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Holidays in India are nothing short of a dream come true. The ultimate treasures of amazing experiences awaits here. As you set a foot in India, you will find yourselves in love. Let us help you have a memorable affair, browse through our sea of ideas and pick your pearl.

Places to Visit in India by Month

Besides its innumerable attractions and experiences, a number of places to visit in India by month lure visitors to this vibrant nation. Kick start the New Year with skiing in Auli, romance in Udaipur all February and play Holi in Vrindavan. Spend delightful summers at the hill stations and spare December for Christmas in Goa.

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There is grace, humility, and everything vivacious in the nation of Gandhi, just to keep you on your toes. India is always in its element, with bubbles of ancient architecture flowing down from Dilwalon ki Dilli, through Taj Mahal and finishing the maze in Jaipur. While words fall short of describing the diversity of India, why don't we start with the simple gesture of Namaste?

So often travelers hear that the nation sails on the sea of culture, traditions, spiritual beliefs and festivals. But what is a ship without travelers who lack the urge to explore the ancient temples or relish sweets in the major festivals of Holi and Diwali?

Consider it that the country is divided for you into 28 states and that the 1 billion people here are to help you better. And then the joy of spending a vacation in India will come naturally to you.

From the snow-capped Himalayan peaks that make photographs beautiful to the sun-kissed beaches of Goa, the country has the ability to thrill, inspire and exasperate travelers all at once. So, be ready for unexpected surprises while you travel to India.

Explore this colorful nation that has secured a spot in the global tourist map. Treat yourself to the irresistible charm of the iconic cities, the sound of temple bells, the call of 'chaiwallas', and the spectacular Ganga Aarti.

If you are already feeling excited then keep on reading!

Taj Mahal and the Other Wonders

Taj Mahal is the most dazzling mausoleum across the globe and stands as a testament of true love. Along with that, the country also boasts a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This often includes Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Khajuraho Temples, Mahabalipuram and many more. The stunning display of the most remarkable architecture by the temples of South India is a delight to the sore eyes. Make your holidays in India memorable by taking a tour of these epic monuments that echo the legends only a few know about!

Culture that echoes innumerable myths

Do you know that India has the oldest culture on the Earth? 5000 years to be precise, seems too varied right? It is diverse where people speak different languages, follow diverse religions, eat completely different food and yet flourish under harmony. Thus, it is also considered as one of the most diverse nations in the world. The rich tapestry of the nation is also reflected in arts, music and dance forms.

Festivals that strengthen bonds and fills the air with joy!

Surprisingly, every season in India is celebrated with a unique festival that adds to the cultural charm. The joyous occasion is not only restricted to home but the entire community takes part in the festivities. Honestly, merrymaking is endless in India. The varied traditions and customs often intrigue travelers and leave them with an irresistible desire to know more about the region.

A nation of people with big hearts and appetites just as big

Maybe it's obvious that the cuisine in India is a buffet for the taste buds. The tongue tickling flavors, the explosion of spices, and the magic of sweets, it's all here in the motherland. From the chai tapris (tea shops), the street food stalls, to the high-end cafes and restaurants, wherever you go, the aroma follows you.

Moreover, Indian dishes are a combination of distinct recipes, each having their unique preparation style. The use of freshly picked herbs is extensive in all the 29 states. And hence, dominates widely in Mughlai cuisine, South Indian cuisine, Bengali food, Kashmiri food, to name a few.

Mountains are calling, and you must go!

If you are willing to soak up the sublime tranquility during your vacations in India, head to the charismatic hill stations. From north to south, India is blessed with more than twenty mountain ranges. The northern part is dominated by the great Himalayas and offers such grandeur that cannot be expressed in words.

Further, the hill stations in India offer a blissful retreat during the oppressive heat of the summer. Some of the most popular hill stations are Srinagar, Nainital, Mussoorie, Munnar, Ooty, Kodaikanal Darjeeling, and Shillong. The months between April and May are the best time to visit hill stations in India. Besides, trekking, touring the scenic tea plantations, shopping your heart out, and just spending some time in these paradise-like places rejuvenate the senses like no other.

