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Pangong Tso Lake Ladakh

Ladakh is a land where you will get various surprises from nature. And Pangong Lake is one of them that is a high-altitude lake. It is around 4,350 m above sea level and is approximately 160 km in length. And the astonishing fact is that half of this lake lies on the Tibetan side.

Pangong Tso Lake is one of the most famous attractions for various reasons. The color-changing phenomena from blue to red and green due to altitude and the sky's reflections make it a visual feast for your eyes. Besides that, you can admire the scenic landscapes around here that enhance its charm to the next level. And enjoying the bonfire while sitting in front of this lake is 

You can enjoy camping here, exploring the nearby attractions, and clicking memorable pictures. Hence, Pangong Lake Ladakh has become an enticing hotspot for nature lovers and thrill seekers. The impressive range of experiences here will give you countless wow factors. Moreover, winter makes this lake frozen, and summer reflects the blue sky. Overall, both seasons have different traveling experiences that you can enjoy at Pangong Tso. And the best part is that experiences can't be described in words, so it is advised to pack your bag and visit this lake and feel the enigmatic beauty and adventures.

Your Ladakh trip seems incomplete without visiting this famous lake. If you are willing to plan a vacation in Ladakh with Pangong Lake, we have great deals on the Ladakh tour package with Pangong Lake.

Everything You Should Know Before Visiting Pangong Lake in Ladakh

Best Time to Visit Pangong Lake 

If you have any concerns about Pangong Lake weather, you should visit in the summer season. From May to September, the climate is pleasant and lets you enjoy outdoor activities and camping. However, the winter season makes the lake frozen and allows you to enjoy ice skating on this lake. In short, this lake has become a playground for adventure seekers. And summer is for absorbing the beautiful vibe and tranquility. 

How to Reach Pangong Lake

You can reach Pangong Lake by following the different routes and road circuits. Each road has challenges and beautiful views that make your road trip delightful. There are various routes by which you can reach Pangong Lake. We have given details about the famous routes that you can take to reach Pangong Lake. 

Route 1: Leh to Pangong Lake by Chang La

Leh- Shey- Thiksey- Karu- Sakti- Durbuk- Lukung- Phobrang- Pangong Tso

Numerous tourists usually reach Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh via Chang La throughout the year. This route's total distance from Leh to Pangong Lake is around 298 km. And you will require around 8 hours to complete this distance. But, you can halt between the routes to admire the beauty. 

Route 2: Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake by Shyok

Nubra- Panamik- Sumur- Tsati- Shyok- Durbuk- Lukung- Pangong Tso lake

This route between Pangong Lake and Leh is another route that you can take while traversing from Nubra Valley. Through this route, you will have to cover a distance of 276 km, which also requires the same amount of time. And the best part about this route is that you can take a halt to admire the scenic views and capture the natural beauty. 

Things to do at Pangong Lake 

Pangong Lake Leh Ladakh is one of the top attractions in this region that welcomes tourists in large numbers. On top of that, it has a broad spectrum of activities that nature lovers and thrill seekers enjoy throughout the visit. Here is the list of activities you want while staying on this lake. 

  • Camping by maintaining the distance from the lake under the starry nights with a bonfire is a fantastic travel experience. However, you are not allowed to enjoy camp in Pangong Lake.
  • You can take a walk near the lake to admire the scenic views. However, you should wear warm clothes as Pangong Lake temperature is low during the night.
  • Photography is one of the finest things to do at Pangong Lake.  
  • Enjoy bird watching as several species of bird fly over the lake. Moreover, you can also spot some migratory birds. 

Accommodation Around Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh is one of those lakes tourists often visit. However, summer is considered the peak season, and in winter, the numbers of tourists reduce. But, you will find various good accommodation options around this lake. You can choose any of them as per your budget and preferences. Staying options near Pangong Lake are fully packed with good amenities and provide comfort. And the best part about accommodation is that you can enjoy the Pangong Lake view while enjoying your stay around in the hotels and resorts. Here are some recommended staying options to enjoy food while chit-chatting with locals; the best thing is that Pangong Lake is in front of the eyes.

  • The Pangong Inn
  • Hermitage At Pangong
  • Alpine Huts
  • 100 Sky Camp
  • Camp Redstart
  • Wonderland Camp
  • The Kora Pangong

Travel Tips for Pangong Lake 

  • You need to rest for a day to get acclimatized properly.
  • Remember to carry enough warm clothes as if your clothes get wet so that you can change them.
  • Carrying a medical kit is an essential thing to have while planning your Ladakh motorbike trip.
  • Have dry fruits with you to munch them from time to time throughout the visit.