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South Goa Travel Guide

Softer, cleaner, quieter, and absolutely more peaceful from the hustle and bustle of North Goa is South Goa. This part of Goa is one of the two districts far away from Goa's stereotype, like loud parties. South Goa is one of the two districts in Goa; this district is known to calm the mind, body, and soul of travellers. Mostly, leisure travellers gravitate towards South Goa because it has more secluded beaches than North Goa. Such is the level of seclusion of South Goa beaches that watersports in Goa are best enjoyed here. If you cannot compromise on luxury, South Goa is a better option. The serene ambience at the soul-stirring beaches laden with palm trees is what every leisure traveller needs. Sand is golden and white, and water is crystalline blue enough to amp up your Instagram game.

Couples and leisure travellers flourish the most in South Goa because of uncompromised opulence regarding accommodation options. The staycations options come with lush green and beaches backdrop. Even tourists don't need to depend on flea markets to shop; plus, the markets in South Goa are less crowded, which gives the tourist the chance to test their bargaining skills. South Goa has fewer options in terms of parties, but still, elite parties enchant the South Goa tourists. Although commute mode is almost the same as taxis and two-wheelers could also be rented out or hired in South Goa!

Take a closer look at what makes South Goa the epitome of luxury, rejuvenation, and seclusion. Then, with this South Goa travel guide by your side, sort all travel plans to South Goa wisely and thank us later!

Why You Should Visit South Goa

The key difference between South Goa and its northern part is the belt of tourists. In South Goa, the tourism pace is slow because of its unblemished luxury and rejuvenation. Here in South Goa, tourists and filtered tourists could be seen most, which are leisure travellers and honeymooners. Whereas in North Goa, backpackers and hippies make their base camp. Moreover, as we said, South Goa is more of a relaxed pace, which means you will find plenty of reasons to extend your vacations in Goa as a tourist. Plus, the historical facet of Goa is best observed in South Goa. One can find the real Goan culture in South Goa because it has ancient towns like Vasco de Gama, Panjim, and Madgaon within its belts. In short, South Goa is not oh-so-commercialized like North Goa; thus, peace and tranquillity prevails wherever you visit in South Goa.

When is The Best Time to Visit South Goa

There is no such thing or point that differentiates between the best time to visit South Goa and North Goa. Both of these are the districts of Goa, and therefore when you measure the ideal time to visit South Goa, it is almost the same thing for North Goa too! But climate-wise and for tourists crowd-wise, the winter season from November to February is considered the best time to visit South Goa. It is when beaches in Goa are at its best form because you can indulge in watersports without any hindrance. Winter is the peak time also, and accommodation in Goa gets overbooked in advance. But that doesn't mean only 4 months from November to February invites tourists. Goa has different shades in each season. Flick through the 3 different best times to visit South Goa and pick the one that best suits your travel style:

Winter October to February  19°c - 32°c
Summer  March to June 24°c - 40°c
Monsoon July to Sep 23°c - 29°c

South Goa in Summers (March to June): Frankly, summers in the whole of Goa are blistering hot because of humidity since it is a coastal town. Beaches remain open for watersports, but heavy heat restricts tourists from coming out and joining beaches after 10 AM (approx.). By 6 PM (approx.), the tourists crowd in South Goa beaches starts flourishing. Those who are brave enough to score a good time in the blistering heat of 40°c (approx.) can consider South Goa to visit in the summers. The crowd-pulling summer festivals of Goa in summer include Shigmo Festival, which holds a striking resemblance with the Holi. Observe this festival from very close to Panjim. Accommodation price tends to be normal with slight fever changes.

South Goa in Monsoon (July to September): Those who love rain would find the lush greenery of Goa stunning, and it stands so true for South Goa also! This region of Goa has greenery in abundance when compared with its second district. During these three months, the manicured greenery of Goa is at its peak, which could be best observed in South Goa as there are spice plantations, waterfalls, and rice paddy fields.

