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International Mango Festival in Delhi

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    09/07/2016 - 10/07/2016

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    New Delhi

There cannot be a summer without mangoes and there cannot be a better way to celebrate the mango fever than the Mango Festival. The international mango festival in Delhi is a tribute to the popularity and the passion which almost everyone shares for these delicious fruits. No doubt referred as the 'king of all fruits', the mangoes are a treat to all and the mango festival, one of the most delicious of all Delhi festivals is the perfect time to celebrate this fruit. The Mango Festival takes place at the Talkatora stadium in Delhi as is hosted by the Delhi Tourism Board.

Description of the Mango Festival

There is a showcase of almost hundreds of varieties of mangoes at the International mango Festival. There are different varieties of mangoes that come from different states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab Haryana. There are different competitions that are held at the Mango Festival in Delhi between the different mango growers. The visitors here also get the opportunity to taste mangoes for free and savor the delicious experience for the rest of the year. To add some flavor to this mango festival, there are also different cultural programs that are organized during this time. There are the traditional favorite mangoes as well as the new hybrid discoveries of the fruit. There is a wide array of different flavors of this juicy fruit to taste, in different preparations. The mango extravaganza continues for three days and involves not only a delicious feast of this luscious fruit, but also events such as mango folk song performances, mango eating competitions and children's shows. Buyers from all over the globe take part in the mango festival where there is vigorous trading of the fruit too.

Time for celebrating Mango Festival 

The time for celebrating the Mango Festival is around the month of July, during the time when the mangoes are found at their best.