A love affair between palm trees, ocean breeze and carefree you

Surrounded by azure water on all sides, India is gifted with some of the most wonderful beaches. The 7517 kilometers long stretch of coastline is lined by the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The golden sun rays on the shimmering sand and the cool breeze have a charm in itself. The sea beaches offer serenity and solace away from the chaos of life. Many of the beaches are untouched and less commercialized and enjoying here is a major highlight of the India vacation packages.

If Goa is the only beach destination that you know, then it's time to think again. There are a number of other destinations as well that you must explore to absorb the natural beauty. Visit Mahabalipuram which is a 5th-century heritage beach town. Explore the temple town along with Puri beach in Odisha. Swim in the clear blue water of Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island. Immerse in history and culture at the exquisite beach town of Kannur in Kerala. Visit Gokarna, the popular temple town and now a yoga beach retreat in Karnataka.

Listen close, do you hear the great voices of the wild?

You can also indulge in enthralling wildlife safaris at some of the best national parks in India. This often includes Kaziranga National Park (Assam), Jim Corbett (Uttarakhand), Sasan-Gir Wildlife Sanctuary (Gujarat) and Bandhavgarh National Park (Madhya Pradesh) to name a few. Feel the thrill as you track tigers, ride elephants and spot one-horned rhinos. Besides, bird watching at the popular bird sanctuaries like Bharatpur, Kumarakom, and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary offers unlimited fun.

Yoga and meditation – A blessing to mankind

When Yoga reaped in India, positivity followed its way. The history of this magical practice can be traced back to several thousand years. It all started with sacred teachings during the Indus civilization in the northern part of India. Yoga is considered the most popular exercise for relaxing the mind and body. It goes hand in hand with mediation. A traditional yoga retreat coupled with meditation will inspire and rejuvenate you deep within.

People seeking spiritual solace often embrace both of these for healthy living. It is an integral part of the Indian culture and was practiced during each historical period. Hence, if you are willing to be a part of India's culture, practice them at Kerala and feel the difference. For a better insight, make a trip to Rishikesh, the Yoga Capital of India a part of your India travel itinerary. The serene town hosts the International Yoga Festival every year which receives a huge footfall.

Ayurveda that heals your soul inside out

If India makes your run around its magnanimous attractions, it also heals you with Ayurveda. It is the traditional form of healing that has its roots in ancient India. According to the Vedas, Ayurveda is the gift to the human race by God-given some 5000 years back. It was communicated to the sages in the form of mediation and was passed on to the human physicians.

In the modern era, Kerala, Uttarakhand, Goa, Udaipur, Karnataka have the reputation of being the prime Ayurveda centers. The lush greenery does half the healing rest is done by the herbs fetched for preparing Ayurvedic concoctions. The therapies involve oil baths, periodic purifications, and rituals.

A little pampering never harmed anyone

India is known for its world-class hospitality. Having served the erstwhile Maharajas, the country has a forte in catering to the needs of the extra pampered souls. Thus, the country is dotted with an exclusive range of luxury hotels. A number of five-star hotels in India invite you to experience a wonderful amalgamation of contemporary amenities and Indian cordiality.

The art deco of these hotels add to the sheer opulence. To name a few, we have Umaid Bhawan Palace, Taj Falaknuma Palace, The Oberoi Vanyanilas, The Leela and so on. Standing amidst the picture-perfect lake is The Taj Lake Palace which presents a sight to behold.

A sojourn in the serenity of God's Own Country that knows no end*

Kerala backwaters are a unique blessing of nature. The hypnotizing backwaters are not just merge of water, but also blue skies with lush green paddy fields and an ecosystem so rare that you will forget that you are not in paradise. Cruising on the houseboats is a lifetime experience. Treat your eyes to the verdant greenery, inhale the palm scented air and let the calmness seep into the soul.

Beauty in nothingness

India is the home to numerous desert biomes that exhibit unique ecological communities. Indian deserts are not just about sand dunes, but also dead lands and valleys of cold mountains.

The great Thar Desert is a picture complete with sand dunes, colorful campsites, camels, and gypsy communities. Another beauty is the largest salt marshland located in Gujarat, The Rann of Kutch. The eerie white land is speckled with salt deposits and marshes that are habitat to avians of various kinds as well as rural communities. The annual Rann Utsav is a festive occasion to visit as in the winter nights the land reflects the moonlight and looks a beauty out of the world. Similarly, in Ladakh's Nubra Valley, amid the mighty Himalayas, Hunder is known for sand dunes, double-humped Bactrian Camels, campsite and beauty!