The only concern you might have is discontinuation in watersports because the waves and tides are risky for watersports. But be prepared to explore the wildlife of Goa in South Goa during the monsoon and enjoy bird watching activities because migratory birds flourish for breeding. Sao Joao Festival in South Goa is another highlight which is annually held in June. Discover South Goa in monsoon if you have less cash to splash because accommodation provides deals and discounts as monsoon is the low season.

South Goa in Winter (October to February): Post monsoon is the phase that starts with the arrival of winters. By the end of September and mid-October, a cool sea breeze starts brushing your face, and you will feel that nights are getting colder in the whole of Goa, and so does the South region of Goa. Elite travellers and honeymooners flock to South Goa to manifest seclusion in winters.

From the festival point of view, Christmas in December is the highlight of Goa plus, Grape Escapade in January and Sunburn in December act as a tourists magnet to South Goa. Needless to say, every kind of water sport, whether it's kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, or parsing, is best enjoyed. The humidity level is also very low, which gives you mental peace to extend your vacations a bit. However, South Goa in winters is when accommodation prices skyrockets, so to snag a good discounted deal, booking your accommodation in advance is highly recommended.

How to Get Around in South Goa

If you are wondering what the best way to move or get around in South Goa is, it's almost the same as in the whole of Goa. Yes! Don't get surprised! This thumb-shaped thumb-shaped state is India's smallest state, but it still manages to provide the best accommodation options to tourists. The reason behind such top-notch accommodation facilities is Tourism in Goa. The sunshine state of India, Goa, depends heavily on tourism and therefore, the state government has made ample arrangements to make tourists happy and feel sorted on their exploration to any region of Goa. When in South Goa, hiring tuk-tuks, self-driven cars/bikes on rent, women taxi service, and bicycle riding are some of the best options around South Goa.

How to Reach South Goa

Reaching South Goa is pretty much the same as its second district. South Goa being in the vicinity of the main Goa, also has the same international airport - Dabolim. Domestic and a handful of international flights both are well connected. There are two railway stations to reach Goa; one is Vaso de Gama and the second one Madgaon. Also, Mumbai and a few towns of Karnataka share its border with Goa which makes it clear that a road trip to Goa is also possible. Have a sneak peek into how to reach South Goa via all three modes of transportation:

By Air: Dabolim International Airport has two terminals, 1 and 2. The former is domestic, while the latter is intentional. Overseas tourists from Dubai, Doha, Moscow, and Kuala Lumpur can direct Goa's direct flight. However, people coming from European destinations must land at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, the nearest international airport, one of India's busiest airports. Needless to say, Goa is well connected through India via flight.

By Train: Goa falls on the Konkan Railway Line, which means it is well connected with metro cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. Even though it has six railway stations, the prime two are in South Goa - Vasco de Gama and Madgaon. The latter one is the biggest railway station.

By Road: Road travel to Goa is suggested to those who live in and around Mumbai and Karnataka towns adjoining the borders of Goa. Most people choose self-driven bikes or cars to reach Goa from the nearby towns. While family tourists via road journey select deluxe bus services which cost around 25000 INR to 3500 INR (approx.) per person for overnight journey to Goa.

What Are Some of the Best Beaches in South Goa

Clean, quiet, unspoiled, and extra pristine are a few adjectives to describe the charm of beaches in South Goa. Plus, even the best beaches in South Goa are less crowded compared to its other districts. The South Goa beaches have white sands, and most of the beaches of South Goa have an unusual crescent shape which is enough to spice up the Instagram game. Such is the level of seclusion at the beaches of South Goa that chains of coconut and palm trees are the highlight of every beach here. Rustic beach shack dots the beaches where savouring authentic Goan cuisine is the gastronomic delight highlight. Get more convinced with a handful of some of the best beaches in South Goa:

Palolem Beach: It is a crescent-shaped beach where you can enjoy dolphin spotting and fishing. The sand of this beach is white, and the crowd here comes to attend silent parties.

Cola Beach: Synonymous with the hidden beach because of its snuggled between two hills. This is one of the best South Goa beaches to swim, surf, and laze around the white sands.

Benaulim Beach: This beach in South Goa has one legend associated with it, which says that Lord Vishnu shot an arrow that landed here. Also, this beach has amazing topography because the Arabian Sea and lush greenery are the highlights here.

