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Winter Holiday Destinations In India

Come November and people start searching for best places to visit in India in winter. From tourism point of view, winter, or to be more specific, the months of November, December, January and February are when tourism in India reaches its crescendo. One of the hottest destinations Rajasthan (It is literally burning during summer months) becomes one of the most sought after places to visit in India in winter.

Then the beaches of the west coast and south, be it Goa or Kovalam offer ideal setting for sunbathing and leisure activities. Up north, it's the time for winter snow treks in Himalayas for the adventure enthusiast.

And last but not the least winter is also the wedding season in India. The hills - be it north or south - becomes the cocoon of romance for newlyweds looking for places to go for honeymoon in India in winter.

For families, it is anywhere in entire country when it comes to winter holidays in India but Maharashtra, Himachal, Kerala and Goa remains favorite. For the elderly, Gujarat with its numerous temples and places for pilgrimage becomes one of the top places to visit in India in winter.

So whether you're looking for a family holiday, solo vacation, going out with friends or looking for pilgrimage or honeymoon in India in winter, browse through our list of top destinations to visit in India in winter to plan your trip.

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Top Places to Visit in India in Winter

Andaman Islands, home to emerald beaches, historical monuments, numerous adventure activities and abundant marine life, is one of the best kept secrets of India.
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Mesmerizing with its palm-fringed backwaters, Ayurvedic treatments, tranquil beaches and mesmerizing hills, Kerala is rightly called "God's Own Country".
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Panoramic sunset and mesmerizing views, stunning beaches and pleasant weather and add to it the pervading charm & serinity, Kanyakumari a one of the best places to visit in India in winter.
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Forts, palaces, deserts and dance, Rajasthan is a riot of colors and creeds and a must visit winter destination in India. Do shop till you drop!.
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Himachal Pradesh
Gigantic hills across the state offer stunning views and delightful breeze; Himachal Pradesh is a must-visit place to experience snow.
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Some don't even consider Goa as part of India, Such is the mesmeric charm of this place! Goa's balmy beaches dole out fun in crazy measures and colonial hangover!
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Jammu & Kashmir
Glistening lakes, carpets of snow and lush greenery combine to make Kashmir look like "Heaven on Earth". Kashmir is one of the best places for honeymoon in India in winter.
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Located in Nilgiri Hill Ranges, with its pristine lakes, awe inspiring view point and unmistakable Raj era charm often make you believe you're meandering an English lane. Do not miss the toy train ride!
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Having its name inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi Group of Monuments home so wondurous topography and awe inspiring relics of Vijayanagara Empire.
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Home to vibrant culture, tasty food, wildlife, nature and all modern amenities, Gujarat is undoubtedly one of India's top tourist attractions.
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Kodaikanal, the 'princess of hill stations' is equally popular amid family vacationers and couples for its scenic locations and pleasant weather.
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Bandhavgarh National Park
A must visit during winters, Bandhavgarh National Park is home to the rare big cats and other exotic flora and fauna species in huge numbers.
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The only place in India with a temple dedicated to Lord Bramha, Pushkar is at its best in winter month not to mention the Pushkar Fair which takes place in November.
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A small island in Gulf of Manner, holy center and one of the CharDham, Rameshwaram is best visited during winters for a divine holy experience at Ranganathaswamy Temple.
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UNESCO World Heritage Site of medieval temples and monuments becomes all the more enchanting during the pleasant winters. It is also when the Khajuraho Dance Festival is helpd.
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Home to one of World's Seven Wonders, Taj Mahal, Agra is a sought-after winter destination of India, considered a must to go place if you are visiting India.
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The magnificent Sun Temple at Konark is the culmination of Odisha temple architecture, and one of the most stunning monuments in the world.
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Peaceful Pondicherry with its colonial charm, one of the most sought-after South Indian destinations, offers an eclectic mix of modern and spiritual worlds.
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Ranikhet majorly is a cantonment area surrounded by the humbling Himalayas on all sides. Comparatively more secluded than other 'touristy' hill stations.
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Corbett National Park
Made famous by the great Ruskin Bond, the 1318 sq. km. national park is the one of finest examples of wildlife in India. Your best chance to spot the wild cat!
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The most significant Buddhist pilgrimage, Bodhgaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is where Siddhartha attained Nirvana and became Buddha.
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The capital of Meghalaya is also one of the most picturesque and modern hill towns set along the Northeastern Himalayas. Vintage / Overhauled cars and waterfalls are a rage here.
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Smaller, quieter and cheaper than , Coonoor in Tamil Nadu is for the lazy traveler who prefers solitude over melange or a lengthy novel over a rough trek. No place to rush.
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The real "Queen of the Hills" in West Bengal is also home to the Daarjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Daarjeeling is every bit the quintessential summer getaway.
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India's answer to the Bahamas, Lakshadweep is an archipelago of tropical islands in the lower Arabian Sea. Be a true castaway when here in seclusion, with all the luxuries, of course.
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White water rafting at grade 5 rapids? Or some soul curry in a Spa, Ayurveda and Yoga Ashram Himalayas? Maybe both! Choose whichever, you're still coming to Rishikesh!
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This brilliant natural establishment in West Bengal is within sight of the great Khangchendzonga Mountain, and comes loaded with Buddhist and colonial influences in its culture.
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