Dare to test your spirit

What is a holiday without some adventure? In India engage in adventure sports but also get. For the ultimate river rafting experience, head to Rishikesh. And while rafting in the sacred Ganga, savor the exquisite sight of the Himalayas. If trekking is your thing, India is gifted with numerous trekking trails which make it a safe haven for adrenaline junkies. For an exhilarating scuba diving and other water sport adventure, Andaman is the place for you.

Ladakh is adventure incarnate with adrenaline-boosting actions such as trekking, river rafting, mountaineering, cycling and many more. Where else can you boast of walking on a frozen river?

Retelling of tales of Kings and Queens

The vast history of India is witness to eras, royal dynasties, regal empires and the changing tides of time. The massive forts and palaces are the reflection of the artistic brilliance of the skilled craftsmen of the days gone by.

Take a walk down the pages of history. Golden Triangle circuit in India is the quickest introduction while for details, there is Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa and many other places.

From exciting India sightseeing tours to camping under the stars in the desert, there is a lot in store for you. Experiences here are far more meaningful than just pleasing your senses. India is a country of extreme contradictions, so be prepared to expect the unexpected when you are here.

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When the country is reputed as traveler's bliss, there is no doubt that each experiences is some of the fondest memories. Unique experiences in India overloads your senses with its colorful cacophony, be it the sights, mountains, beaches, backwaters or the cities. India is a kaleidoscope of indulgence that is astonishingly beautiful and culturally fascinating. Travel to this idiosyncratic nation and feel enthralled by its charm.

Experience the colors of modern India in Mumbai

Mumbai is the greatest example of India's extreme contradictions. The city is of dreamers of all classes. On one hand, Mumbai houses some of the biggest slums and on the other hand, it exudes luxury. The harmonious existence of two worlds is a unique delight. There are gastronomic delights, vibrant markets and most importantly it is the Bollywood hub. Mumbai will also take you back to the bygone era, the country's glorious past.

Go for a trekking holiday and soak up the Himalayas

Treks are the best way to challenge your limits and explore the unknown. What could be better than going for a trek in the snow-covered Himalayas? There are countless adventures waiting for the trekkers. From getting a glimpse of the snow leopard to thrilling river rafting, Himalayas never fails to amaze visitors. Immerse in the sheer calmness of the Buddhist culture, taste the local delicacies and savour the mountain vistas. With minimal human interference, the treks offer the most surreal experiences.

Get a closer look at the rich wildlife in the National Parks

Have you ever dreamt of taking a wildlife safari in India? With more than 90 national parks and 40 tiger reserves, sprawling over mountains or the deserts, every corner embrace roaring wildlife. The healthy population of Royal Bengal Tigers reside in the Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore, Periyar, Sunderbans and more. One-horned Rhinoceros call home to Kaziranga, while Asiatic lions find home in Gir and unique bird sanctuaries are the habitat of many indigenous as well as migratory species. Head out on a safari in a jeep or on an elephant's back or walk it out!

Explore the erotic temples of Khajuraho

Khajuraho Temples is a UNESCO World Heritage siteis reputed as one of India's spectacular wonders. Dating to 11th century, the 22 temples are adorned with erotic sculptures that reveal the origin of Kama Sutra and reflect the ancient civilization. Each of the sculptures has fascinating interpretations but the truth is buried under several layers of history. Get lost in the dazzling past and explore the art of Khajuraho. The sculptures are definitely going to evoke your imagination.

Seek inner peace through yoga and meditation

India is often referred to as the birthplace of yoga. It was developed around the 6th and 7th century and practised since centuries. There are countless yoga and meditation retreats that will help you reconnect with your soul. The retreats have inspired travellers to visit India and reap the benefits of yoga and meditation. There are wonderful places where the retreats take place, starting from mountainside towns to beach resorts. Spend the time by practising meditation or enjoy a nice chat with like-minded people. These experiences form the basis of your Indian itinerary.

