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Weekend Getaway from Pune to Jalgaon

Distance / Traveling Time

From Mumbai : 412 kilometers / 6 h ,3 m

From Pune : 389 kilometers / 6 h ,50 m


Summer 22 to 40°C


Winter 12 to 30°C


Famous for

  • Temples
  • Gardens
  • Forts

Best Time To Visit

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec

Located in the northern part of the state, the Jalgaon city is a popular weekend getaway destination from Mumbai as well as Pune. Widely popular as the ‘Banana Capital of India’, Jalgaon has both religious as well as historical importance. One of the largest cities of the Maharashtra state, Jalgaon boasts of being home to a number of tourist attractions. You and your loved ones can enjoy a memorable vacation here. During your weekend trip to Jalgaon, you can explore temples, gardens, forts, and more. Admire the scenic beauty, which is spread all around.

How to Reach Jalgaon from Pune

By Train

The railway station in Jalgaon or Jalgaon Junction is well-connected by regular trains to Mumbai CST railway station. There is availability of regular train services.

By Air

The airport in Jalgaon is well-connected to the Mumbai airport through regular flight. Thus, you can easily go aboard a flight from Mumbai to Jalgaon.

By Road

A good road network connects Mumbai and Jalgaon to each other, thus, hiring a private cab can be a good option for you. Along with, if you are looking for a cheaper option, there are services of state-run as well as private tourist buses.

By Train

The Jalgaon Junction is well-linked to the Pune Junction by the means of regular trains.

By Road

Since Jalgaon and Pune are well-linked to each other with a good road network of roads, you can rent a taxi from Pune and Jalgaon. You can also opt for government-run or private bus.

Tourist Attractions in Jalgaon

Omkareshwar Mandir

Located at Jai Nagar in Jalgaon, Omkareshwar Mandir is popular as one of the most beautiful as well as popular temples in the region. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is flocked by devotees, all round the year. Shivratri, Ramnavmi, Shravni Somvar and Gokulashtami are some of the festivals, which are celebrated here with great enthusiasm.

Gavtala Forestry

The lush Gavtala forestry houses the ancient temple, which is dedicated Goddess Chandrika. On the full moon day or Poornima in the months of Chaitra and Kartik, this temple plays host to a number of devotees. This forestry also consists of Bhaskarachya Herbs centre as well as a fountain, which originates from River Titur. Pitalkhora Caves and Hemandpanthi Mahadev Temple are the two of the other attractions.

Manudevi Temple

Placed on the scenic boundary of Adgaon village, Manudevi temple is famed as the temple of the family deity or Kuldevi of around 70 percent of the people of Jalgaon. During your trek of a few minutes to the temple, you also get a view a striking waterfall. This temple, surrounding by forested Satpura hills, is also the venue of an annual fair. The temple also has a small lake in its premises.

Bahinabai Udyan

Bahinabai Udyan is a beautiful, well-manicured park located in the heart of the city. Named after Bahinabai Chaudhari, an extremely popular poetess of Maharashtra, this temple is a very well-known tourist attraction of the region. There are various kinds of tree planted here. Tourists as well as locals love organizing picnics here under the shade of the trees while enjoying the cool breeze.

Parola fort

Erected in the year 1727, Parola fort is 160 to 130-sq-meters in size. According to the legends, this fort belonged to the father of Laxmi Bai, the Rani of Jhansi. This beautiful fort is encircled by ditches from all the sides and on the eastern side of the fort, there is a pond.  The height of the fort is 525 ft and it is 435 ft wide.  This fort has 7 entrance gates, but the main gate is Delhi Darwaza.

Swinging Towers of Farkande

Located on the banks of River Utawadi, Swinging Towers of Farkande is around 16 km from Erandol, which is placed close to Jalgaon. This structure boasts of being an excellent example of old-construction techniques. Both the towers are15 meters in length and are probably 250-yrs old. The main attraction for the tourist is that when one tower sways, the other also starts swaying.

Sri Padmalaya

India has two and a half Shree Ganapati Peeths and Sri Padmalaya or Padmalaya Kshetra is known to be the half Peeth. The temple complex is placed on a hilltop. The main temple containing the padukas of Shri Govind Maharaj has a temple on its either side. A huge bell is kept adjacent to the padukas. The temple has 2 Swayambhu (self-existent) Ganesha idols in its Sanctum.

Ajanta caves

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ajanta caves is a total of 30 rock-cut caves, which date back to 2nd Century. These rock-cut caves are the finest example Indian and Buddhist religious art and paintings that contain the figures of Lord Buddha and several depictions from the Jataka tales.

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