Experience the best of Goa in Winter

Goa, the party capital of India, is beautiful the year round. Its perfect sandy beaches and nighttime parties have made it a highly coveted tourist destination. Besides, Goa is also a treasure trove of heritage and culture, and every visit leaves something for the tourist to explore.

With the arrival of winters, the charms of Goa seem to increase manifold. The weather is as pleasant as ever, there are exciting Christmas and New Year Parties to attend and a lot of sightseeing to do. There cannot be a better time to visit Goa. In this blog, we tell you the things you should do in Goa in winter.

1. Sunbathing at the Beach

Experience the best of Goa in Winter

Although the beaches are enchanting the year round, the best time for lounging and sunbathing at the beach is during winters. The sun shines pleasantly and the cool breeze accompanying it enhances the entire experience. Looking for a perfect tan? This is the time to do it.

2. Ultimate Party Destination

Experience the best of Goa in Winter

Goa is all about parties! Indeed, life is a celebration here. The best DJ’s, electrifying music and lip-smacking food, it doesn’t get more exciting! Whether it’s in the pubs, shacks or clubs, parties in this state attract the best of crowds.

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3. Club Hopping on a Weekday!

Experience the best of Goa in Winter

Any list on things to do in Goa should include club hopping on a weekday. Goa boasts some of the best clubs in the world. They are the ultimate hangout destinations and win the hearts of the crowds with their electrifying music, delectable food and incredible jamming sessions. Some of the popular clubs in Goa are Tito’s Club and Britto’s Bar & Restaurant (Baga Beach), Club Cubana (Arpora) and Club Antoos (Calangute).

4. Try out the Goan Delicacies

Experience the best of Goa in Winter

The delicacies in Goa are one of its kind. Its cuisine has been shaped by the influence of several cultures over the years. However, the tangy and spicy flavor is found across all dishes in Goa. Much of this can be attributed to the general use of spices and condiments.

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5. Enjoy the thrill of water sports

Experience the best of Goa in Winter

Goa is one of the best water sports destinations in India. From wind surfing, white water rafting, angling to scuba diving, the options are plenty. Some of the highly sought after places for enjoying water based activities are Agonda Beach, Mahdei River etc.

6. Enjoy the Mandovi River Cruise

Experience the best of Goa in Winter

Taking a cruise down the Mandovi River brings with it its own share of delights. As the boat sails down the river, guests are treated to a wonderful performance by local boys and girls. The boat takes you past fascinating sights like Adil Shah Palace, Panjim riverfront and old colonial buildings past the Promenade.

7. Go Dolphin Spotting

Experience the best of Goa in Winter

Dolphin spotting is another of the exciting things to do on your trip to Goa. This is an extremely popular activity which is carried out along the entire 110km stretch of coastal Goa. It’s a sheer delight to watch these massive adorable beings in their most playful avatar.

8. Discover the Goan Heritage

Experience the best of Goa in Winter

The beaches of Goa attract a lot of visitors the year round. However, this wonderful state is also home to several heritage sites in the form of churches and forts. Some of them worth checking out are Basilica of Bom Jesus, Aguada Fort and Se Cathedral, besides others.

9. Shopping at the Anjuna Flea Market.

Experience the best of Goa in Winter

Every Wednesday, all of Goa, or atleast, most of it, seems to be heading to Anjuna’s weekly Wednesday market. Here, you find all kinds of items, goods and merchandise on sale. Items ranging from farm products, leather and ceramics, besides others, are available at low prices here.

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Vishwajit Sharma

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  1. Jane Preston says:

    December and January are the peak months in Goa. But November is also good. Prices are cheaper in November. Lots of things to do in the winter season.

  2. vaishnavi says:

    definitely Goa is an ultimate party destination. thanks for listing what to do in goa.

  3. Sebastian Vaz says:

    Good writing, Vishwajit. Winter is the best time to visit Goa. There are so many things to do here. Completely agree with you.

    • Vishwajit Sharma says:

      Thank You Sebastian Vaz. I am happy that you found my blog engaging. Yes, Goa is a happening place which offers the perfect mix of entertainment and relaxation.

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