Ride on the luxury trains in India

Train journeys in India have come a long way and connect even the most isolated destinations. Luxury rail travels are wrapped in elegance and offer opulent indulgence coupled with grandeur. They do not only take you to places but take you in style. The fusion of royalty and contemporary finesse lets you relish the essence of Indian culture, covering popular landmarks. The amalgamation of luxury and transportation showcases the most extravagant gems to the travellers. No wonder, the lavish stays lets you live the life of royalty.

Cruise on the backwaters in Kerala

The serene backwater cruising in Kerala offers an unparalleled experience where you can absorb nature at its best. Savour the pretty vistas and inhale the palm-scented air that will refresh you inside out. Stay in a houseboat, explore the beautiful colours of nature and create lasting memories. The shimmering backwaters allow you to unwind and spend moments of captivating tranquillity. Undoubtedly the diverse flora accompanied by mesmerizing backdrops offers a relaxing break amidst nature.

Get the real taste of royal Rajasthan

The Land of Kings is packed with unexpected surprises. The gorgeous locales and heritage sites allure visitors across the globe. The state has a traditional aura infused in royalty. No wonder, it looks lost in time. The soothing folk songs, the bright coloured attire and the architectural masterpieces say it all. Admire the magnificence of the forts that stands tall since ages. Witness the lively fairs and festivals taking place throughout the year. And go for a desert safari through the rugged sandy terrain. A trip to Rajasthan is the best way to immerse in the cultural side of real India.

Ready for some experiences that go straight in memories that you cherish forever?

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Snow in the mountains of Himalayas, parching temperatures of the desert, warm tropical bliss of shores and humidity of rainforest, all exist together and at one place, the mesmerizing country named India. In climatic diversity, India stands matchless. While by all means it is impossible to summarize the weather of India in a single line, we can attempt to categorize few seasons and the climate they undergo.

Let's talk about the major weather Indian sub-continent is known for. Monsoon in India is by far the most romantic, adventurous as well as an unpredictable beauty. The annual season of rains come with drizzles, daily downpour with bouts of sunshine and also heavy rains that cause floods at some places. The clouds heavy with rain arrive the south-western shores of Kerala by June, proceeding northwards to Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. The monsoon further branches to the Coromandel Coast proceeding to the northeast. In fact, the northeast receives the maximum rainfall with the two rainiest places in the world. There is little rain in the west, especially the Thar Desert and Ladakh receives no rainfall. The skies clear off in the north by August, while the rains hang on to the south, mostly southwest till late October.

No single time of the year can be adjudged the best time to visit everywhere in India. The best bet is from November to March, as it matches the quintessential Indian holiday. The skies are clear, humidity is low and temperatures are pleasant. However, snow is common in the Himalayas. The pleasant weather is the reason for the peak tourist season. Sightseeing becomes enjoyable, especially the view of the Taj Mahal draped in light mist. The charming architecture of forts, palaces even temples, the UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites, the beaches, the charming backwaters and even the fabled wildlife are at their alluring best. The best climate to go trekking, enjoy the tea plantations, spice plantations and even Ayurveda treatments is around August to September.

For the best Indian vacation, there are two ways to go about it. Set the time of the year is and then explore destinations to discover the enchantment of the country. The diversity will not disappoint you, you'll always have options all thought the year. Or the other course is, decide upon a destination and then get in touch with us. Our specialized travel experts will customize your itinerary for you to have the best of weather on your India vacation.

Since time immemorial, India is known for its warm hospitality. Owing to offering a number of pleasant places to stay in India, the country boasts of millennia-old history of hosting guests and each one with pleasure. And what else can you expect from the land that believes guests as the likes of 'Gods'! Thus, planning a comfortable stay when you travel to India is not a difficult task at all.

From entertaining royalty with exuberant luxury to catering the needs of the avid travelers with budget specifications, India is par excellence. The beautiful land is home to luxury resorts, heritage hotels, houseboats, treehouses, budget hotels and homestays as well. Staying in any of these promises memorable Indian holidays.

Starting with the extra-pampered souls, there are luxury hotels in India which offer amazing experiences. From the extraordinary welcome, exceptional services to the scrumptious delicacies, everything will leave you spoilt for choice. Spending a few days here is the best way to delight in an India trip amidst luxury. Imagine snow-covered peaks peeking in from your window, melodious waves singing to you as you step foot outside your room or a very own island with own beach for a holiday. The top luxury resorts in India treat you with matchless experiences!

