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Best Time to Visit Australia

So many stunning locations on this continent may be explored in various time zones. As a result, answering the question of when the best time is to visit Australia is more complicated. Your interest, tastes, financial situation, and—most importantly—your ideal climate all play a part in this. 

Sydney's beaches resemble heaven on Earth from December to February. In Australia, summer is a terrific time to spend outside, go swimming at the beach, or even walk Tasmania's Overland Track.

Autumn lasts from March to May, during which Melbourne prepares for a Formula 1 Grand Prix while Canberra's entire town is illuminated by fiery foliage. In the middle of the year, between June and August, Australia's winters provide snow skiing in the Australian Alps. 

Otherwise, you can go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef or travel to Australia's Simpson Desert for a beautiful winter vacation. In the Margaret River region of Western Australia's spring, between September and November, you may engage in whale watching or spend time at the flower vineyards. 

The dry season, which lasts from May to October, features clear blue skies with days that shine with brightness. Darwin's outdoor market, events, and movies are fantastic to check out now. The hot and muggy weather of the wet season, which lasts from December to March, includes some rainstorms. 

Australia is an all-around destination. However, people avoid going during the winter, which lasts from June to August, because these are the coldest months in Australia, with rainfall spurts and chilly breezes filling the atmosphere. So, making plans in the winter, spring, or autumn is advised for a better experience.

Overview of Australia Season

Off Season:
Dec to Feb: 20°C-37°C
Shoulder Season:
Sep-Nov: 17°C-35°C
Peak Season:
Mar to May: 17°C-35°C


Travel Season Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Weather Condition
March to May 17°C 35°C Cool down
June to August 11°C 30°C Cold
September to November 17°C 35°C Relatively warmer
December to February 20°C 37°C Hot

Australia in (December to February)

Temperature: The average temperature during summers ranges from 20°C-37°C.

Weather: The sun is glowing, the temperatures are soaring, and the beaches are dazzling (excluding the northern regions, where it's the wet season).

Significance: The renowned Australian New Year's Eve celebrations are taking place this season, along with top-tier cricket competitions.

Why you should visit now: to take a stroll along the beautiful Australia's coastline and to take advantage of excursions to national parks, golf courses, vineyards, and day spas in various parts of the country.

Know before you visit: The best time to connect closely with Australian wildlife is right now, so be aware of this before you go. While visiting Australia in the summer, be prepared to experience some thunderstorms.

Tips: For protection against sunburns, carry enough sunscreen with you.

Australia in (September to November)

Temperature: The average temperature during the spring ranges between 17°C-35°C.

Weather: In Australia, the days are often warmer in the spring, but the humidity is not as high as it is in the summer.

Significance: The celebrations and festivals staged in the spring bring the entire nation to life.

Why you should visit now: Australia's sea kayaking, surfing, and canoeing are all at their best right now. During this time, you can also travel to Kangaroo Island to see Australian wildlife. Watch out for the jazz, blues, and opera performances during the Melbourne Cup. The ideal time to travel to Australia is now.

Know before you visit: The entire town of Canberra comes to life with a million colorful spring blossoms that illuminate the entire area with their stunning beauty. Know this before you go.

Tips: This is one of the most crowded times to visit Australia and the best time for diving and surfing.

Australia in (March-May)

Temperature: The temperature during Autumn in Australia ranges between 17°C-35°C.

Weather: The climate is fresh, which makes it ideal for beach treks.

Significance: Melbourne has numerous food and wine festivals, fashion weeks, and the renowned Melbourne Grand Prix.

Why you should visit now: The Murrumbidgee River Corridor is the finest to camp along at this time of year. Additionally, keep an eye out for whitewater rafting on Tasmania's Wild West coast.

Know before you visit: This is the busiest travel season for tourists to Australia, and the nation is overrun with them during this time.

Tips: Carry some warm garments with you if you want to stay warm in the chilly fall weather.