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IITF Kolkata

Fast Facts

Event Name: IITF, Kolkata (Industrial India Trade Fair in Kolkata)
Category: Various products from cross section of industries
Time: 14th - 27th Nov, 2018
Venue: Kolkata

Product Display:
All sectors of industry, telecommunications, building materials, infrastructural facilities, electronic entertainment products, textiles and clothing, services sector, consumer durables, food and food products, giftware, agriculture, kitchenware, toys, sports goods and equipment, leather goods, medical and herbal products, all kinds of engineering goods etc.

Event Profile:
IITF, Kolkata or Industrial India Trade Fair in Kolkata seeks to find joint-venture partners and strong tie-ups that lead to the growth and development of the industries. It is a good platform to see the worth of the products in markets and set trends for them. It is a stage that acts as a force to boost the upcoming technologies and services in the state as well nation as a whole. The IITF, Kolkata also ascertain the marketing and retail sales opportunities for the industrial products. Another very significant feature of the IITF in Kolkata is that it opens gate for the foreign countries too to participate as a partner country in the fair and thereby intensifies communication channels.

The IITF, Kolkata is organized by BNCCI (Bengal National and Industry Chamber of Commerce), The Government of West Bengal and ITPO (India Trade Promotion Organization). The Bengal National and Industry Chamber of Commerce is essentially involved in the promotional activities for trades and industries from the eastern region. It organizes trade missions to other countries and gets awareness about overseas missions. It encourages participation in trade fair and gives information on the policies of the industry and trade. The Government of West Bengal plays a dual role to support the event and takes part in it on a grand scale with help of its departments that represent the industrial and infrastructure sectors of the state. The ITPo or India Trade Promotion Organization is an initiator that helps in trade exchanges and displaying the industrial growth of the country via the channel of trade shows in India and overseas.

The IITF in Kolkata like most of the trade shows in West Bengal marks seminars and buyer seller meets. It recognizes the best presentation of the participants by bestowing them with awards. It also hosts cultural programs.

Exhibitor Profile:
The main focus of the IITF, Kolkata is the participation by Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan, the member-nations of SAARC. Besides, coal, petroleum, steel, telecommunication, finance and other enterprises of such sort in the core sector under the directives of Central Government of India and some State Government enterprises also take part in the Fair.

The leading industries of the IITF in Kolkata which take active part in this event are Textiles, Garments, Handicrafts, Leather Goods, Mining Equipment, Transport, Pollution Control Equipment, Engineering, Electronics, Electrical, Ceramic, Chemicals, Food Processing, Consumer Durables, Building Materials, Petro-Chemicals, Packaging-Machine and so on.