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Malaysia Visa

Malaysia is one of the finest holiday destinations in Asia that receives heavy footfalls from tourists. From breathtaking skyscrapers and scenic islands to wild rainforests and jungles, Malaysia is a land of diversity. And to experience this diversity, a Malaysia Visa is an essential thing for every tourist.

This multicultural country is a year-round vacation spot that would be delightful for every kind of traveler. A visa to Malaysia allows you to unleash your zeal to enjoy beachy vibes and discover dense forests, deep caves, colorful temples, and breathtaking vistas. So, if you are planning your Malaysia tour, you must know the types of visas and visa processes for having a great vacation in this all-year-round warm country.

Malaysia E-Visa Validity

E-Visa for Malaysia is applicable for foreigners (non-Malaysian) who are willing to enter the country. You must go on the official website of the Malaysian Government to apply for an e-Visa by filling up the form. However, it is advised that you should read the instructions, information, terms, and conditions of the e-Visa. 

Malaysia tourist visa fees depends on the nationality of the tourists. In addition, the processing fee would be around RM 105 (Malaysian Ringgit). Moreover, kindly ensure that all uploaded documents fulfilled the requirements to avoid the disappointment of rejection. After getting the approval of your e-Visa, print that on A4-size paper.

Note: E-Visa is not applicable for foreigners residing in Malaysia, Singapore, and countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Malaysia.

Duration of Malaysia Visa Process

A Malaysia Visa would take around working 2 days, and these two days of processing time are counted from the day you submit your application form.

Type of Malaysia Visa

There are different types of visas to enter Malaysia, and travelers choose the visa per their traveling preferences. For Indian Passport holders, an e-visa would be an excellent choice to enjoy a vacation. Here is the list of types of visas for Malaysia.

Single Entry Visa: This type of Visa is valid for three months from the date it is issued.

Multiple Entry Visa: A multiple-entry visa is valid for 3 to 12 months from the issued date. Moreover, each entry is for 30 days, and an extension of duration is not allowed. Indian passport holders are eligible for this type of Malaysia Visa.

Transit Visa: This kind of Visa lets you exit the airport and explore the city in Malaysia within the time frame till you catch your flight ahead.

Visa on Arrival: This type of Visa is available for the Republic of China and India along with some conditions. You can check out these conditions by visiting the official websites of the Malaysian Government.

Documents Required for a Malaysia Visa

  • A valid passport with six months of validity
  • Three recent passport-size photographs.
  • Sufficient funds for your expenses (minimum $1000)
  • Accommodation Proof and a valid return ticket.
  • You must have a completed and signed visa application form copy.
  •  It would be better to have a cover letter with all the required details of your itinerary.

FAQs About Malaysia Visa

Q: Do Indian citizens need a visa for Malaysia?

Ans:  Yes, Indians need a Malaysia Visa to enjoy tourism in this multicultural country. The process of getting a tourist visa for Malaysia is relatively straightforward. Malaysia tourist visa for Indians are required but the process is simple as mentioned above.

Q: Is there a visa on arrival in Malaysia for Indians?

Ans: Visa on arrival in Malaysia for Indians is available but only via connected countries, including Thailand, Singapore, or Indonesia. Simply put, Citizens of India can not directly land in Malaysia and expect a Visa on arrival. A visa on arrival only makes sense if you plan to travel to these countries. If you do not include these countries in your tour, choose a Malaysia Visa directly.

Q: How to apply for a Malaysia tourist visa from India?

Ans:  You must visit the official website of the Malaysian Government and fill out the form for a Visa. After paying your fee, you will get an email with your confirmation, and you can print it out on A4 paper.

Q: Can I get a tourist visa for Malaysia now?

Ans: Indeed, you can get a visa for Malaysia any time of the year. However, follow the process by visiting their site.