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Weekend Getaway from Pune to Raigad

Distance / Traveling Time

From Mumbai : 109 kilometers / 2 h ,7 m

From Pune : 125 kilometers / 2 h ,15 m


Summer 23 to 37°C


Winter 13 to 30°C


Famous for

  • Hill Station
  • Fort
  • Palaces
  • Lake

Best Time To Visit

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec

Raigad is famed as the erstwhile capital of Chathrapati Sivaji. The rich heritage, rocky terrain and ancient monuments are a few factors that make Raigad a must-visit travel destination. Raigad also serves as a major getaway from Mumbai and Pune for vacationers looking for various travel themes such as hill stations, rock climbing, forts, palaces, lakes, etc. The natural splendor along with architectural marvel wins the heart of visitors and leaves them awestruck.

How to Reach Raigad from Pune

By Train

As there is no railway station in Raigad, Veer is the nearest railway station to reach Raigad from Mumbai. At the railway station, there are cabs and taxis available for hire.

By Air

Mumbai is the nearest airport to Raigad. At the airport, there is local transportation system available that helps in easy movement in and around the city.

By Road

From Mumbai, there is proper road connectivity available that is an easy way for visitors with self-driven vehicle to reach Raigad. Apart from this, there are also private taxis and cabs available for hire in Mumbai to reach Raigad. There also are buses operating on the same route.

By Train

Raigad does not have its own railway station, thus, Veer is the nearest railway station from Pune to reach Raigad. There are local taxis and cabs available for hire at the railway station.

By Road

Road is probably the best and easiest way to travel and reach Raigad from Pune. The Mumbai - Pune Expy and Khopoli - Pali Rd/SH 92 road connectivity offers easy and convenient travel experience.

Tourist Attractions in Raigad

Queen's Palace

Queen's Palace is one of the major attractions of the Raigad Fort. There are 6 chambers in the palace, each consisting of a private commode with plumbing. Wood was used in the construction of the palace. Rani Vasa is the other common name for Queen’s Palace. There also are numerous minarets in the palace that add to the unique beauty of the palace.

Raigad Fort

Located at a height of 2700 ft, the Raigad Fort served as capital for King Shivaji and is regarded as ‘the Gibralter of the East’. The fort is situated in a steep vertical rock face and is inaccessible from three sides. Balekilla is one of the major sites in the fort. From here, one can enjoy beautiful views of Bhatghar Lake and Sahyadris. Panoramic views of the forts of Vichitragad, Purandar, Visapur, Sinhagad, Lohgad and Tikona also make Raigad Fort a must-visit attraction.

Gangasagar Lake

This is an artificial lake built next to the massive Raigad Fort. The lake is also considered holy as people believe that sacred river Ganga was brought into the lake for the crowning ceremony of the King Shivaji. The lake also serves as a lifeline for villages located in close vicinity.

Jagadishwar Temple

As King Shivaji was an ardent follower of the Hindu religion, he built the temple in his palace. The temple has a top in dome structure that reflects the unique Mughal architecture. The temple is dedicated to Lord Jagadeeswara. There also is an idol of Nandi outside that faces the temple entrance.

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