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Cities in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a huge state with every region owning some important cities. The list of cities in Maharashtra is pretty long and the page enlists some of the prominent ones. Lying on the state’s western coastal region, Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is probably the most travelled city that is quite popular for its bustling streets, fascinating life and Bollywood, the film industry of India. Just a few kilometers away from it lays the energetic Pune city. Fondly referred to as the ‘Oxford of the East’ and the ‘Queen of the Deccan’, Pune has a lot of young population. It is a commercial hub and boasts of an up-to-date lifestyle.

Lying in the heart of Maharashtra, Aurangabad is a popular historic city that houses the very well-known Bibi Ka Maqbara or the Taj of South India. The city is also home to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Ajanta and Ellora caves. Nashik, placed in the northern part of the state, is another popular city in Maharashtra. Nashik is also known as the pilgrimage city of Maharashtra. Ratnagiri is another famous holy city that houses a number of old temples.

If travelling to Kolhapur city, do not forget to get your hands on some great stuff including Kolhapuri chappals and saris. Then, there is Nagpur- the ‘City of Oranges’ and the ‘Pride of Vidharba’. This city is also an important city of Maharashtra from business point of view. Other most travelled destinations cities of Maharashtra are Solapur, Wardha, Thane, Ahmadnagar, Sangli, Amaravati and Chandrapur etc.

Tourist Places in Maharashtra