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Fair and Festivals in India

The fairs and festivals in India are a wonderful statement on the country's diversity and multi ethnic character. Over the years, India has not only emerged as a major economic power but also as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. If the ranking given by the celebrated Conde Nast Traveller magazine is anything to go by, India is indeed one of the must visit places on earth.

A travel to India can never be considered complete without being a part of its colorful fairs and festivals. In fact, many go on to say that the fairs and festivals in India are an extension of the country's cultural ethos that is truly fascinating.

Indians never lose any opportunity to celebrate. No wonder, the India fairs and festivals calendar is indeed choc a block with events of all kinds. Right from the colorful Holi festival to the desert festivals of Rajasthan, there are a variety of events to amaze every visitor. In fact, the list is endless.

Many go on to state that the fairs and festivals in India are indeed an extension of the country's very identity. These events show an India that pulsates with color and a jest for life. Moreover, the fairs and festivals in India also highlight the country's secular fabric quite admirably.

No matter, when you travel to India, you will surely come across many delightful festivals and events to claim your attention. And you will simply love every bit of your experience.

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