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Gujarat Tour Packages

With our Gujarat tour packages, explore the scenic beauty and picturesque landscape of Gujarat. Visit the land of diverse cultures and enjoy your vacation to collect lasting impressions, lifelong learning, and spellbound memories.

The Gujarat holiday packages take you to the famous tourist attractions of Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Vadodara, Junagarh, etc., make the state of Gujarat distinctive and thus highly praised in the tourism Industry.

Gujarat is a culturally rich state with its exquisite charm. It receives a heavy footfall of the devotees due to the presence of famous shrines. Gujarat temple tour takes you to the popular pilgrimage sites such as Swaminarayan Temple, Sun Temple, and Rukmini Temple. One can choose the Somnath tour, which includes the sightseeing tour of the Dwarka Somnath.

Dwarkadheesh Temple is one of the revered temples and a part of Chardham Yatra. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna and situated on the bank of the confluence of the Gomati River and the Arabian Sea. Dwarka Somnath tour package also includes the Somnath Temple which is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas and it is one of the most beautiful temples of ancient times.

Gujarat is the land of the Asiatic Lions and the Gir National Park is the only remaining place where they can find. Gir tour package provides you a unique experience where you also spot a leopard, hyena, sambar deer, and several other species. The jungle safari is the best way to explore the national park. The best of Gujarat Wildlife Safari in Gujarat takes you to the Gir National Park and allows exploring the park while spotting the Asiatic Lions in their natural habitat.

Gujarat is a vast land and stretches from the vast coastlines to the massive white sand deserts. Kutch is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Gujarat with a low population density. Kutch tour package takes you to this profoundly beautiful land which is situated on the India – Pakistan Border. One can also see Pakistan from Kutch.

Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh in the Thar Desert. It is one of the largest salt deserts in the world. Rann of Kutch tour packages takes you to this intensely beautiful land which stretches in about 7500 sq. km of area. There is a Rann Festival organizes in winters from December to February. Gujarat tour is for every kind of traveler as this place is a paradise for architectural lovers and shutterbugs. The expanse beauty of this land will leave anyone spellbound and astonished.

Gujarat tour plan includes the sightseeing tour of the majestic beaches of the state such as Mandovi Beach. Dotted with ancient cave paintings, sacred temples, historic murals, glistening beaches, and ancient forts. Gujarat packages take you to the famous tourist attractions and help you to explore the beauty of the length and breadth of this state.

A visit to Gujarat is relaxing, rejuvenating, and inspiring as one could take pleasure in viewing historical sites, long stretches of coastlines and picturesque landscapes. Find the collection of tastefully crafted Gujarat tour package itinerary and explore the main tourist places and attractions of Gujarat.

Best Time to Visit Gujarat

The best time to travel to Gujarat with your near or dear ones is from late September to the entire February. Since it is the peak tourist season and marks the winter in Gujarat. This is the travel season of Gujarat tourism when the Rann of Kutch Mahotsav gear up to enthrall tourists alike from India and across the borders.

These months have milder temperatures, and the heat is not oppressive to stop tourists from day sightseeing of the historical, religious, and romantic tourist attractions of Gujarat under the 12°C to 29°C (approx.).

Furthermore, Gujarat is fringed by the Arabian Sea, and the Tropic of Cancer passes through the state. As a result, summer in Gujarat from March to June is blistering hot. It is not the ideal time to visit Gujarat if you wanna enjoy a day of sightseeing. However, tourists who love to snag the discounts on the accommodation would be in retreat because the staycation price gradually decreases.

After all, Gujarat in summer for 4 months experiences a low travel season. A road trip is highly not suggested because the sun barf extreme humidity and heat, and the average shoots up to 46°C (approx.) in the daylight.

Even more, monsoon occurs in Gujarat from July to September, but the rain drizzles could be experienced for 4-5 days in June as well. But the official onset of monsoon in Gujarat peaks between July to September. It is the time when the North, and central districts like Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, are great to explore.

Tourists can visit the southern regions as well that have hills but with precaution as landslides might be the concern. So confirm before you go to the hills in the monsoon season of Gujarat. The minimum and maximum temperature hover between 27°C to 35°C (approx.), which is cool enough to give tourists respite from the oppressive summer heat.

Shopping in Gujarat

It should not surprise tourists that shopping in Gujarat is one of the reasons to bowl over to this state. Gujarat being the tier 1 state, is more than swanky malls. At the same time, shopping in Gujarat is a great way to collect one of the kinds of souvenirs, including tribal art pieces, Khadis, dye fabrics, Patola Silk Sarees, and cutesy draperies you can’t get in your hometown.

Above all, the night markets of Ahmedabad have the essence of a lit shopping experience. Self explores it by meandering through the Lal Darwaja Market, Sindhi Market, Manek Chowk, Law Garden, etc.