Cabo De Rama: This beach of South Goa overlooks Cabo De Rama Fort and is a favourite beach of locals residing here. Cado de Rama beach is touted as the top beach by locals for small picnics and evening walks. Did we mention oh-so-romantic cottages encircled Cabo de Rama Beach?

Galgibaga Beach: This is another white sand beach of South Goa that demands a visit. Here Olive Ridley Turtles come to the nest, which is a sight and experience to behold. Pure and undisturbed clean sand is the highlight of this beach. Watch the fishermen throwing nets to catch the fish while you are here.

Which Places to Visit in South Goa Are Worth Exploring

Although the whole of Goa is worth exploring when you are in South Goa, make sure you discover cultural and heritage attractions as well. Apart from its beaches, marvel at the attractions of South Goa on guided excursions or a self-motivated voyage. The choice is up to you! Pack your bags and read on about which places to visit in South Goa are worth exploring:

Bogmalo: This is the residing place of rich Goans. Bogmalo has varieties of opulent bungalows and markets with a beautiful beach.

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary: You must visit Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary because this place to visit in South Goa came into the limelight a few times back. The reason is locals, and wildlife sanctuary authorities claimed that they saw a black panther. Inside the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is pristine waterfalls and emerald greenery amidst the wildlife.

Dudhsagar Falls: Instagram worthy scenes are sure to spellbind you when you are at Dudhsagar Falls. It is a four-tiered waterfall whose height is 310 m (approx.). Witness the cascading effect that gives the illusion of milky sea cascading or flowing down from the staggering height.

Our Lady of Remedios Capital: This is the church in South Goa whose other name is Betalbatim Church, and it dates back to the 17th century. If you are seeking peace in South Goa, visit this church.

Salaulim Dam: It is a great place to indulge in bird watching and a relaxing picnic with your near or dear ones. Salaulim Dam is located on the banks of the Salaulim River and is a lesser-explored tourist spot in South Goa.

What Are The Best Things to Do in South Goa

Out of many things to do in South Goa, enjoying the exploration in a local's way is one of the best things to do! Another aspect of South Goa is admiring the Portugues architecture and their influence which they have left. Witness the strong impression of Portugues legacy in its museum and street arts. But is that all South Goa has to offer? No! There are plenty of activities to enjoy in South Goa for couples, family, and friends. So put on your reading glasses to know the best things to do in South Goa:

Attend a Silent Party at Palolem Beach: South Goan people and locals know how to shake their legs on the rhythm of the music without disturbing the crowd. Hard to believe? But easy to witness at Palolem Beach. This beach in Goa hosts silent parties to minimize noise pollution. To attend a silent party at Palolem Beach and become a responsible tourist.

Hear the Cascades of Dudhsagar Falls: Watch the milky white looking streams cascade from the height of 1,000 ft (approx.), cutting the rocks of Western Ghat Range connecting Goa. The white torrent racing down the beautiful Western Ghat is a sight to behold when you are in South Goa.

Enjoy Jeep Safari in Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary: Witness the wildlife on wheels at Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, which houses one sacred shrine - Tambdi Surla Devi Temple. Take your binoculars because this place is a bird watcher's paradise also! Wildlife animals like leopard and bison, and deer could be seen in their natural habitat.

Float Over the Lush Green Hills: How? Take a hot air balloon ride and soar high up in the sky upto 2,500 feet (approx.). Riding a hot air balloon over the lush green hills and golden and white sands will fix all your pandemic blues.

Learn How to Ride the Waves: Test your adrenaline or satiate your thirst for water sports at South Goa beaches. From scuba diving to jet skiing, indulge yourself in plenty of other watersports.

Join A Spice Plantation Tour: Goan cuisines are a blend of spics and different other things. Join a spice plantation tour to learn where the spices come from in South Goa. A half-day excursion to spice plantations is sure to enchant your mind with new knowledge.

