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Weekend Getaway from Pune to Champaner

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Summer 30 to 40°C


Winter 10 to 22°C


Famous for

  • Historical significance

The medieval capital of Gujarat, Champaner was founded in the 8th BC. Today it is a very well-known weekend getaway destination from Pune as well as Mumbai. Placed at the foothills of Pavagadh Mountain, the Champaner city boasts of a rich history. A visit to this serene city is a historical delight, away from the hustle-bustle of daily city life.  The city came into limelight when Oscar-nominated movie Lagaan’s shooting was done here. During your visit to Champaner, visit its gardens, forts, tombs and other popular structures. One of the main attractions here is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Champaner Archaeological Park.  This destination is the perfect option to enjoy a peaceful vacation with your loves ones.

How to Reach Champaner from Pune

Attractions in Champaner

Champaner Fort

The magnificent Champaner Fort is an architectural gem of the architecture that belongs to the 16th century. This archaeological heritage structure is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. The fort has been built on a hilltop and the city lies at its base. This superb building offers an amazing view of the city.  This fortified structure has a number of entry gates.

Champaner Archaeological Park

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Champaner Archaeological Park is many times considered to be a sneak-peek into the rich cultural heritage of India. This par houses a number of heritage as well as historical properties including pool, religious sites, fortified walls, agriculture storage bins, water-cooling structures and royal living halls, each one of which belongs to the ancient times.

Citadel of Mahmud Beghada

Citadel of Mahmud Beghada, a rectangular-shaped beautiful monument is a well-known attraction in Champaner. Made-up of big blocks of freestone, this citadel structure is sustained by bastions. The tiny balconies with Islamic-style carvings look extremely beautiful. This fortress is placed on the foothills of Pavagadh Mountains and is bounded by a number of beautiful monuments such as Kevada Masjid and Jami Masjid.


Also known as Jahanpanah or the Royal enclosure, Hissar-i-Khas is another tourist attraction in Champaner that is a must-visit. Standing adjacent to the Jami Masjid, this royal structure has a total of 3 gates and its eastern wall is joined with the wall of Atak fort. All these three buildings have been erected in such a manner that it seems they have been arranged in a circle.

Khapra Zaveri Palace

Although now in ruins, Khapra Zaveri Palace is one of the finest examples of the Sultanate architecture. This palace is placed on the road starting from the Champaner base leading to Machi. The top of the palace offers some nice views of the originating point of the Vishwamitri River. Atak gate is one the 9 gates that take you to the top of the hill.

Saat Kaman or Seven Arches

Saat Kaman, also known as the Seven Arches, is a well-known structure that is placed on the edge of a hill which lies on the southern slant of Champaner. Saat Kaman means seven arches. As one of the arches has been demolished, currently there are only 6 arches. This structure was established by Vanraj Chavda, an important ruler of the Chavda Kingdom, during the 8th century.

Sikandar Shah Tomb

The Tomb of Sikandar Shah Tomb belongs to Sikandar Shah, who was the last ruler of Champaner. After he was assassinated in 1526 AD by Imad-UL-Mulk, Khusqadam, Sikandar’s remains was buried here. The tomb also contains the remains of Nasir Khan and Latif Khan, the brothers of Sikandar Shah. This tomb is a brilliant stone structure that has fluted domes and is an excellent proof of craftsmanship of the olden times.

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