Common Konkani Phrases for Tourists Visiting Goa

Visiting Goa for the first time? A brief guide to popular Konkani phrases to help first time visitors to Goa.

Along with being the official language of the Goa, Konkani is also the mother-tongue of all Goans. This beautiful language is widely spoken in the beach destination of Goa. One of the most sought-after destinations in India, it is flocked by Indian and international nationals, in crazy numbers. If you too are visiting Goa, learning Konkani would be quite interesting as well as helpful. Using a dash of phrases and words might prove to be quite handy.

Konkani Language

Basic understanding of some key phrase in local language go a long way if you are traveling overseas

For Goa travelers, this blog contains a number common Konkani phrases, used in day-today life, and English to Konkani translations for common expressions and greetings. If you mug-up these, you would be easily able to converse with locals, cab drivers, shopkeepers and fishermen. These people can actually help you out in giving such details about the place, which you might not be aware of.

As they might not be comfortable communicating in English, you can connect really well with them by talking in their own language. Just learn these and you might feel completely at home, when in Goa:

Popular Konkani Expressions – Everyday conversation

When we travel to a place that has a different mother-tongue from ours, learning some expressions used in daily conversation, might help. Here are some of such of them:

Hello/good morningDeu boro dis dium
My name is (name)Mojem naum (name)
I come from (place)Mau zo gao (place)
What is your name?Tuchem naum kitay?
Good eveningDeu bori sanz dium
Good nightDeu bori raat dium
Can you tell me?Maka saangshi?
How are you?  (male)Tum Ko so asa?
Can you help me?Mhojem modot korshi?
How are you? (female)Ko shem asa?
SorryMaaf kor
Thank youDeu borem korum
PleaseUpkar koroonc
I feel sickMhojea jivak borem dissonam
I am happyAoo tsaud kooshi
I am tiredAoo tsod tokla
I love GoaMaka Goemcho mog asa
What is the time?Kitlim voram zaleant?
GoodbyeMiochay / Adeus
Do you speak EnglishTum Inglez uloitai?
I speak a little KonkaniAoo thodee Konkani ooloyta

Popular Konkani Expressions – Getting Around and Searching accommodation

Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

A little bit understanding or use of local language often wins the heart and leads to better communication and cooperation

When we land somewhere overseas for a vacation or a business trip, we search for a suitable accommodation and travel around the city or the state for sightseeing and other thing. Here are some important phrases for the same if you are visiting Goa:

Can you get me a taxi?Maka ek taxi haadshi?
Where is the (Police Station)?(Police Station) khuim assa?
How do I go there?Thuim hao kosso vossoonk?
When does the bus leave?Bus kitley anc so ta?
How much does a taxi charge?Taxi kitley bhaadem ghetaam?
How far is the bus stop?Bus stop kitley pois assa?
How long will it take?Kitlo vogoth laagtolo?
Does this bus go to (Panjim)?Ee bus (Panjim) voi ta?
Which bus goes to (Calangute)?Khui chi bus Calangute vetaa?
Have we arrived in (Candolim)?(Candolim) pau lay?
How much to (Baga)(Baga)vossoonk kitlay pot ollay?
Where can I catch the bus to (Panjim)(Panjim) bus ko ee tamta?
Do you have a room/house to rent?Tu jay shee room/ghor asa?
Turn left/rightDai an/ Ooj an wot
Where can I make a phone call?Maka phone koroonc khuim meltolem?
I would like a single / double roomMaka single / double room zai
How many kilometers is it to (Calangute)?(Calangute) kitlay pois asa?
What is the charge per day?Eke dissak kitley poi shay?
I want a room for a dayMaka eke dissak room zai

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Popular Konkani Expressions – Food and Wine

Goa is extremely popular for its food. Use these common Konkani phrases while searching for suitable wine and dine options when you are visiting Goa:

I am thirstyMaka taan lagleah
I am hungryMaka bhook lagleah
I do not want it spicyMaka tik naka
Where can I get some snacks?Maka khaunk ‘snacks’ khuim meltolem?
No sugarSaakor naka
No iceBorof naka
The food is goodJevon borem

Common Konkani Expressions – Shopping

Shopping is an important activity in which one indulges in, when in Goa. Especially during bargaining for the right deal, little knowledge about these native phrases can go a long way in establishing rapport with shopkeepers. These popular Konkani phrases should help you out when you are visiting Goa:

Do you sell cashew nuts?Tumi kaju bhieo viktaat?
Have you got another one like this?Oslem aneek assa?
Too expensive!Ekdom mar rog!
Do you take credit card?Tu credit card ghetam?
How much?Kitlem?
I want…Maka zai…
I’ll take thisHaon hem ghetam
Can I pay in dollars / pounds?Mhojean pounds voh dollaraani faarik koroonc zata?
I don’t want itMaka naka

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