What Are Some of The Best Shopping Places in South Goa

How can you justify that you have strong bargaining skills? By planning your holiday in South Goa and exploring its shopping places and markets. This region of Goa might not have the buzz like North Goa; neither South Goa has flea markets in abundance, but you can test your bargaining skills here. Thanks to the less crowded streets which gives you the chance to fancy yourself a strong bargainer. Read on to know about some of the best shopping places in South Goa:

MMC Market or Gandhi Market: This market has series of stalls lined together, and they sell household items like soaps,

Golden Heart Emporium: This is amongst the best Goa's book shops where you can buy books of native Goan authors.

Babu Tea and Coffee: Call us a magician because we know how much you love tea and coffee. Do yourself a favour and return home after buying different flavours of tea.

What Are Best Rated Restaurants in South Goa

How could you return home from the sunshine state of India without grabbing a scrumptious meal? No doubt that South Goa and North Goa both are famous for seafood, but that is not the only option when you are in South Goa. If you cannot digest the truth, flick through some of the best-rated restaurants in South Goa where you can nosh on different cuisine meals, including Indian to Chinese to continental. Have a look at them:

Fisherman's Wharf: This place is a great spot to enjoy late-night dinner amidst the calming sounds of the water. The ambience is made for sophisticated dining, which is best suited for couples.

The Red Ginger: Satiate your cravings for PAN India cuisine at The Red Ginger, which is one of the most romantic places to eat in South Goa. The interior of the Red Ginger is flawless, and the chefs can make Japanese, Chinese, and even Italian dishes for you!

Zeebop: If you have friends with you on the South Goa tour, take them to Zeebop located at Utorda Beach and club cocktails or beer with seafood.

Bombay Spice: Snag paani puri, chaat, pav bhaji and other street food at one place at Bombay Spice. The location of this eatery is Margo.

Where to Stay in South Goa

Everything about South Goa is top-notch, even including its accommodation options. The staycation options in South Goa are a destination in themselves because most of them exuberates Goan charm drenched with Portuguese influence. One can book a huge bungalow if the budget permits. Backpackers can choose to stay at affordable homestays or hostels. And couples who have a penchant for splashing the cash can spoil themselves with 5-star properties. You name it, and South Goa has got it for you! Staple these accommodation options in South Goa if you have and intend to explore South Goa in the upcoming days:

Kenilworth Beach Resort and Spa: It is amongst the most romantic resorts in South Goa, where romance and solitude prevails. There is a spa and an outdoor pool to relax. This resort in South Goa is a 5-star property with rooms overlooking the Arabian Sea. Since Kenilworth Beach Resort and Spa is surrounded by pristine beaches, therefore, you can indulge in several watersports.

Cabo Serai: Extend your stay in South Goa at this eco-conscious resort sprawling 14 acres of lush green trees. Cabo Serai is located at a stone throw distance from the pristine waters of Cabo De Rama Beach. Equipped with all the modern amenities, guests can stay in spacious cottages with a blend of modern amenities. Enjoy yoga, meditation, and chase the sunset in the evening.

The Leela: The name is enough to personify why leisure travellers make the Leela their first priority in South Goa. Located near Mobor Beach, The Leela is the fusion of Portuguese and Goan style interior and exteriors. Experience the rustic charm of both cultures while admiring the 75 acres of verdant greenery.

Coconut Creek Resort: This is another superlative luxurious property of South Goa but on budget. Coconut Creek Resort is located at Bogmalo Beach and has deluxe rooms dotted around coconut plantations. You can make a leisure escape also without going outside at their in-house spa, followed by poolside themed dinner. Coconut Creek Resort is touted as one of the best honeymoon resorts in South Goa.

South Goa Travel Tips

  • Book a Goa Mile Taxi from Airport - a government-run app that is cheaper than airport taxis.
  • Palolem Beach has fewer options of Goan cuisine because Israeli and Russian flocks there the most, so expect to gorge on international cuisines.
  • Full moon parties happen on Agoda on Saturday nights.
  • Benaulim Beach was the personal favourite beach Bob Marley wanted to make a song on.
  • Beach weddings at South Goa are extremely popular, so make sure you cherish them if you want a destination wedding experience.
  • South Goa is a hub of elite parties, while North Goa is for swanky parties.