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Engagement Ceremony

Indian Marriages are said to involve maximum rituals, traditions and vibrancy otherwise absent in any other marriages around the globe. Marriages are said to be the binding of two hearts rather than anything else, in which two people comes together, chosen by the families mostly, except for love marriages, and solemnly pledge to share every sorrow and joy with one another. The Engagement Ceremony is one of the Pre Wedding Ceremony in which the couple exchanges rings with each other. Therefore it is also known as the Ring Ceremony.

The most vital social event in Indian custom, marriage is based on the early Vedic Concept in which union of two souls and bodies make for a supreme union. The main wedding is elaborate and continue for at least 5 days.. There are numerous Pre Wedding Ceremonies held before the wedding. Engagement Ceremony is one of them.

The theme of engagement is perhaps influenced from the Western Concept. Some say that the wedding ceremonies take a deeper impact only after the advent of the British in India. But Wedding Ceremonies have been of primary importance to the Punjabis, Marathis and few inhabitants of South Indian states as well. But later on the ceremonious Engagement opened its door to the other Indians as well.

Engagement Ceremony in India is known by different names. In some parts of the country it is known as Misri, while in others it is known as Ring Ceremony, still others call it Ashirbad. It is also called Mangni in some other parts of the country. Various are the names, but the significance is all the same. It is tying the knot with another person, whom you have chosen to be your life partner, for whom you should care, have dedication and also responsibility.

On the day of the ceremony of Engagement, the member of the bride and grooms meet and also blesses the couple so that they may lead a very peaceful and happy life. All the blessings are merged with an ardent well wish for one another as the couple exchanges ring, makes the other an integral part of life, and solemnly pledges to be united in both good and bad times.

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