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Makara Sankranti

(Last Updated 28 Jan, 2023)

  • Dates :

    14/01/2023 - 14/01/2023

  • Location :

    West Bengal

Makara Sankranti in India is an annual festival in India held during the month of January. Originally a agricultural festival, Makara Sankranti marks the harvest season in the country. Observed for three days, Makara Sankranti is a popular event in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. It is also widely celebrated in the other parts of the country especially the villages. According to the Bengali calendar, the month of "Magh" is the season of harvest. You can plan your India travel during these days.

The states in India celebrate the beginning of the harvest festival in a unique way. They prepare their traditional dishes, clean homes, and take a dip in the river. First day of Sankranti is an ode to mother earth for blessing the farmers with rain and seeds for cultivation. Paddy is an offering made to Goddess Laxmi on this day. In the villages of Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, the households indulge in preparing dishes out of rice powder and wheat.

Celebrations of Makara Sankranti 2023

Prayers, bathing in the river, and feast are important part of the festival celebrations. During family reunions, there is exchange of sweets and fruits, a ritual believed to multiply the season's produce. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, the second day has all the main events including wearing of new clothes and prayers. Second day of Makara Sankranti is popular as Pedda Panduga. Cock fighting was an important event held until the last decade in the state but banned presently by the government. Third of the Makara Sankranti day is called Kanuma Panmduga. The day is made special by cooking non-vegetarian dishes and making sweets.

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