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Madhya Pradesh Cuisine

The cuisine of Madhya Pradesh is unique in its own way from other culinary traditions that are found in India. In keeping with the Indian tradition, people of Madhya Pradesh are both vegetarian and non vegetarian. The food habits and Madhya Pradesh cuisines evolved from the tradition and is still savored in the same way as in the past with only a few new changes and experiments done with it.

Cuisine of Madhya Pradesh in India is a combination of exquisite taste and essence. The climate and weather of Madhya Pradesh has highly influenced the Madhya Pradesh Cuisines to a large extent. The food habits of the state changes with the season. The dishes and the meals prepared depend much on the availability of the seasonal vegetables and the weather to savor the dishes. The cuisine of Madhya Pradesh has a trace of Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisines.

The cuisine in Madhya Pradesh differs from one part of the state to the other. The northern part and the western part of Madhya Pradesh have their delicacies centered around wheat-and-meat, whereas the southern and the eastern part of the state mainly concentrate on rice and fish as their staple diet.

Cities like Gwalior and Indore in Madhya Pradesh have a wide range of delicacies prepared from in milk. Bhopal is the place in the state where people are bend towards preparing and savoring fish and meat dishes. The dishes made out of fish and meat comprises of rogan josh, korma, keema, biryani pilaf and such as shami kababs and seekh kababs etc. these dishes are extremely spicy.

Bafla is another dish which is the specialty of Madhya Pradesh and is made of wheat. This dish is made by dipping wheat cakes in ghee and is eaten with daal.

To taste the authentic Madhya Pradesh Cuisine one must take a tour to Madhya Pradesh and enjoy the exotic delicacies of the state.To know more about the cuisine of Madhya Pradesh, browse the given links.

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