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Best Time to Visit Paris

April to May and September to October would be the best time to visit Paris. During these months, you can enjoy everything from relaxation at beaches to exploring tourist attractions. Apart from it. You can indulge in outdoor activities and discover the local culture. Your overall travel experience will depend upon the weather conditions. This City of Love has four seasons - spring, summer, autumn, and winter. However, summer and spring have a tag of the best season to visit Paris. Whether you are visiting to kindle the love or spend quality time with family, these seasons are good for a Paris trip.

Winters (December to February) are cold, with temperatures falling to 2°C. This season is considered off-season in Paris, However, If you are a snow lover, winter is the best season to visit Paris There are few tourists, so you can enjoy the best views and explore the top attractions. Christmas time in Paris is every traveler's dream, and it is easy to be a part of it by simply planning to book Paris winter packages with Indian Holiday. You can also get discounts as there are very few people around.

Summer is not that hot, and springtime is the most pleasant season. Autumn is the time when Paris gets cold and wet. Whether traveling with your sweetheart, family, solo, or friends, you can choose the ideal time to visit Paris per your interests. Look below to learn more about the best seasons to visit Paris for a memorable holiday. Choose whichever season best suits your likes and preferences before booking a Paris tour with us.

Overview of Paris Season

Off Season:
June-August: 24°c - 13°c
Shoulder Season:
September-November: 05°c - 21°c
Peak Season:
March-May: 4°c - 19°c


Travel Season Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Weather Condition
March to May 04°C 19°C Cold, Pleasant
June to August 13°C 24°C Warm, Pleasant
September to November 05°C 21°C Cool, Moderate Rain
December to February 02°C 08°C Cool with snowfall

Paris in Summer (June – August)

Temperature: The temperature from June to August in Paris ranges from 24°C to 13°C. 

Weather: Paris experiences warm weather in the summer season. This makes it one of the most suitable times to visit Paris. Days are nice and sunny, allowing you to enjoy strolling the city and exploring the sights. Festivals are at their peak, inviting many locals and tourists to the streets. However, there are thunderstorms, and it is recommended to pack your clothes accordingly. 

Significance: Summer is the time of the Tropical Carnival of Paris. During this time, the entire city of Paris comes out on the streets with costumes and the whole shebang. If you love music, you can enjoy your time at Solidays and the We Love Green festivals. La Fête de la Musique is celebrated as Music Day in Paris. Cinema lovers can visit the La Villette Outdoor Movie Theatre.

Why you should visit Paris in Summer: The pleasant weather and the celebrations around make summer one of the best seasons to visit Paris. Temperature in Paris in August is about 25° C to 16° C, which is adequate for sightseeing and outdoor activities. 

Know before you visit Paris: Summer also comes under the peak season. You can see a lot of families and honeymooners arriving in the city. The museums and attractions are filled with tourists, and the lines are much longer. The prices of tickets are also higher. 

Tips to visit Paris: It can get quite hot during the summer, and most of Paris does not have air conditioning. So, make sure to book your accommodation with air conditioning to relax comfortably.

Paris in Autumn (September-November)

Temperature: The temperature in Paris in autumn fluctuates between 5°C and 21°C.

Weather: As soon as autumn arrives, the temperature starts to drop, and the weather of Paris begins to cool down. There are fewer tourists, and you can enjoy sightseeing. The days, however, start to get shorter. The rain showers lessen, and as you get closer to October, the temperature drops more, and the night gets colder. It is an excellent time to visit Paris to see different shade trees. However, the weather in Paris in September is also pleasurable, and the temperature revolves around 22°C to 13° C. Hence, it is also considered the ideal time for a vacation in Paris. 

Significance: Autumn is the best time to visit Paris if you are traveling on a strict budget. You can get access to many monuments for free. You can also participate in La Parisienne, a race run mostly by women to support the research on breast cancer. You can visit the Nuit Blanche, an all-night arts festival in Paris where you can see art for free. If you stay in November, you can taste the year's new wines at the Beaujolais Nouveau.

Why you should visit Paris in Autumn: Autumn is the best season to plan a trip to Paris as there are few tourists around and you can enjoy the city yourself. It gets cooler but is tolerable. 

Know before you visit Paris: Although this is not the peak tourist season, you may find higher prices on hotels in Paris. So, research before you book a place to stay at reasonable rates. 

Tips to visit Paris: The weather is colder, so always bring a thick jacket wherever you go. Even when the sun is out, the air is chilly.

Paris in Spring (March-May)

Temperature: Paris temperature during spring remains between 4°C and 19°C.

Weather: Spring comes in Paris with a lot of uncertainty. The weather changes throughout the day. Overall the weather remains warm, but the nights get a bit cooler. During May, the weather gets even more generous. You may encounter frequent rain showers. Also, the days are longer, so you can spend more time outdoors. No doubt, this is the best season to visit Paris. However, the weather in Paris in March is pleasant, and the temperature revolves around 13 Cº to 5 Cº. Hence, it is also another good time to plan your Paris tour. 

Significance: Spring is an excellent time to go to Paris to indulge in outdoor activities. You can watch the French Open around the third week of May. Also, it is time for the Paris Marathon, where thousands of Paris locals participate to run 26+ miles. Outdoor picnics and strolling in the gardens can also be enjoyed. The Foire du Trône is the highlight of Paris in spring, which involves rides, food, music, and fireworks.

Why you should visit Paris in Spring: The weather in Paris in spring is pleasant and allows you to enjoy sightseeing comfortably. You can make the most of your time and partake in the festivities that will make your Paris holiday memorable. 

Know before you visit Paris: Spring is the peak season in Paris so you can expect crowds and high rates throughout the city. 

Tips for visiting Paris: Book your air tickets and accommodation in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle. Bring rain gear, and be prepared to shift your plans quickly.


Q: What is the Best time to visit Paris from India

Ans:  April to June and September to October are ideal times to plan a Paris tour from India. The temperature is mild and pleasant during these months, and you can explore attractions comfortably.

Q: When is the peak tourist season in Paris, and should I avoid it?

Ans: July and August are two months that fall in the summer season of Paris. During these months, the prices of accommodation are higher in the city. Hence, it is advised to book everything in advance. If you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation in this City of Love, consider visiting in the shoulder season (September to November).

Q: What are some unique experiences in Paris during the winter months?

Ans: Paris is well known for its unique travel experiences in the winter months. You can enjoy ice skating, explore the charming Christmas market, sipping hot chocolate in a cozy cafe. Moreover, Paris is fully decorated with festive lights and decorations in the winter season. -

Q: Are there any considerations for visiting Paris during specific events or festivals?

Ans: Attending Paris Fashion Week in March or September is one of the most popular events in this city. Here, you can explore the latest trends and witness glamorous runway shows. Additionally, attending Bastille Day celebrations on July 14th is another feast for your eyes. You can experience French culture through parades, fireworks, and street parties.