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Cherrapunji Travel Guide

Known for being one of the wettest places on Earth, Cherrapunji is ideal to experience the bliss of rains.

  • Waterfall in meghalaya
Cherrapunji At a Glance
  • Average Climate:12°c - 18°c
  • Best Time to Visit:October - May
  • STD Code:03637


Counted amongst the places with maximum rainfall in the world, Cherrapunji is located near the Wettest Place on Earth, Mawsynram. There are spectacular waterfalls in Cherapunjee credited for the beautiful landscape. Among the most popular waterfalls in Cherapunjee are Nohkalikai Falls and The Dain Thlen Falls. The original name of this town is Sohra, and was pronounced as Chhura by the British Rulers. Cherrapunjee has served as a capital of Assam during the British Era and as the center of Khasi and Literature during the same time.

It is blessed with profuse vegetation. The Living Root Bridge is an astonishing creation of nature and has been rightly considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These bridges are formed by thick roots tangled with each other. A paradise for nature-buffs, Cherrapunji is an ideal destination if you want to take a break from your monotonous life. Have a look at the Cherrapunji Travel Guide by Indian Holiday, where we have arrayed brief tourist information of Cherrapunji.

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