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Weekend Getaway from Pune to Kamshet

Distance / Traveling Time

From Pune : 103 kilometers / 1 h ,40 m

From Pune : 52 kilometers / 1 h


Summer 22 to 40°C


Winter 12 to 33°C


Famous for

  • Caves
  • Lakes
  • Water Park

Best Time To Visit

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Dec

Kamshet, located at an altitude of 2200 ft above the sea level, is a major attraction for people interested in paragliding and other adventurous activities. The picturesque location is also a great getaway from Mumbai and Pune. The destination is also dotted with various architectural splendors and historic sites that leave the visitors spellbound. Thick forest, surrounding the region also adds to the magical charm of the place.

How to Reach Kamshet from Pune

By Train

Kamshet has its own railway station that connects with Mumbai through an extensive railway network. At railway station there is local transportation system available that helps in easy moving in and around the city.

By Air

Mumbai is the airport close to Kamshet. From the airport, there are private taxis and cabs available for hire to move in and around the city.

By Road

Kamshet could be best reached through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Apart from self driven vehicle, there also are cabs and taxis available for hire in Mumbai.

By Train

Lonavala is the nearest railway station to reach Kamshet from Pune. There are frequent trains that connect both the station. At the railway station there is local transportation system available that help in easy movement in and around.

By Road

: Mumbai Pune Highway is the easy road connectivity that helps in reaching easily Kamshet from Pune. Apart from self-driven vehicle, there also are cabs and taxis available for hire in Pune. There also are buses functional on the route.

Tourist Attractions in Kamshet

Bedsa Caves

There are two caves that date back to 60 BC and are regarded as the oldest caves in Maharashtra. There are numerous steps that are required by the visitors to climb to reach the caves. Chaitya is the main cave that is the prayer hall and features a beautiful stupa. There also are 4 pillars, each of 25 ft of height, adorned with intricate carvings.  Orthogonal pillars also support the ribbed roof of the cave. Vihara is another cave that features exquisite carvings. Thus, to enjoy the visit and explore the caves properly, it is advised to reach early in the morning.

Bhairi Caves

The Bhairi Caves are regarded as strange caves as there animal sacrifices still tale place. There are numerous rocky steps to climb to reach the caves and as one ascends towards cave, there path becomes dangerous and rough. Thus, the caves also attract tourists interested in adventure and treks.

Kondeshwar Temple

The ancient beautiful temple is situated on the Pohara hilly forest range. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and gestures small shrines surrounding the central sanctum sanctorum. The verdant forest also adds to the scenic beauty of the temple. The festival of Mahashivaratri is celebrated with great show and grace. The temple features ancient Hemadpanthi style of architecture.


Kamshet is one of the popular spot in Maharashtra known for Paragliding. There also are paragliding training provided by paragliding schools. Apart from enjoying paragliding, visitors can participate in rock climbing, water sports activities, earthbound adventurous activities, outdoor surviving skills development and more.

Bhandar Dongar

Bhandar Dongar is a must visit hill that features a medieval period temple devoted to saint Tukaram. Visitors can enjoy ear pleasing devotional songs in the temple. The chirps of birds also add as the magical element to the devotional songs. The panoramic view of the surrounding also wins the heart of the guests.

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