Famous Festivals of Gujarat

The festive mode in Gujarat remains activated throughout the year in Gujarat. But it is particularly in winter when the tourists bowl over to the famous festivals of Gujarat like Rann of Kutch Mahotsav that start from November till February. The vivacity, cultural richness of the state is best observed in every festival of Gujarat under the presence of tribal artisans.

Gujarat’s holiday calendar displays the paradoxical blend of push and pulls of traditions and the state bowls tourists and locals alike with distinct festival celebrations irrespective of the religion. In conclusion, the world's popular festivals at Gujarat include the International Kite Festival in January across Gujarat’s towns, Janmashtami in August, Navratri in September/October, and Modhera Dance Festival in January.

Similarly, other festivals in Gujarat that are not on the tourist radar are also invigorating. For instance, Bhavnath Mahadev Fair in Junagadh is held on the foothills of Girnar mountain and is a soulful retreat for spiritual buffs. While paragliding festival in Satpura between December to January beacons adventure wanders.

Famous Cuisines of Gujarat

There is a list of mouth-watering cuisines in Gujarat that are known to tantalize the locals and tourists' taste buds. For instance, the traditional Gujarati Thali has garnered much fame not only in Gujarat but also across the borders. So it becomes very obvious to relish an authentic Gujarati Thali in the native state. Saurashtra's typical seasonings like mustard, turmeric, and pounded red chilies add flavor to Gujarat’s distinctive vegetarian cuisine.

Apart from the vegetarian dishes, the old walled city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat is famous for lip-smacking non-vegetarian cuisine. As a sightseer wandering the tourist attractions in Gujarat, one must nosh on Gujarati delicacies and sample foods like Khaman Dhokla, Khakra, Fafda Jalebi, Thepla, Khandvi, and Muthia.

Nightlife in Gujarat

First comes first, Gujarat is a dry state, and there is a prohibition of alcohol. Indeed, it is not the tripper's paradise. There are bars, cafes, lounges scattered around Gujarat but don’t expect the alcoholic booze. And if anyone asks to provide you with their space, simply refuse because you might get land in trouble because there has been a ban on selling liquor in Gujarat for many decades. One can add strokes of charm to the nightlife of Gujarat by watching the light and sound show at Akshardham Temple after the sunset.

In order to enjoy the nightlife in Gujarat, go to the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad for a romantic stroll. First, test your bargaining skills at the night markets. Then, visit the Sunset-Drive-In Cinema to watch the movie in an outdoor setting. And if this is not enough to entice you, how about watching the cultural and folk dance performances at the theatres to get a sneak peek into Gujarat's vibrant culture and history.

Best Places to Stay in Gujarat

It is no brainer that Gujarat is one of the developed states in terms of employment and tourism. As a result, there are no dearth of places to stay in Gujarat either for couples, family vacationers, wanderlust wanders, solo tourers, and adventure enthusiasts groups. In addition, tourists will find staycations options in Gujarat in the form of high-end hotels/resorts, homestays, hostels, capsule hotels, beach resorts, and private villas in the main towns like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot.

In contrast, the historical and temple towns like Dwarka, Champaner, Junagadh, and Rann of Kutch have tented accommodation and Dharamshala for the tourists.

How to Reach in Gujarat

Gujarat is India’s fifth-largest state and is one of the tier 1 cities of India. As a result, aviation connectivity, railway network, and road connectivity are very developed in the state. Gujarat has many airports, out of which 4 are international ones located in Vadodara, Surat, Ahmedabad, and Rajkot.

On the other hand, there are 9 domestic airports in Gujarat, out of which the commercial ones have passenger connectivity, are Bhavnagar airport, Por Bandar airport, Keshod airport, and Kandala airport. The approximate air travel time between India and Gujarat metro towns is around 1.5 hours to 3 hours.

Talking of its rail connectivity, Gujarat’s 5,320 kilometers (approx.) come under the Western Railway Division of Indian Railways. As a result, railway connectivity is ultra-smooth in Gujarat, with some superfast trains from Delhi, Mumbai.

The major railway stations of Gujarat are located in the same town or cities where the domestic and international airports are located. Train travel is budget-friendly to get to Gujarat if you are coming from Bangalore, Chennai, etc. but keep in mind that the travel time will be increased.

At the same time, tourists can reach Gujarat by road journey also! Gujarat is scurrying between Mumbai and Rajasthan, and thus, reaching Gujarat from Rajasthan and Mumbai on a road trip is a good choice, but for the novice road trippers. In addition, the state of Gujarat has many state and national highways that stretch up to 68,900 kilometers (approx.) and connects Gujarat with nearby and long-distance states. Therefore, we suggest you not take a road trip to Gujarat from staggering locations like South India, North East India.