But, if you are a seasoned traveler and want to experience something new, you can consider luxury tents. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, these tents are nothing less than a 5-star hotel. More like canvas places, the lavish tents are adorned with beautifully crafted furniture. Make your India vacations special sitting in your private outdoor seating area with the love of your life by your side. The memory lasts forever!

Another way of spicing up your holidays in India is by choosing heritage hotels. Select from a wide range of meticulously designed havelis, splendid forts, lavish palaces, and so on to bask in the royal treatments. Besides allowing you to feel like the Maharajas of yesteryears, the elegant heritage hotels in India also offer deep insight into the rich culture. Royal hospitality is just a way of life in the heritage hotels of Rajasthan. The magnificent havelis and palaces re -create the days of Rajputana glory. Reminiscing the days of the British Raj, there are also abundant heritage hotels that for once home to the foreign guests who fondly set their roots in the land. Bungalows, mansions and even cottages are memory of the days of the old.

Furthermore, India never fails to amuse with you answers to your question of where to stay. So, if you're bored of the aforementioned quintessential options, then the country is ready to beguile you with houseboats and cruises. Many of the best travel packages in India do include a brief stay on these floating modes of accommodation. Be it the scenic Dal Lake in Srinagar, mighty Brahmaputra River or the enchanting backwaters of Kerala, the best way to explore them is by sailing on houseboats them in style. They are nothing less than 5-star hotel rooms only floating therefor only better experiences of a holiday.

In order to come up to the expectations of everybody, the country also flaunts a hand-picked selection of budget hotels in India. These wallet-friendly boutique properties fit in the budget of everyone planning a trip to India. Preferred by many, all of them offered something unique and for a very reasonable price. Located at prime locations, these hotels provide affordable accommodation with best facilities.

How does it sound to wake up to the spellbinding sunrise views and the sounds of the birdsongs? If the idea excites you, then treehouses are right for you. Consider it as one of the best India travel tips and treat your younger self with the idea of living in a tree house. In addition to an exceptional experience, the untarnished view of the lush green tropical heaven ahead is sure to soothe your senses.

If you are still worried about where to stay in India, the country hands over a list of best resorts. Providing a delightful escape, these resorts in India mark major cities and new tourist destinations. Besides, many of them are perfect hideouts because of their locations. Greeting with picturesque beauty and grand comforts, these resorts also take all the visitors on unforgettable India sightseeing tours.

In addition to all these, if you want to enjoy traditional Indian hospitality, you must proceed to a homestay. A home away from home, these accommodations help you create lots of memories. Staying amidst local yet welcoming families also enables you to make friends for a lifetime. Relish home-cooked food, partake in festivities, follow traditions and rituals and do everything that you like! Make sure you make staying in a homestay a part of your India travel itinerary.

No wonder, India is truly great. The country makes sure you are well looked after throughout the entire trip. Book any of the best holiday packages in India and get ready to find a new you!

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Getting around India is as engrossing as the destinations in the vibrant country. Owing to a number of options like planes, luxury trains, taxis, buses, cruise, bicycles, motrorcycle, tuk-tuks, rickshaws, camels, elephants, you'll feel really overwhelmed during your Indian holidays. Exploring Ladakh, 'India's Own Moonland' on your bike is a matchless experience. Savor bird's eye views of the country as you rise high up above the sky. Or simply choose to go on foot. Either way out, you will return with loads of memories. Take a look at how you can make your expedition around India unforgettable.

Traveling in India by Air

Choosing to travel by air is the best means to plan your India trip. Although a bit expensive but this mode of transportation offers a comfortable journey. Besides dramatically minimizing the travel time, the scheduled flights allow you to witness India in a distinctive way. With the introduction of new airports and the renewal of older ones, traveling pan India has become a lot easier.

Train journeys in India

Train traveling is now not just a way of getting around India. Rather, it is sojourn of thousands of emotions, expressions and experiences. Make a joyride aboard the iconic trains an indispensable part of your India travel itinerary. Marvel at the countryside and get a chance to communicate with the people. Trains in India are not just carriages. They are the motley of the sounds of the chaiwalas, aroma of different cuisines, interesting legends and people of different religions. Many different classes of the trains will leave you spoilt for choice.

