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Best Time to Visit Russia

A charming destination, Russia invites travelers of every kind to have the best time of their life. But wait? Before you plan a trip to Russia, it is crucial to know about “what is the best time to visit Russia?” Being located close to the pole, Russia experiences extremely cold winters, which gets out of the picture for traveling. Apart from that, Russia charms you at first sight. Summer i.e. from June to August sees the most crowd and is thus, the best time to visit Russia. Russian tourism is in full bloom as the weather gets warm and is not uncomfortable at all.

Autumn and spring are also great times to plan a holiday to Russia. It is the shoulder season in Russia and is quite cold. However, the temperature rises to sub-zero. Besides, Autumn is a bit warmer than spring. Travelers on a budget can get great discounts on hotels and air tickets.

Russia’s northern cities like Saint Petersburg hardly see sunsets during the summer months. You can experience the ‘White Nights’ by booking a Russia tour package with Indian Holiday. If you are a fan of rivers and quality outdoor time, June to August is the best time to go to Russia for a memorable holiday. It is also a great time to indulge in adventure activities climbing, diving, rafting, and more.

Avoid planning a trip to Russia in the low season i.e. December to February as Russia receives extremely heavy snowfall. However, the magic of winters transforms Russia into a dreamy land but the intense weather conditions keep visitors off board. If you are daring enough to endure the spine-chilling cold, you can take part in the Christmas festivities. The prices are also very low for staying at the hotels.

Take a look at the seasons to visit Russia and choose whichever season suits your likes and preferences the best before booking Russia tour packages with us.

Overview of Russia Season

Off Season:
JUN-AUG : 11°c - 23°c
Shoulder Season:
September-November: -03°c - 16°c
Peak Season:
March-May : -08°c - 19°c


Travel Season Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Weather Condition
March to May -08°C 19°C Cold, Pleasant
June to August 11°C 23°C Warm, Pleasant
September to November -03°C 16°C Cool, Pleasant
December to February -16°C -05°C Cool with heavy snowfall

Russia in Summer (June – August)

Temperature: The temperature from June to August in Russia ranges from 11°C to 23°C. 

Weather: Russia receives heavy rainfall in the summer season. During this time, July is the peak of summer and thus, is the hottest month in Russia. Do not worry as the nights are much cooler than the days. And as August begins, the weather starts to cool down.

Significance: The days start to get longer in summer and you can enjoy more sightseeing. Russia’s northern cities like Saint Petersburg do not get dark during the summer months. You can experience the ‘White Nights’ here.

Why you should visit now: The Russians transfer to their countryside cottages or what they called ‘dachas’ to spend their time in peace. All the tourist attractions are open during these months and are operating at full capacity. It is the best time to visit Russia to explore museums and striking palaces. You can see operas and ballets in smaller theaters and spend your days at the pristine beaches. You can also follow the Golden Ring of Russia and visit its medieval towns.

Know before you visit: The main theatres in Russia - Bolshoi and the Mariinsky remain closed in summer. Summer is the peak tourist season in Russia. So, you must expect crowds. All the prices of restaurants, hotels, air tickets, etc. are raised.

Tips: Before you buy tickets in advance to save yourself some extra pennies. Pack light summery clothes. Wear sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from harsh sunlight. And do not forget to take mosquito repellant with you. Make sure to stay hydrated as a lot of walking and sightseeing might get you thirsty.

Russia in Autumn (September-October)

Temperature: The temperature in Russia in autumn fluctuates between -3°C and 16°C.

Weather: Autumn season in Russia brings unpredictability. Most days are soothing and pleasant and others see rain. Make sure to book your trip as per the weather conditions. 

Significance: You will see many tourists leaving the country by mid-September. The cities and towns of the country become crowd-free. This gives you a chance to explore the attractions and places in Russia smoothly. 

Why you should visit now: During the autumn season, Russia transforms from green to orange. It is a beautiful sight to behold. Autumn is also a great season to visit Russia’s countryside as the farmers celebrate their bounty with harvest festivals. And if you love adventure, hiking in the mountains or water sports at the beaches are the best activities to indulge in. Snow starts to fall by mid-November and the entire country turns into a winter wonderland. 

Know before you visit: If you are on a budget, the autumn season is the best time to plan a trip to Russia. You can get amazing deals on flights and hotels as most of the tourists are gone by now. 

Tips: Carry an umbrella and thick jacket to protect yourself from the cold weather. Dress in layers as it starts to get colder by mid-September.

Russia in Spring (March-May)

Temperature: The temperature during spring in Russia remains between -8°C and 19°C.

Weather: With such low temperatures, the weather in Russia in spring gets pretty cold but is bearable. You can still plan a visit to Russia and enjoy a sightseeing tour. Moreover, you can still see snowfall in March and April begins to get colorful and refreshed and all the snow melts away.

Significance: Spring is the time when Russia leaves its hibernation and begins to transform into a magic colorful land. The flowers blossom and trees start to regenerate their foliage. Also, the parks and gardens of the cities start to get crowded. 

Why you should visit now: If you want to have a closer look at Russian culture, Spring is the best time to visit Russia. The pleasant weather plus the celebrations add more fun to your Russia holiday. You can still see snow at the beginning when parks stay closed. However, you can visit Moscow to enjoy the military parade of Victory Day and enjoy the beauty of Karelia. 

Know before you visit: 1st of May is a holiday in Russia. Many labor unions commemorate Labor Day and it is best to stay indoors during this time as moving around the cities gets a little difficult.

Tips: Spring is still cold and thus, it is recommended to take heavy jackets. Dress in layers and if you are planning to visit at the end of spring, light jackets or sweaters will be enough.