Best Gujarat Holiday Packages

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Gujarat Temple Tour

2 N / 3 D

Dwarka - Porbandar - Somnath

Price On Request
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Best of Gujarat

5 N / 6 D

Ahmedabad – Rajkot – Somnath - Porbander – Dwarka – Jamnagar

Price On Request
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Gir National Park Tour

2 N / 3 D

Junagadh - Gir National Park

Price On Request
View Details Enquire Now

Gujarat Wildlife Tour

6 N / 7 D

Ahmedabad - Dasada - Gir National Park - Sayla - Ahmedabad

Price On Request
View Details Enquire Now

7 Jyotirlinga Darshan Yatra

7 N / 8 D

Pune – Bhimashankar - Shirdi - Shani Shingnapur- Grishneshwar -Trimbakeshwar - Nashik- Mumbai -Porbandar- Dwarka- Porbandar- Mumbai - Indore- Ujjain - Indore

Price On Request
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  • Darshan of 7 Jyotirlinga in India
  • Seeks blessings at the Somnath Jyotirlinga in Gujarat
  • Visit the Om shaped town of the Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga in Ujjain
  • Experience natural beauty at the Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra
  • Experience Bhasma aarti at the Mahakaleshwar

Short Trip to Saputara

2 N / 3 D

Mumbai - Saputara - Mumbai

Price On Request
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Saputara Bhandardara Tour

4 N / 5 D

Bhandardara - Saputara

Price On Request
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Fascinating Gujarat Trip

4 N / 5 D

Ahmedabad – Bhuj – Hodko – Great Rann of Kutch – Hodko – Mandvi – Bhuj – Ahmedabad

Price On Request
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Incredible Gujarat Tour

9 N / 10 D

Vadodara - Chhota Udepur - Ahemdabad - Palitana - Gir - Gondal - Dasada - Balaram - Ahmedabad

Price On Request
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Gujarat Wildlife & Heritage Tour

4 N / 5 D

Ahemdabad – Sayla- Gir- Ahemdabad

Price On Request
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Kutch Rann Utsav Tour

2 N / 3 D

Bhuj – Dhordo – Rann of Kutch

Price On Request
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Gujarat Desert & Lion Safari Tour

8 N / 9 D

Mumbai – Rajkot- Gir - Gondal - Dasada – Rann of Kutch- Ahmedabad- Mumbai

Price On Request
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Gujarat Cultural Tour with Diu

12 N / 13 D

Ahmedabad – Dasada – Bhuj – Rajkot – Sasangir – Diu – Bhavnagar - Vadodara

Price On Request
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Best of Gujarat Heritage Tour

8 N / 9 D

Vadodara - Ahmedabad – Jambughoda - Uthelia - Bhavnagar - Gondal – Wankaner - Ahmedabad

Price On Request
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Best of Gujarat With Wildlife

10 N / 11 D

Ahmedabad - Bhavnagar – Diu – Gir – Rajkot – Sasangir – Junagarh – Rajkot – Bhuj – Jamnagar – Dwarka – Mumbai

Price On Request
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Tribal Tour of Gujarat

11 N / 12 D

Mumbai - Ahmedabad - Bharwad - Gowala - Patan - Rann of Kutch - Bhuj - Mumbai

Price On Request
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Gujarat Tribal Tour with Gir

13 N / 14 D

Mumbai – Vadodara – Chhota Udaipur (Chhota Udaipur)– Ahmedabad – Poshina - Zainabad – Bhuj - Wankaner – Bhavnagar - Gir – Mumbai

Price On Request
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Colorful Gujarat Tour

13 N / 14 D

Mumbai – Ahmedabad – Bhavnagar – Palitna – Diu – Gir – Wankaner – Bhuj – Ahmedabad – Mumbai

Price On Request
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Gujarat Tribal Tour with Wildlife

17 N / 18 D

Ahemdabad - Poshina - Danta - Dasada - Kutch - Rajkot - Gondal - Junagadh - Gir - Palitana - Balasinor - Chhota Udaipur - Ahemdabad

Price On Request
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Explore Gujarat with Mumbai

12 N / 13 D

Mumbai - Bhavnagar - Palitana - Ahmedpur Mandvi - Sasan Gir - Junagadh - Rajkot - Wankaner - Ahmedabad - Mumbai

Price On Request
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Showing : 1-20 out of 48

FAQs of Gujarat Tour Packages

Q: Is Gujarat Worth Visiting?

Ans: Yes, Gujarat is a famous destination and the place worth visiting for every traveler. Gujarat offers amazing culture, rich heritage, wildlife, beach, spirituality, and everything else travelers expect in their dream destination. You can enjoy traditional Garba dance, spot Asiatic Lions in the Gir National Park, explore the heritage city Ahmedabad, visit many sacred places like Somnath & Dwarka, relish mouth-watering Gujrati cuisine, and so on during Gujarat tour.

