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Best Time to Visit Maldives

Are you planning a trip to Maldives? Then, you must know the best time to visit Maldives for a great holiday experience. To enjoy your romantic honeymoon or a family trip to the fullest, the weather will play an important role. As an archipelago, Maldives only has two seasons, summers (Dec to Apr) and monsoons (May to Nov). And the best time to visit Maldives is December to April, making it one of the best warm-weather travel destinations worldwide.

Visiting the Maldives in a particular season has its pros and cons. Therefore, you will have to choose your Maldives season to visit. For example, while December to April is the recommended time to visit, it is also Maldives peak season, and the cost of flights and hotels is high. In contrast, the May to November period offers good discounts but receives heavy rainfall. So it depends on your interests. On the other hand, each resort is on a separate island, so you won’t have to face a massive influx of crowds any time of the year.

The visibility from May to November is less, and water flow is high. These months also count in Maldives off season. Thus, indulging in water activities like diving and snorkeling is not advised. However, surfers may visit in monsoon months as the waves are bigger, which makes surfing more enjoyable. May to November months are the best for honeymooners to go to Maldives as relaxation and spa treatments are the main activity to enjoy. However, if you love to enjoy banana rides, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and more, December to April is the best season to go to Maldives.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the seasons to visit the Maldives and choose whichever season suits your interests the best before booking Maldives tour packages with us.

Overview of Maldives Season

Off Season:
May to November: 25°C-31°C
Peak Season:
December to April: 24°C-31°C
Peak Season Off-Season
Travel Season Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Weather Condition
December to April 24°C 31°C Dry, moderate
May to November 25°C 31°C Hot, wet

Maldives in Monsoon (May to November)

Temperature - In the monsoon in Maldives, the minimum temperature is 25°C, and the maximum is 31°C.

Weather: Maldives receives heavy rainfall, with an average of 254 cm (100 inches) in the north and 381 cm (150 inches) in the south. September is the wettest month, so we do not recommend it. In addition, the weather is humid, and swimming in the ocean due to increased water flow is not recommended.

Significance: Although tourists are not advised to go swimming, monsoon is the best time to go to Maldives for professional surfers. The waves are bigger and make the surfing experience a lot better.

Why you should visit Maldives in Monsoon

Ramadan is the religious festival celebrated in May in Maldives. It is the best season for Maldives to gorge on traditional delicacies at beautiful restaurants. Special iftar meals are prepared with rose and apricot-flavored juices. In addition, the National Day of Maldives is in November. On this day, locals revolted and forced the colonial Portuguese to leave Maldives.

Know before you visiting Maldives

The discounts during the off-season in Maldives are great for budget travelers. These monsoons are great for enjoying a stay and airfares at reasonable prices. If you are on a honeymoon, visit Fihalhohi Island and Huvahendhoo Island to enjoy the shady coconut palm trees, serene beaches, and lustrous green environment.

Tips to visit in Maldives during Monsoon

Carry appropriate clothing if you are planning to visit a mosque. Be in your villa when it rains too much, or you might get stuck at a restaurant or an attraction for hours. During Ramadan (a month-long festival), many services and shops shut during prayer. You must also cover yourself and avoid public displays of affection on the local islands during this time. Though, resorts and hotels are not affected by the holy month.

Maldives in Summer(December - April)

Temperature: The temperature during summer in Maldives remains between 24°C and 31°C.

Weather: Summers in the Maldives are calm, dry, and pleasant, with no humidity. The moderate temperature makes it easy to go swimming as the average sea temperature is 30°C. The weather in Maldives in summer is best for sightseeing, attending cultural activities, and indulging in water sports. Therefore, summer brings the best weather to visit the Maldives as it is adequate for all the outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Significance: Maldives enjoys its best weather between December and February. All the islands are populated with tourists who come here to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Christmas and New Year celebrations are also around the corner, making a summer trip to Maldives more enjoyable.

Why you should visit Maldives in Summer:

With clear days and dry weather, Maldives makes for one of the best warm-weather destinations to visit from India. The rainfall is light, and that makes the sightseeing delightful. The visibility is excellent, and the current begins to flow from November only from the North East. This helps you enjoy the exquisite views of coral reefs.

Know before you visiting Maldives:

As Maldives comprises several islands, only a few people are allowed on each island. Thus, there is no overcrowding, and you can enjoy your holiday peacefully. In addition, you can check out some beautiful islands - Baros, Sun Island, and Nalaguraidhoo Island in South Ari Atoll.

Tips to visit in Maldives during Summer:

As this is the peak season in the Maldives, make sure to book your flights and accommodation in advance to avoid extremely high costs. This is the best time to visit the Maldives for honeymooners, as the weather is pleasant, and they can enjoy a romantic holiday comfortably. Though it is a dry season, there is guaranteed sunshine, so wear good sunscreen. Carry light country-appropriate clothing and cover yourself up if you visit a mosque.

FAQs About Best Time to Visit Maldives

Q: Is May a good time to visit Maldives?

Ans: May is considered the rainy season for the Maldives and is also considered an ok time to enjoy a vacation. This month, you can experience a little bit of humidity and a pleasant rain shower. However, it is an excellent time to visit if you are a fan of rain and want to enjoy less crowded destinations.

Q: What is the rainy month in Maldives?

Ans: May to November is considered the wet season of Maldives, and you will have to face a little bit of humidity and rain showers. Therefore, these rainy months are less crowded, but you should avoid indulging in water sports.

Q: How many days is enough for Maldives?

Ans: 5 to 7 days are enough to get the best of Maldives through your holiday. During your tour, you can explore the famous tourist attractions and indulge in beach activities.

Q: Best time to visit Maldives from India?

Ans: December to April is ideal for planning your Maldives tour from India. During this season, you will have great opportunities to indulge in outdoor water sports.

Q: Best time to visit Maldives with family?

Ans: You can pick any time between December to April to enjoy a Family vacation in the Maldives. Throughout the tour, you will have multiple opportunities to create memories for a lifetime.