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Maldives Visa

While thinking about Maldives, underwater scenery and luxury water bungalows come before you. The sparkling clear water, natural environment, and enthralling watersports give you the best thrill. But, before you plan your vacation here, you should know about all the Maldives Visa requirements.

A Maldives tourist visa opens a gate for opportunities to explore around 1,000 fascinating coral islands. Moreover, while enjoying your vacation here, you can indulge in water sports, take a shopping spree, and explore nature parks in this island country.

Unquestionably, Maldives is a dreamy destination that gives you a needful break through a relaxing and luxurious vacation. But do you know the process for Maldives Visa? If you want your dream to come true, knowing all the details about the visa is essential. And the best part is that applying for a visa is one of the easier tasks than choosing the destination to explore in the Maldives. Here is the detailed guide about Maldives Visa that you should read if you are planning a holiday in this island country. 

How to Get Maldives Visa

Indian Citizens would be glad to know that the Maldives offers them visas for 30 days on arrival. Hence, there is no need to pre-arrange your tourist visa. However, you must need some documents and know the process to get the complete details about the visa process. If you have a valid passport, confirmed hotel booking, and return flight ticket, you can proceed with your Visa on arrival. And Visa on arrival in Maldives can be extended up to 90 days.

You must go to the official website of Maldives to check the new updates about the process. Carry all your documents, as you might ask to show your documents at the immigration counter. If you want to extend your Visa, write an application before 2 days of your visa expiry date and submit it. After that, you will get approval for the new two months. But, the department may approve or reject your extended application. Make sure to fill it out correctly.

Maldives Tourist Visa Processing Time

As you already know, you get a visa on arrival, and there is no processing time for your visa. However, the Department of Immigration will take some time to check your stay details and return tickets. And if everything is good and correct, you will be allowed to enjoy your vacation in the Maldives.

Documents Required for Maldives Tourist Visa

Valid Passport with 6 months of Validity.

Confirmed stay-proof in Maldives.

Recent photographs with a white background.

Bank statement that shows that you have sufficient funds during your vacation in Maldives.

Return confirmed tickets from Maldives.

Maldives Tourist Visa Cost

Maldives offers an arrival visa for 30 days for all nationals, including Indian citizens. On top of that, Maldives tourist visa fee is zero and you can get it on arrival. Fret not about getting a Maldives Visa, as you must have a valid passport and other basic documents to get your tourist visa without paying any penny.

FAQs About Maldives Tourist Visa

Q: How to get Maldives tourist visa?

Ans:  Getting a Maldives visa is straightforward as you get it on arrival. However, you must have all your valid documents and stay up to 30 days. For more than 30 days, you can apply for Maldives Visa by going through the official website of Malaysia.

Q: Is Maldives visa-free for Indians?

Ans: Indians who are willing to enjoy a vacation for 30 days do not require a visa. If you are an Indian Citizen, you can get a visa on arrival. Make sure you have all your documents.

Q: Do Indian Citizens need a Visa for Maldives?

Ans:  You don't need a pre-arrival visa if you are planning for a Maldives tour. You get a visa on arrival, and you must have all the documents, including a valid passport, return tickets, and confirmed hotel booking. Therefore, there is no need to worry about Maldives tourist visas for Indians.

Q: Is there a Visa on Arrival in Maldives for Indian Citizens?

Ans: Maldives provides visa on arrival at free of cost for Indian citizens.