In addition, luxury trains are the perfect means to travel to India in the lap of luxury. Boasting of lavish coaches, elegant interiors and state of the art amenities, these elite Indian luxury trains cater to the needs of the extra pampered souls. Enjoy traveling back in time and experience the grand royalty that was once cherished by the Maharajas of the bygone era. Redefining luxury train travel in every manner, these elite trains allow to discover India like nothing else!

The reasons to enjoy rail journeys are still not over yet! Make your India holidays memorable by choosing the mountain railways of India that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These include the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, the Kalka Shimla Railway and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. Add to it, the metro rides that take you across the city in style.

Exploring India by Road

With the choice to travel anywhere and anytime in India, heading for a road trip sounds too good to be true. Though at times it can be a bit slow and require some patience, but the road journeys surely promise memories to be cherished forever. A huge variety of buses, taxis, auto rickshaws, bikes, e-rickshaws and even tongas take you to even the remotest of locations. Here's a list of options available while planning a trip to India by road.

Traversing the meandering roads on a Bus

Classic air-conditioned buses offer ultimate indulgences, while certain roads have been upgraded for comfortable experiences. Sometimes hectic, but voyaging via buses provide wonderful journeys through deserts and mountains. Besides, you have the choice of tinted windows, extra legroom and padded reclining seats. If you're not ready to spare extra bucks but can compromise with your comforts, then there are ordinary buses as well.

Take your own car or rent it

For exceptional India sightseeing tours, make sure you travel in your own car. Do keep your cameras ready as you never know what amazing you may get to see. Whether you choose to self-drive the car or hire a driver for the same, you learn a lot about the country. Enjoy the freedom to halt anywhere and enjoy till your heart's content. For any far-flung destination, it's a good idea to choose traveling by car.

Go for a Taxi

If you don't like the idea of self-driving, you can simply book a taxi. The four-wheel drives with a professional driver at your service are ideal for bumpy terrains. Staring out of the window of a taxi as it makes way amidst the stunning landscapes is a mesmerizing pastime. In case, you decide to board a shared taxi, besides saving money, you may also end up with making friends of a lifetime.

Conquer those hairpin bends on your bikes

Coming to the two-wheelers, these means of transportation offer enjoyable rides of your life. One of the best ways to ditch those traffic jams is by traveling on a bike or a scooty. Furthermore, motorbike tours in Ladakh may be every biker's dream but it is absolutely not for the faint-hearted.

Indulge in enjoyable moments on a rickshaw

Traveling by rickshaws or tuk-tuks can be great fun. Yet another exciting way of discovering India, although at a slow pace, riding on a rickshaw is as intriguing as other ways of traveling. Suitable for short distances, these vehicles take you in or around a city easily. Be it the auto-rickshaw, e-rickshaw or cycle-rickshaw – a glorified tricycle, you will love to take a rode on these modes of traveling of yesteryears.

Extraordinary ways of Traveling

Camel rides are fully entertaining

There is surely nothing better than sitting on a back of a camel and sightseeing places that otherwise are not so easily accessible. Whether it is about enjoying a desert safari or creating memories at the Nubra Valley, camel rides are surely the best to do so. Some of the well-planned best holiday packages in India especially the ones dedicated to Rajasthan do include these rides.

Experience royalty with luxury cruises

Even words fall short to describe the feelings that luxury cruises evoke. Sailing over the mighty rivers in style is surely something that can make your vacations in India special. If not luxury, you can simply choose to complete your journey on a boat which will take you to your desired destinations in a way you want. Furthermore, some of the boat rides in India at the time of sunrise or sunset are sure to enthrall your senses.

Sail across scenic backwaters on houseboats

Set sail on the traditional wooden houseboats in Kerala. Also, known as kettuvallams, these houseboats presents some of the best sights to behold. Treat yourself to the astounding views as you gently glide on the picturesque backwaters. Wake up to the chirping of the birds and cherish being at the God's Own country like never before.

Last but not least, you can also choose to discover India on foot. Getting the first-hand experience of getting around the vibrant country will surely make you fall in love with it.

