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Mapusa Market

Goa is a tourist-magnet, casting its spell on millions of travelers. The beaches is Goa are as beautiful as the churches in Goa, but the weekly markets play an important role in attracting tourists from different parts of the globe. Talking about markets of Goa, we must mention Mapusa Market. This market is open every day except on Sundays. And on Fridays it gets bustling till dusk. Here, one can find a mélange of fruits, vegetables, sea-food, jewelry, spices, carpets, straw hats and what not! Mapusa Market flaunts the vibrant culture of Goa, and a visit to this market will get you closer to Goa’s ethnicity. This traditional bazaar of Goa, Mapusa Friday market is quite popular amidst tourists. There are restaurants and bars serving sumptuous food where you can gorge on your favorite delicacies once you get tired after lots of shopping.