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Panjim Market, Goa

Shopping in Goa is as exciting as chilling out on its beaches or exploring its heritage. One of the markets where you can enjoy the shopping experience in Goa is the Panjim Market. You cannot experience the complete Goan flavor unless you go shopping in this market. Being the largest market in Goa, it is great for those tourists looking to lay their hands on some quality products at great prices.

Panjim Market is dotted with stalls that sell a variety of goods and products, from cashew nuts, local handicrafts and wines to authentic Goan spices. For those that prefer the shopping mall experience, there are several shopping malls in the Panjim Market. Upon visiting the market, you will stumble across several items that are available at a reasonable price, ranging from groceries, knick-knacks, wines and cashew nuts to local handicrafts and clothing. The Panjim Market in Goa is open from morning till evening.