Q: Is Gujarat safe for female travelers?

Ans: Yes, Gujarat is absolutely safe for female travelers. Law & Order is strictly followed in the state and the people are hospitable and possess high morale.

Q: How many days are required for a vacation in Gujarat?

Ans: It is a big state and there are many places to visit and things to do in Gujarat. It takes from 3 to 20 days depending upon the itinerary of your Gujarat tour.

Q: What festivals are celebrated in Gujarat?

Ans: Gujarat is known as the cultural heart of India and a number of colorful festivals are celebrated here throughout the year. The famous festivals in Gujarat are:

  • International Kite Festival
  • Modhera Dance Festival
  • Bhavnath Mahadev Fair 21
  • Rann Utsav
  • Kavant Fair
  • Chitra Vichitra Mela
  • Madhavrai Fair
  • Rath Yatra
  • Janmashtami
  • Bhadra Purnima Fair
  • Tarnetar Fair
  • Ravechi Fair
  • Navratri
  • Shamlaji Mela
  • Vautha Mela
Q: Is drinking prohibited in Gujarat?

Ans: Yes, any kind of sale, manufacture, and drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Gujarat. The law was enforced in May 1960 to pay homage to the Father of the Nation.

Q: What is Rann Utsav in Gujarat?

Ans: Rann Utsav is amongst the most famous festivals in Gujarat. It takes place from November to February in Kutch, the salt desert of Gujarat. Gujrati men with their legendary mustache wearing colorful Pagri(Tarbun) perform on the sparkling desert. This is the best place to enjoy traditional dance, Gujrati cuisine, and shop for traditional products in Gujarat.

Q: What are the best things to experience in Gujarat?

Ans: There are several things to experience in Gujarat and some of them are listed below:

  • Offer prayer at the Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka
  • Explore the beautiful temples in Patan
  • Visit the magnificent Laxmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara
  • Explore the craftsmen’s village in Gandhinagar
  • Enjoy a beach holiday in the Mandvi Beach in Bhuj
  • Shop for Bandhej Saree in the night market in Ahmedabad
  • Visit the historical palaces in Ahmedabad
  • Enjoy watersports in Beyt Island
  • Visit the milk capital of India Anand
  • Enjoy a cable car ride in Satpura
  • Explore the ruins of Lothal, the site of Indus Valley civilization
  • Visit Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad
  • Witness salt marshes in Rann of Kutch
Q: How can I book my Gujarat tour?

Ans: You can visit for easy online booking of your Gujarat tour.

Q: What are the famous destinations in Gujarat?

Ans: Some of the famous destinations in Gujarat are:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Dwarka
  • Patan
  • Surat
  • Vadodara
  • Gandhinagar
  • Porbandar
  • Somnath
  • Mandvi Beach, Bhuj
  • Satpura
  • Beyt Island
  • Rann of Kutch
  • Lothal
Q: Where can you See beaches in Gujarat?

Ans: Gujarat has a long coastline blessed by the Arabian Sea. Below are some of the beach destinations in Gujarat:

  • Diu Beach, Diu
  • Tithal Beach
  • Dandi Beach, Surat
  • Mandvi Beach in Bhuj
  • Somnath Beaches
Q: What Are the famous religious sites in Gujarat?

Ans: The famous religious sites in Gujarat are:

  • Swaminarayan Temple, Ahmedabad
  • Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka
  • Rukmani Temple, Dwarka
  • Somnath Temple, Somnath
  • Kirti Mandir, Porbandar
  • Surya Mandir, Vadodara
  • Jain temples in Champaner Pavagadh
  • Kalika Mata Temple, Champaner
Q: Where to enjoy wildlife safari in Gujarat?

Ans: You can enjoy wildlife safari in Gujarat at below places:

  • Gir National Park
  • Nal Sarvar Bird Sanctuary
  • Vadala bird watching spot
  • Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kutch Bustard sanctuary
  • Indian Wild ass sanctuary, Rann of Kutch
  • Porbandar Bird Sanctuary
  • Bann Grassland Reserve, Bhuj
Q: Where can you experience the great Culture of Gujarat?

Ans: The culture of Gujarat could be witnessed in the traditional dance show, fairs, and festivals. You can experience the great culture of Gujrat at below places:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Porbandar
  • Gandhinagar
  • Rann of Kutch
  • Surat
Q: Can I book custom-designed holiday packages for Gujarat?

Ans: Yes, Indian Holiday offers customized holiday packages for Gujarat to match your requirements.

Q: What is the best time to visit Gujarat?

Ans: The best time to visit Gujarat is during the winter season from October to February.