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Estuary Island Resort Poovar

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda stands for 'science of life'. This ancient science is still applicable and beneficial to present day life of people. You can enjoy the benefits of this ancient and holistic science at Poovar, Estuary Island Resort, Poovar, India. In fact, Ayurvedic Facilities in Estuary Island Resort, Poovar are a major draw amongst the tourists.

This luxurious resort located at Poovar is situated at a distance of 15 km in the south of Kovalam. To reach the resort on needs to board a boat. Set in the midst of the tranquil landscape it is a perfect destination to pamper ones jaded souls and rejuvenation while being close to nature. Other major highlights of the resorts are the recreational facilities like a game of beach volley ball, cultural shows, sightseeing tour to the local attractions.


Languages : Malayalam, Hindi, English

Best Season : Throughout the year

Weather : In Summer 28°C to 37°C and In Winter 20°C to 34°C

How to Reach:

Air : Trivandrum International airport is the nearest airport to Poovar, located at a distance of 38 Km.

Rail : The nearest railway station to Poovar is the Trivandrum central Railway Station, located at a distance of 26.8 km.

Road : It would take about a 45 minutes drive to reach Poovar from Trivandrum. Poovar is located at a distance of 32 Km from the Trivandrum city.


Many people have the wrong notion of Ayurveda to be a mere system of preventive medicine. However, it is far more than that. Guests availing of the Ayurvedic Amenities in Estuary Island Resort, Poovar would be able to revitalize their jaded souls and body. The treatment that is on offer at Estuary Island Resort, Poovar, India is Panchakarma Therapy.

  • Panchakarma- It is Ayurveda's chief purification as well as detoxification treatment. The word Panchakarma refers to the "five therapies". These 5 therapeutic ways of eliminating toxins from the body are Virechana, Vamana, Basti, Nasya and Raktamoskshana. The series of these five therapies help to remove illness causing toxins and deep rooted stress from the body while offering a fine balance of the doshas (which are energies that rule all biological functions).
  • Virechana- It is a medicated purgation therapy. This therapy cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract completely by removing Pitta toxins from the body that are generally accumulated in the gallbladder and liver. Virechana helps to root out Diabetes, Psoriasis, Headaches, Chronic Fever, Asthma, Constipation, Skin disorders like Herpes, Paraplegia. You can even combat diseases like Elephantiasis and some Gynecological disorders with the help of Virechana.
  • Vamana- It is a medicated emesis therapy, removes Kapha toxins that are collected in the respiratory tract and the body. This is usually offered to people who have high Kapha imbalance. Daily Vamana treatment involves loosening as well as mobilizing the toxins, with the objective of finally eliminating them. People suffering from Chronic Allergies, Bronchial Asthma, Hay Fever, Skin disorders, Edema, Obesity, Psychological disorders, Hyperacidity etc. would get a lot of benefit from this treatment.
  • Basti (Enema)- It is taken to be the mother of all Panchakarma treatments as it cleanses the complete range of accumulated toxins from the 3 doshas namely Pitta, Vata and Kapha, through the colon. Nasya involves application of medicated oil through the nose to cleanse Kapha toxins that have been accumulated in the neck and head region.

While you make use of the Ayurvedic Amenities in Estuary Island Resort, Poovar, you should also follow the Panchakarma Diet. This special diet is monitored daily by the in-house specialists of the Ayurvedic Center.

Room Types

The Estuary Island Resort is beachside resort set in the exotic surroundings where the waterways and the mesmerizing sea meet to provide for majestic surroundings. The resorts offer 71 rooms to its guest appointed with all modern day facilities that are perfect for all kind of visitors. The interiors of the room are majestically decorated and provide for breathtaking overviews from inside. The estuary Island resort is best designed to blend well with the beautiful natural surroundings. Every room features a spacious walkways and a swimming pool to leaves its guest splendid. For the convenience of its guests in order to better understand the facilities provided by each room the rooms of the hotel are distinguished into three categories:

  • Estuary Premium
  • The Cottage
  • Estuary Garden


Each room of the hotel comes fitted with world class amenities including en-suite bath and shower, IDD telephone, Satellite TV, air-conditioning, room service, hot and cold running water, balcony etc.


While dining at the various dining venues of Estuary Island Resort get ready to enjoy superb service, fine food and professional hospitality. Enjoy intimate candlelight dinner at the private decks. The guest will be served with the freshest catch and fantastic local spices in its various multi cuisine restaurants. There are large numbers of restaurants present at the Estuary Island Resort which include:


This multi cuisine restaurant makes use of fantastic local spices and the fresh catch from the sea along with the experience of head chef and serves its guests with great quality and lip smacking food.


Enjoy dining in this open spaced specialty restaurant situated along the waterfront. The aromas for chef cooking blended with the sea breeze are sure to make you opt for a lavish dinner.

Deck Dining

For private dining experience opt for Deck Dining, to enjoy having meal and drink with the sun setting in the horizon, fishermen sailing past and the tides rising. Deck dining is made guest on request and with weather permitting.

Garden Dining

Enjoy the morning hot tea or coffee being served at the Garden dining when the sun is mild and the greenery around is inviting.


  • 24-hour front desk
  • Banquet facilities
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Currency exchange
  • Fitness equipment
  • Laundry facilities
  • Medical services
  • Restaurant
  • Room service(24 hours)
  • Swimming pool
  • Travel counter
  • Boat trips
  • Conference/banquet facility