Christmas and New Year Party in Goa

The “Party Capital of India” Goa is in the party mood all through the year. The fun doubles especially during Christmas and New Year in Goa owing to its festivities. The smallest state of India has a reputation for its scenic beaches, parties, celebrations, food, music, nightlife and tropical weather. It is one of the favorite places to visit in December in India owing to its medley of exhilarating options.

Christmas and New Year Party in Goa

While Christmas in Goa is usually religious, yet it also has a wild side. Midnights masses, feasts, carol singing, etc. are held at the Churches in Goa. There are also options of dance, exchange of gifts and fireworks. New Year events in Goa are indeed worth your time. Dance away the night getting high on drinks as well as foot-tapping music at nightclubs, beach shacks, river cruise and more.

One of the hottest destinations in India for Holiday Seasons is the tiny emerald Goa. Nestled between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Goa attracts millions of visitors from around the globe owing to its sun-kissed beaches, centers of Ayurveda and meditation, World Heritage Churches & Cathedral and its vibrant nightlife & party scene. So its no wonder that tourists arrive in thousands for Christmas and New Year celebration in Goa.

Come December and the charm of New Year and Christmas Party in Goa becomes the talk of the town. With its inherent party culture, Goa serves as an ideal destination for Christmas and New Years Eve. In fact, one of the best places to celebrate Christmas and New Year in India is indeed Goa. But also beware of the rush and make preparation in advance as accommodations are pre-booked for what is the peak season of tourism in Goa.

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Christmas Party in Goa

Christmas and New Year Party in Goa

As you all know, Christmas is all about celebrating good spirit in people. Gifts are exchanged, according to the depths of pockets, and Santa Claus brings gifts for many children. Dress up in the finest clothes and partake in Missa de Galo, traditionally known for midnight mass. Also, music and dance are an integral part of the celebrations. It is wonderful to see that Christmas celebrations in Goa are not just restricted to Christians. People belonging to different communities partake in the celebration along with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Churches of Goa

Christmas and New Year Party in Goa

Goa is also popular for its temples, churches and other rich monuments. While the New Year celebrations need to be cherished, but the peace and refreshment that the churches will offer you will make your holiday to Goa more memorable. Some of the most popular churches in Goa include Basilica of Bom Jesus, The Se Cathedral, Lady of Rosary, The Rachol Seminary and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

  • Masses and Feasts at Churches

Christmas is celebrated religiously at Churches in Goa. The spiritual feel is truly blissful. Attending a midnight mass must be on your list if you want to celebrate the festival traditionally. Prayers, hymns, sermons and the divine ambience is indeed a cherished experience. Many Goan churches also host feasts where one can enjoy with delicious Goan specialties and other delights

  • Dance on Christmas Eve

Like former traditions, there are grand Christmas parties in Goa, especially on the eve of the festival. Dances are organized at villages, popular resorts, beaches and many other places here. Foot-tapping music coupled with merry ambiance, tempt you to dance all night. In other words, make your Christmas in Goa special with such an event.

  • Attend fireworks show

In addition of traditions, Christmas festivities in Goa have a fun side. At night, fireworks light upon the skies. Attending these shows of colorful fireworks are among fun things to do in Goa for family, couples on honeymoon and anyone on holiday at the festival season.

New Year Party in Goa

Christmas and New Year Party in Goa

Live music, food, beer, fun, frolic, parties, sun, sea and the sand describe the perfect facet of Goa during New Year bash. Tropical beaches, spectacular churches, water sports, rave parties, bars & pubs and the delicious Goan food will create a joyous occasion for you and deserves to be celebrated with all the merriment possible. While enjoying New Year celebrations, one can indulge in various activities such as beach sports, sightseeing, dancing and beach bumping.

Christmas and New Year Party in Goa

The New Year celebrations in Goa are a gala affair for kids too. They can enjoy swimming, building sand castles, snorkeling and other fun-filled activities. On the other hand, the elderly people can explore the grand churches and temples in Goa. They can also enjoy Ayurvedic massages to get a relief from nagging aches and pains.

Here is the list of few things that you must enjoy to celebrate your New Year eve while on Goa holiday tour:

Parties in Goa

  • Goan Rave Parties

Christmas and New Year Party in Goa

When it comes to Christmas and New Year Celebration in Goa, the vibrant nightlife and parties are most sought after activities for fun and revelry.  par often plays host to numerous musical programs and Rave parties in Goa is certainly a craze on a New Year’s Eve. People dance & sing as Goan Trance music is played throughout the night. Such Rave Parties are held every night around the holiday season from Christmas to the New Year season. Remember drugs are a strict no-no in Goa.

  • Cruise Parties in Goa

Christmas and New Year Party in Goa

Partying aboard a grand cruise sounds like just the perfect idea for an unforgettable Christmas or New Year celebration.  These parties are a major tourist attraction of Goa. Along with the abundance of food and drinks, the music of Goa’s cruise parties never ceases. There are a number of choices for tourists looking for Cruise parties in Goa.

Sunset Cruise embarks on the one-hour journey from Santa Monica to River Mandovi and guests get to witness enthusiastic performances of folk dance and DJs.

