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Konark Tour Packages

All the Tour packages to Konark are designed to show you the excellent sights on your Tour to Konark. The sun temple will always be the highlight in the package. But apart from this, you will also get a chance to visit the outstanding museums in Konark. You will be enthralled by the rich collection of the museums that essentially comprises of the ruins of sun temple and other sculptures.

Besides, Konark Tour packages also recognize your need for diversion. So these packages ensure that you get ideal time for shopping also. Shopping in Konark implies buying traditional handcrafted items and souvenirs. You can truly transform the look of your home with the exclusive decorative pieces bought from here.

Also, the specialty of Konark travel packages is that they also make sure that you visit the pristine beaches in Konark. Because beaches are the real places where you can unwind and rejuvenate. It is an ideal destination to have a rendezvous with nature. Not only this, some tour packages offer exciting opportunities to witness the colorful fair and festivals of Konark which indeed reflect the true spirit of the natives and the pilgrims.


List of Konark Tour Packages

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Sun Temple Tour

6 N / 7 D

Bhubaneshwar - Puri - Konark - Bhubaneshwar

Price On Request
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Golden Triangle of Eastern India

5 N / 6 D

Bhubaneshwar - Puri - Konarak - Bhubaneshwar

Per Person
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Orissa Temple Tour

6 N / 7 D

Bhubaneshwar - Puri - Konark - Bhubaneshwar

Price On Request
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Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra

5 N / 6 D

Puri- Jagannath Rathyatra Darshan- Konark- Bhubaneshwar

Price On Request
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Best of Orissa

6 N / 7 D

Bhubaneswar - Konark - Puri - Chilika - Gopalpur - Khordha - Bhubaneswar

Price On Request
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Orissa Golden Triangle Tour

4 N / 5 D

Bhubaneswar - Puri - Konark - Chillika - Pipil - Dhauli

Price On Request
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Orissa Cultural Tour

7 N / 8 D

Bhubaneswar - Lalitgiri – Ratnagiri – Cuttack – Konark – Puri – Chilika – Khurda – Gopalpur - Taptani

Price On Request
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Showing : 1-7 out of 7

FAQs of Konark Tours

Q: Where is Konark located?

Ans: The town Konark is located in a district of Puri & at the coastline of Bay of Bengal in the state of Odisha.

Q: How far is Konark from Bhubneshwar city?

Ans: The capital city Bhubneshwar is at a distance of round 65 kilometres from Konark.

Q: For what is Konark famous?

Ans: Konark with its tranquil ambience, magnificent seashore and the enthralling heritage sites is considered as an idyllic religious and holiday destination. The Monuments in Konark are a fusion of religious piousness and ancient architectural brilliance. A visit to these tourist attractions is surely going to leave a joyful memory for visitors.

Q: Why the Sun temple of Konark is so famous?

Ans: The Sun Temple which is a 13th-century ancient Hindu temple dedicated to the "Sun" who is considered as a god. This temple is shaped like a giant chariot & is known for its very fine stone carvings on the entire structure. It is one of the best known tourist landmarks in Odisha and most importantly it is also the only monument of Odisha listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site since 1984.

Q: Which airport is nearest to Konark?

Ans: Airport nearest to Konark is Bhubaneswar airport (IATA code: "BBI") which is around 65 kilometres away, it connects some popular cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai etc.

Q: What are the places to visit in Konark?

Ans: Please find the places listed below:

  • Sun temple: Unquestionably it is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Konark. The temple resembles the mythological image of the sun god on his seven horse drawn carriage journey to the heaven.
  • The archaeological museum: This museum is a repository of brilliant Oriyan architecture. Some are exclusive pieces like the medieval stone block, the opulently decorated Navagraha slab originally placed over the front door of the temple.
  • Konark beach: It is one such beach which has an attractive appeal for tourists. The long stretch of the golden sands with azure waters and cool sea breeze are worth paying a visit. One can indulge in the various water sports activities.
  • ASI museum: Established in 1968, the museum is located near the Konark temple and is maintained by archaeological survey of India. In total, the museum includes 4 galleries showcasing more than 260 sculptures and architectural assortments that were traced during the clearance work of Konark temple.
Q: How far is Jagannath temple from Sun temple?

Ans: Jagannath temple, puri is around 37 kilometres which will take around one hour to cover the distance from the sun temple.

Q: Nearest railway station to reach Konark?

Ans: The nearest railway station is Puri railway station (Station code: "PURI"), which is at a distance of approximately 31 kilometres from Konark.

Q: What is the best time to visit Konark?

Ans: Being a coastal region the weather in Konark remains pleasant in winters. So the best time to visit this place and to enjoy your trip to the fullest is during the months from October till February.

Q: What to buy in Konark?

Ans: Konark is the ideal place to shop for decorative set pieces and other knick-knacks that will serve as beautiful gift items. You cannot miss-out on the opportunity of picking up exquisitely carved images of different Hindu Gods & Goddess. For adorning your home you can also check out the ornamental items made of stone, horn, woodcarvings, patta paintings and the exquisite applique work of pipli.

Your Konark shopping is likely to remain inconclusive without spending few bucks on the quality fabrics and handcrafted items found in the emporiums which also serve as ideal gift for your loved ones.

Q: How is the Konark temple from inside?

Ans: From inside it is vacant. This might be the first Hindu temple which has no idol inside. The purpose behind this is to worship the sunray that first falls inside the temple.

Q: What happened to Konark temple in 1903?

Ans: In 1903 the structure's inside is filled with sand by the British people to prevent the structure from collapsing. There is also a story that Britishers done this as they believed that this temple is having some occult practices going on which is used to drown their ships, but actually there was a magnetic stone on the top of the temple which attract ships.

Q: What are the local festivals celebrated in Konark?

Ans: There are two famous local festivals celebrated in Konark:

  • Chandrabhaga Mela: This festival fall in the month of February, this is a day specially set aside for the worship of the Sun God at Konark, to celebrate the new birth of the Sun God. It is the most popular and colourful festival of the place when lakhs of pilgrims visit Konark to observe the festival. In fact this is the second biggest festival in Odisha, next to car festival of Puri.
  • Konark Dance Festival: This is a classical dance festival which takes place generally from 1st to 5th December every year. The festive nights serve the essential purpose of highlighting an important fact of India's composite culture and offer the audience a lavish feast for the eyes and ears. When the sun sets in the horizon and the stars appear in the sky, the open-air-auditorium reverberates with the beats of Raga and Tala to fill the air. The classical extravaganza a journey through eternal ecstasy. The stage for the new millennium fete is all set to glow in pristine glory of much admired Odissi, Bharat Natyam, Manipuri, Kathak and Chhau dance.