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Wild Grass Lodge Kaziranga

Location: Kaziranga National Park

Situated in: Assam

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Kaziranga National Park in Assam is one of the very few sanctuaries were you get to see the one horned Rhinoceros. A jeep safari through the park unravels the mystery of the wild. As you go deeper a fear of the unknown grips you. People with strong heart and a zest for the unknown cant possibly let this experience pass by. You get to see many tourists and environmentalists flocking Kaziranga at the peak seasons.

Most of the lodges and guest houses here are situated along the National Highway 37. Try out Wild Grass Resort. This place is a good run for its money. However it is advisable for you to book beforehand as it can get quite jam packed especially from November to early April.

Grass Lodge provides you privacy at its best. Once you are inside the lodge, you are cut off from the buzzing horns and the screeching of the car tyers which are on the move at all point in the National Highway. The lodge is gracefully proportioned and the backdrop reveals a panoramic view of the jungle.

The lodge itself is surrounded by a private area which shelters many kinds of butterflies, flowers and birds. A hammock hangs carelessly in between two trees. The early morning dew drops can still be felt along the grassland.

Wild Grass Lodge offers you eighteen well decorated rooms and two jungle lodges that are constructed in such a way that no amount of disturbance can penetrate the privacy of the people. If you are one who does thing differently and would rather prefer camping than the shelter of a warm room, we have camping facilities for you in the very precincts of the lodge. Camp in the midst of nature and hear the call of the wild which has a strange mystery and rhythm.

Visit the tribal village nearby and enjoy the taste of Mahua (a tribal drink). Fooding includes three wholesome meals a day. Other than that you can have ample tea and coffee for which there is a separate nominal charge applicable.

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