Baba Balak Nath Temple

Himachal Pradesh is aptly called Dev Bhoomi or the Abode of the Gods. It is home to a number of magnificent temples that impress both Indian and global tourists. These are not only places of Hindu worship, but also among the top attractions in the state. The temples are a repository of Hindu art, traditions and rituals that influenced the religious activities in the hills. Baba Balaknath Temple in Hamirpur is among the noted pilgrimage destinations here.

The Cave at Baba Balaknath Temple

Baba Balaknath is a medieval cave temple located in the Dhaulagiri range of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated in the village of Chakmoh in Hamirpur district. This temple is best accessible to tourists and pilgrims from Bilaspur.

The cave houses an idol and is considered the abode of Babaji. Devotees throng this site throughout the year. The rush at this temple increases particularly during the religious festival of Navaratra. Sunday is an auspicious day and you will mostly see local devotees on the premises. They offer "roti" (bread prepared with flour and sugar) at the altar. There is a platform for female devotees opposite the main cave for darshan (sighting of the idol). Female devotees are not allowed to enter the inner sanctum.

Pilgrims travel around 6 km further from Baba Balaknath Temple to another sacred site called Shahtalai. According to legend, this is where Babaji observed penance. And today, it is an important tourist destination.

The Sidh Baba Balaknath Temple Trust maintains the funds and keeps a watch on the functioning of the temple.

Chandigarh Airport is around 120 km away from this temple. Una is the nearest railhead and a drive of around 50 km. There are daily train services from New Delhi to Una. By road, Hamirpur district is well connected to Bilaspur and other major cities of Himachal Pradesh. You can hire a taxi from Hamirpur to reach Baba Balaknath Temple.

How to Reach Baba Balaknath Temple:

Airport :- Chandigarh Airport is the nearest airport, which is 120 km from the temple.

Railhead :- Una (50km) is the nearest railhead.

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