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In order to eliminate surprise challenges later, there are a few things to know before going to India.

Visa and Passport Requirements

India offers e-Visa facility which enables passport holders of 166 countries to avail the benefits of the scheme. This can be done by applying online no less than four days and no more than 120 days before the date of travel. Also, the traveler should hold a passport which must be valid for 6 months from the date of arrival. The passport must have at least two blank pages enabling the Immigration Officer to put a stamp.

Furthermore, the e-Visa to India serves a number of purposes. It helps an international traveler for leisure activities, sightseeing, business visit, meeting relatives/friends and so on. To make a trip to India bereft of any hassle, the traveler must also possess a ticket for onward and return journey.

However, there are a few restrictions to obtain an e-Visa to India. The facility is not offered to the holders of the Laissez-passer travel document. Besides, the diplomatic / official passport holders also can't avail the benefits of the facility. Moreover, International Travel Document Holders are also not eligible for the e-Visa.

Furthermore, the e-visa will not be granted to an individual validated on the spouse's or parent's passport. Thus, every individual must own a separated passport. Also, if the international traveler visiting India has the country of origin as Pakistan and possess a Pakistani passport, he is required to apply for a normal visa at the Indian Mission.

In order to cater to the needs of other travelers, India also offers tourist visa on arrival. As of late, 113 countries are eligible for availing the facility. The incredible country may soon open the gates for other nations as well. Applications for the tourist visa on arrival should be made from respective countries prior thirty to five days of arrival in India.

Please note that the validity of the tourist visa on arrival which is of 30 days from the date of approval, can't be converted or extended. However, the country allows you to apply for the visa twice a year.

With the changing trends, India is slowly getting accustomed to electronic payments and ATMs. Thus, in order to get cash anytime anywhere, you can easily use your Visa and MasterCard at the ATMs. Or if you want, you can keep enough cash in advance, especially before you decide to get a taste of Indian culture at a rural or remote location. Feel free to seek the help of your guide for more comprehensive information.

Currency exchange is not at all a daunting task in India. One can easily get their US dollars, UK Pound, Euros exchanged here without any hassle. Moreover, a majority of the hotels now accept cards but as exception lies everywhere, a few prefer payment in cash. To make your trip more comfortable, it is always advisable to carry a variety of bills around.

Unarguably, India is a culture shock for many. No doubt, getting a first-hand experience of the country offers unforgettable memories. Owing to allowing so much to explore and cherish, the country is simply mind-blowing. Other epithets of India describe the country as exciting, amusing, flaunting nature's bounty and so much more. You can soak in all these aspects at some point during your visit to India. All these will paint a unique and long-lasting picture of India on your mind. Treat yourself by strolling in the most vibrant and distinctive streets on the planet. Time flies by as you marvel at the oddities and fascinating heritage that adorn the country.

Nation's remarkable move in redefining Indian travel with the introduction of luxury tourism has left many people in a state of shock. Luxury trains, lavish hotels, opulent rooftop restaurants take you way ahead of local Indian life. Full of serene sojourns, your India travel guide sets a different benchmark for your expectations from the nation. This keeps your spirits high at all the times and helps you soak in the ethereal charm.

In general, Indians are welcoming and friendly by heart. Though English is not universally spoken here, but the staff of all the tourist services speaks excellent English. Local etiquette and tailored customs are an indispensable part of the country. However, often tourists can get along without having to follow suit. But taking care around the temples and holy places is a nice gesture and mandatory as well. Make sure you don't disrespect anyone intentionally. Dress properly while visiting a sacred site. Don't fret to follow etiquette and customs seriously. Discovering and learning a new culture is surely a fun thing to do and India is always ready to help you with the same. Always remember, your guides are there to help you with the Indian customs.

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In India, every place you visit, every thing you do and every person you talk, it will be an experience to boast of. While the Taj Mahal is what you must have definitely heard of, there are millions of other enchantments luring you to plan your travel to India. Imagine going back to the olden days, as you explore forts, palaces, havelis, etc. or better stay at one of the heritage hotels of India. Participate in the truly colorful festivals, celebrated uniquely and amazingly in every part of the country. Gastronomy is a special delight that must not be missed while in India. Interact with people, learn their stories and be a part of unique traditions.

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