Dinner Cruise, on the other hand, is a two hours ride around river Mandovi and takes place during the night, with similar entertainment as Sunset cruise. To savor the view of the sunset, Sunset Cruise is the best option for travelers.

Goa Backwater Cruise too is an amazing way to get into a better understanding of this beautiful state, by spending time besides its lush greenery and mangroves.

  • The Beach Shacks in Goa

Beach shacks in Goa are happening places set along the entire sandy coastline. Offering the pleasures of the coastal paradise, here you can enjoy the Christmas and New Year festivities in Goa. Owing to beautiful views, delightful food, amazing drinks, bonfire, live music coupled with nature’s melody of waves, you are in for a great time.

The beach shacks of Goa are absolutely perfect for friends, couples, and even solo travelers. Although they remain open all through the year, the beach shacks enliven up after sunset. In fact, the best excitements of your holiday are available with Goa beach nightlife.

Christmas and New Year Party in Goa

If you wish to spend your New Year or Christmas away from the loud parties, beach shacks offer cheap and peaceful celebration with a traditional flavor. Bonfire, beachside barbecue, Goan food, trance parties & music and echoing wave initiates the perfect beginning for New Year.

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  • Happening parties at Night Clubs

Nightclubs in Goa are definitely heavenly for the party lovers. Rejoice life like never before. After the sun sets, the nightclubs light up like a bride. Bright lights, groovy music, food and alcohol will create a blissful time. Celebrate New Year festivities that starts before Christmas and till the time of Goa Carnival.

While some of the best nightclubs are at Baga Beach, there are many budget options in North Goa and the choicest luxury options in South Goa. A rave party in Goa, at one of the nightclubs, must also be on your bucket list.

  • Get High at Pubs and Bars

Drinks, especially feni and the many alcoholic varieties complete the Goa holiday. As the coastal state welcomes people from all around the globe for fun, drinks are easily found to get high and in the festive spirit. In fact, getting high is a favorite among most people attending the 31st December party in Goa. Owing to its liberal laws and lower taxes for alcohol, drinks set the mood for celebrations along with finger-licking delights. There are plenty of drinking options for everyone and for all kinds of budget. Choose to quench your thirst at pubs, bars, exclusive resorts, beachside option and more.

  • Cruise Party in Goa

Nothing beats Christmas and New Year festivities like a cruise party in Goa. In fact, it is something which everyone on a holiday in Goa must experience. The pleasant breeze, cerulean waters, breathtaking views, electrifying music, dance floor, great food and drinks, make it a favorite memory. While Goa has both rivers as well as ocean party cruises all through the day, a sunset party cruise is the best.

Party Cruises from Mandovi River, Panjim are just the thing for you. If you are on honeymoon, with friends or even family, Goa cruise packages suit all!

  • Play the Game of Luck at Casinos in Goa

Among the fun celebrations, trying your luck at the casinos in Goa is a must. As here, the casinos are legal, you can indulge in the absolute fun. There are a number of exciting options both onshore and offshore. While casinos are mostly found at most upscale hotels and resorts, there are also floating offshore are the ones that are absolutely amazing. You have the option of enjoying the ride on cruises and luxury yachts while trying your luck.

In addition of super fun, the casinos have some of the best New Year events in Goa. Dress up for the occasion, delight in live music, and watch live dancers, all the while testing luck. The popular games to try to include Black Jack, Rummy, Stud Poker, Flash, among others.

  • Unique Experience with Silent Noise Parties

A very special experience, in other words, the best New Year party in Goa is the trendy Silent Noise party. With no noise pollution, peppy beats on your headphones and only an evening of absolute fun & dance, it is one of the best options of nightlife in Goa.

Although the party happens every Saturday night, near Palolem Beach, the charm is absolutely surreal during the season of New Year festivities. Put your headphones playing to different genres of music like trance music, hard rock, pop music, etc. while going wild on the dance floor.

Owing to the charming vibe of Goa, it is among the best places for Christmas and New Year festivities. Owing to the abundant nighttime options, you will surely have an unforgettable holiday.

  • Spectacular Beaches

Beaches of Goa are the best venues to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Goa. The coastline of Goa extends upto around 100 kilometers. Pure & palm fronted beaches entice tourists with their bright blue waters and hurling waves. Some of the most popular beaches in Goa are Calangute, Baga and Vagator. To enjoy New Year celebrations, many beaches play host to New Year parties full of dance, music, food and drinks.

Drinker’s Heaven

Christmas and New Year Party in Goa

Another thing that is hugely popular in Goa is the availability of the vast range of cheap alcoholic beverages. There are plenty of local and luxury bars and discos to enjoy. Kaju Feni is the extremely cheap and local liquor available in Goa. It is made either from coconut or the fruit of the cashew nut tree and is available in Goa only.

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Hotels in Goa during Festive Season

When it comes to Christmas and New Year celebration in Goa, the season starting December till mid-January sees a mad rush of tourists. At this time of the year, Goa hotels remain a choc-o-bloc, hence, advance bookings are necessary.

Some of the best hotels in Goa are booked for a year in advance and it is very difficult to find accommodation in even the most affordable of hotels, hostels and guesthouses, even the price shoots up considerably. Hence a book in advance.

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