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If you are looking for ways to reach Spain from India, booking a direct flight is the best option. Located in Europe’s south-western region, Spain is one of the most traveled destinations in the world. It receives a massive influx of tourists every year to witness architectural charm, savor Spanish cuisine, and attend world-class events. Thus, it has the most extensive network of transportation systems within the country. Are you wondering how to reach Spain from India? Here's a detailed guide with modes to get into Spain.

How to Reach Spain by Air/Flight

Boarding a flight from India to Spain is the best way to reach this country, most convenient and quickly. Many flights are available from major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Spain has many international airports like Madrid International Airport and Barcelona International Airport. They are the two most popular cities in Spain and are connected to India by regular flights. Airlines such as Air France, Blue Air, Air India, and IndiGo are major carriers to Spain.

Other airports in Spain are Palma de Mallorca Airport, Malaga International Airport, Ibiza Airport, Alicante Airport, and Gran Canaria Airport. Therefore, we advise you to reach the airport early.

How to Reach Spain by Road

There is no feasible way to travel to Spain from India. But if you have an international driving license and are in France or Portugal, you can drive to Spain in a hired car. You can also rent a cab to travel to Spain by road. The roads are excellent, and the drive can be enjoyable. However, you will need proof of insurance, and note that charges for fuel and toll rates are high.

How to Reach Spain by Train

There is no railway route from India to Spain. However, you can use Eurail to reach Spain from other European countries. The train from France to Spain is high-speed and takes only six hours. Check the availability of the trains to Spain from neighboring countries before using them.