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Anjuna Flea Market

Standing up to its name, Anjuna Flea Market is cheap and is often regarded as one of the best markets in Goa. The market takes place on Saturdays and is open till late. Started as Hippie-exchange market, this has come a long way to keep the shopaholics engaged. Clothes, jewellery, guitars, souvenirs, foot-wears, interesting knick-knacks etc; Anjuna Market offers a mélange of products. Even if you are not here for shopping, you would find yourself indulging in different events in the vicinity.

There are three divisions inside; The Lower Field, The Central Field and The Upper Field. The Lower Field is where you can find carpets, Pashminas, apparels, hammocks, cushions etc. The Central Field features concert stage and shops selling alcohols. There are several food joints you wouldn’t want to miss; the restaurants fill the aura with the aroma of chocolates, sushi and much more. As you proceed further, you would find a hillock, this is the Upper Field. Showrooms of popular designers, shops of local merchants and other such things are found here. Also, Upper Field is sparked by live DJ performances.