World’s First White Tiger Safari has opened in India

One of the most exotic beasts found anywhere on Earth, tigers have a majestic charm that is unique and indescribable. The craze for sightseeing and capturing this amazing animal in lens is tremendous amongst the wildlife enthusiasts. Of all the existing sub species of tigers, White Tiger is perhaps the most exotic and appealing due to its rarity. And now white tiger safari has opened in India.

The first white tiger in the world was found in Madhya Pradesh near the famous Bandhavgarh National Park in India and it isn’t surprising that the first White Tiger safari has opened in the same place it was first discovered.

The first of its kind tiger safari located in Mukundpur in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh is spread over 25 acres. There are three white tigers to start with which include one male tiger named Raghu and two female tigers named Vindhya and Radha. With two bears also being brought from Bhopal last year, there is plenty to see, experience and understand in the park, especially for the children.

With state acquiring such a wonderful facility, it is definitely an asset for the locals and is bound to bring visitors from far across the nation and the world. And with the government taking an increasing interest in the project, the infrastructure will surely improve overtime to accommodate more and more visitors to have best of wildfire experiences.

History of White Tiger Safari

The first ever spotting of white tigers in the world is recorded in Madhya Pradesh’s Vindhya region in 1915. Later in 1951 Majaraja Martand Singh of Rewa princely state captured and domesticated a white tiger cub. Named Mohan, this white tiger became the progenitor of all the white tigers that now exist in the world as it was made available for breeding by the maharaja.

The last white tiger in this region died in 1976 and there was a huge demand by people for an exhibit of white tigers in this area. With the inauguration of White Tiger Safari after nearly 40 years, white tigers have now returned to the place of their origin.

White Tiger Safari in Mukundpur, Madhya Pradesh, India: Facts at a Glance

  • White tiger safari is named after Maharaja Martand Sigh of Rewa
  • The white tiger safari has started with 3 tigers that include one male and two female tigers
  • Additionally nine tigers will be brought here for safari in coming months
  • Spread over 25 hectares, the safari has cost of INR 50 crores
  • White tiger safari timing is from 11:00 hrs in the morning to 16:30 hrs in the evening

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