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How to Reach Meghalaya

Meghalaya literally means the abode of clouds, which is one of the popular tourist destinations of Northeast and is easily accessible by different modes of transport. The name has been given due to the fact that this place receives heavy rainfall most of the year. Meghalaya is known for its scenic beauty, tranquility, lush greenery, waterfalls, etc. One of the villages in Meghalaya (Mawsynram) is indeed the wettest place on the Earth. When planning a trip to Meghalaya, do consider these best options available. Learn about how to reach Meghalaya by flight, road, and train.

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Meghalaya by Train

If you are planning to travel to Meghalaya by train, the nearest railway station from Meghalaya is located in Guwahati (Assam). It lies at a distance of 180 km. Guwahati Junction is connected to New Delhi, Amritsar, Jammu and Kashmir and Bangalore. To reach Meghalaya from Guwahati you can opt for buses or can hire a cab.

Meghalaya by Air

Major airport from Meghalaya is located in Guwahati (Assam) at a distance of 159 km (Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport). The airport is well- connected to international cities of Tura and Bangkok along with Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Calcutta. Traveling to Meghalaya by flight is a unique experience in itself. There are no direct bus connection from Guwahati Airport to Meghalaya, but you can hire a cab to reach your destination.

Meghalaya by Road

Meghalaya is well-connected to major cities through roads. The roads are mostly smooth and well-frequented with traffic. Many travelers find monsoon as the best month for traveling to Meghalaya for the love towards unlimited rain. However, it will be ideal if you could take precautions while driving in heavy monsoon season. Some of the roads get slowed down due to heavy rain.

These three modes clearly describe how to reach Meghalaya easily.

How to Reach Meghalaya from Delhi

Delhi to Meghalaya by Flight

Flight is the best way to reach Meghalaya from Delhi. The main airport of Meghalaya is Shillong Airport, located at Umroi, approx. 30 km from the main city. You can hire a bus or car from the airport. Guwahati’s Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport is also connected to Delhi by flight. You can take a direct flight from Delhi to Guwahati Airport and from there, take a bus or taxi to reach your desired destination in Meghalaya.

Delhi to Meghalaya by Train

Meghalaya does not own a railway station. Thus, you need to reach directly to the Guwahati railway station, which is located around 96 km from Meghalaya’s capital Shillong. From the railway station, you can take a private cab or taxi to reach the place you wish to visit.

Delhi to Meghalaya Trains -

  • DBRT Rajdhani - 12424
  • ANVT AGTL RAJ - 20502
  • NDLS SCL PSK EXP - 15602
  • Porvotr S Kranti – 12502
  • NDLS DBRG RJDHNI - 20506
  • North East EXP - 12506
  • Brahmaputra Mail - 14056
  • ANVT KYQ Express - 15622

Delhi to Meghalaya by Road

There is no connectivity between Delhi and Meghalaya. Therefore, the best option to reach Meghalaya is by train or flight.

How to Reach Meghalaya From Guwahati

Guwahati to Meghalaya by Flight

There is no connection between Guwahati and Meghalaya by flight. Meghalaya does not own an airport and the nearest airport to Meghalaya is located in Guwahati itself.

Guwahati to Meghalaya by Train

Meghalaya does not have a railway station and the nearest one is located in Guwahati only.

Guwahati to Meghalaya by Road

If you are traveling to Meghalaya from Guwahati, choose a bus or private taxi to reach the desired destination in the state. The Guwahati to Meghalaya distance is approx. 191 km and the journey takes around 5.5 hours. Enjoy the beautiful views en route or stop by attractions and restaurants to make the road trip more exciting. Here is the route to reach Meghalaya from Guwahati -

  • Route Map:  Lokhra Road - NH 27 - NH 6 - Ladmawreng - NH 106 - Surok Nongkasen-Jaidoh, Surok Jaidoh-Nongkasen, Surok Jaidoh - Nongstoiñ-Mawkyrwat Road to your destination
  • Guwahati to Meghalaya Distance & Time:191 km, 5 hours 30 minutes (approx.)
  • Attractions en route:Sonaighuli Viewpoint, Umiam Lake Viewpoint, Spread Eagles Falls, Khasi Heritage Village, Umiam Lake
  • Restaurants en route:Excelencia Restaurant Nongpoh, Kalita Spectrum, Gam’s Delicacy Restaurant, Ricebowl Restaurant & Caterers

How to Reach Meghalaya from Sikkim

Sikkim to Meghalaya by Flight

Meghalaya is not directly connected with Sikkim by flight. You can reach Bagdogra Airport from Gangtok (124 km) and from there catch a flight to Guwahati Airport, which is the nearest airport to Meghalaya (150 km). From there, catch a bus or private taxi for around 5 hours to reach your desired destination in Meghalaya.

Sikkim to Meghalaya by Train

To reach Meghalaya from Sikkim by train, first, take a bus from Sikkim’s capital Gangtok to New Mal Junction (119 km). From there, catch a train to Kamakhya that runs on a daily basis. Once you reach Kamakhya, take a taxi to Shillong (105 km), which will take around 3 hours.

Sikkim to Meghalaya by Road

There are several government-run as well as private buses from Gangtok to Siliguri and from Siliguri to Shillong, Meghalaya. They run on a daily basis and are quite affordable. The journey is long and tiring but it is the only way to reach Meghalaya from Sikkim. Taxi fare is very high between the two states and is not the recommended option.

  • Gangtok to Siliguri Distance & Time: 113 km, 4 hours 20 min (approx.)
  • Siliguri to Shillong Distance & Time:566 km, 13 hours 19 min (approx.)

Meghalaya Road Conditions

The roads in Meghalaya are well-maintained. The journey from Guwahati to Shillong via NH 6 is also scenic and smooth. NH 6 is only designated to cover the route from Guwahati to Shillong.

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Faqs about How to Reach Meghalaya

Q: How far is Meghalaya from Guwahati?

Ans. The distance from Guwahati to Meghalaya is approx. 190 km and takes about 5.5 hours to reach by road. 

Q: How far is Meghalaya from Delhi?

Ans. Delhi to Meghayala distance is around 1966 km by road (38 hours). The best way to reach Meghalaya from Delhi is by flight.

Q: How far is Meghalaya from Kolkata?

Ans. The distance between Kolkata and Meghalaya is approx. 1067 km and a bus or private taxi ride will take approx. 28 hours to reach via NH 12.