and Tholpetty. This sprawling natural reserve came into being in 1977 and falls under the jurisdiction of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve. The undulating topography, intermittent hillocks and the moist deciduous forest makes it an ideal setting for the existence of wildlife in Wayanad.

If you are visiting Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, be prepared to come face to face with the majestic elephants. The west had swooned over them almost giving them a mythical ring. In India they are worshipped and most temples in South India bears its elephantine connection in ways more than one. It is sad that we are placing them in harms way by forcing them to walk the gauntlet of habitat destruction and poaching. Significantly enough Wildlife in Wayanad Sanctuary is a disturb free area where the rules and regulations against poaching are severe.

Other than elephants, you get to see a wide variety of jungle dogs, civet cat, deer, bear, bison, monkeys, etc. The fauna in Wayanad is varied and wanders about in their natural habitat without any fear of the poachers. Similarly the flora in Wayanad deserves special mention for the student of horticulture. A wide array of deciduous trees like sal, rosewood, karumaruthi, venteak, abounds the forest and provides a perfect shelter for the wandering animals.

The avian life in Wayanad is a delight for ornithologists. Birds in Wayanad come in a variety of colors and shapes. Best season to visit wildlife in Wayanad is from November to May.

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