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Best Time to Visit Switzerland

Planning a trip to Switzerland? We have curated a detailed guide on the best time to visit Switzerland with essential tips, why visit, Switzerland temperature, etc. If you are interested, keep reading.

The best time to plan a trip to Switzerland would be from June to August when the weather in the country is pleasant. Remember that summer sees a lot of crowds, so if you are not a fan of that, avoid this season. However, between May and September, many families and romantic couples visit this country to enjoy lakeside beaches and lake cruises.

You can also make plans to visit Switzerland in autumn and winter. It is the best time to visit Switzerland for a honeymoon as there are fewer tourists and allows newly marrieds to relish quality time in peace. There are a number of activities available throughout the year.

For cheaper fares on flights and hotels, visit Switzerland in off or shoulder season. And for those who wish to witness the winter wonderland can flock to Switzerland between December and February. It is an ideal time to visit Switzerland to see snow.

Take a look at the seasons to visit Switzerland and choose whichever season suits your likes and preferences the best before booking Switzerland tour packages with us.

Overview of Switzerland Season

Off Season:
March-May: 8°c - 15°c
Shoulder Season:
September-November: 8°c - 15°c
Peak Season:
JUNE-AUG: 18°C to 28°C DEC - FEB: -2°C to 7°C


Travel Season Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Weather Condition
March to May 08°C 15°C Warm
September to November 08°C 15°C Warm, Pleasant
June to August 18°C 28°C Warm, Pleasant
December to February -02°C 07°C Cold, Snowfall

Switzerland in Summer (June to August)

Temperature: The temperature in summer in Switzerland varies from 18°C to 28°C.

Weather: Switzerland weather reaches up to 24°C to 25°C during the daytime, which is ideal for swimming. If you are planning to take a dip, Lake Sils or the Aare River are good places. Also, the temperature in Switzerland's lower lying regions can reach up to 30°C, so make sure to book a hotel with AC in it. Else, things will get pretty uncomfortable for you. As the summer starts to end, August still sees warm weather around 25°C during the day. Taking a dip in Lake Lucerne is a must thing to do. 

Significance: The summer season comes with a lot of activities that keep every tourist engaged throughout their trip. You can see striking alpine flowers and partake in a number of activities and festivals for a taste of the country’s culture. Ascona Music Festival is the main festival of summer in Switzerland where you can see renowned music artists from around the world. If you love jazz music, head to Lugano town to explore 17 jazz concerts free of cost. In Zurich, you can relish mouth-watering foods and attend opera, concerts, and art shows. Gauklerfest Interlaken street festival is another major festival of July. 

Why you should visit now: During the summer season, there is a constant wave of excitement in Switzerland’s air. And since it is the peak time of festivals, you will encounter a large number of tourists in the country. You can choose to laze around or go out to explore the most famous attractions. Indulge in hiking and various water sports. 

Know before you visit: Summer is the peak season to visit Switzerland, so we recommend you to book your tickets and accommodation in advance to avoid last-minute hassle. 

Tips: Carry cool as well as warm clothes for visiting Switzerland in summer. Keep drinking water and wear sunscreen. Also, it is recommended to book an accommodation near the main area, which can be easily reached.

Switzerland in Winter (December to January)

Temperature: The temperature in Switzerland in winter fluctuates between -1°C and 4°C.

Weather: The weather in Switzerland gets extremely low during the winter months i.e. from December to January. The entire country is covered in sheets of white snow, which is perfect to indulge in snow activities. You can visit Grindelwald, Zermatt, Andermatt, and Engelberg to get the true Swiss experience. Sunblock and glasses are a must.

Significance: Switzerland sees a lot of festivals and events during the winter season. And if you are interested to see the culture and traditions of the country, winter is the best time to go to Switzerland from India. One of the main festivals of the winter season is the Lugano Festival, celebrated in October. It is a three-day-long festival where everyone gets excited and joyous. You get to taste the authentic Swiss food and interact with the locals. The Grindelwald World Snow Festival is celebrated in January.

Why you should visit now: If you love adventure sports, this is the best time to visit Switzerland. There is snow everywhere and you can indulge in snow activities like skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding. The tourists are less in number, which means you get great discounts on air tickets and accommodation. Christmas spirits are high and embrace you with a warm hug. You can visit Zurich on your Switzerland trip to live in traditional huts and houses and savor local Swiss dishes like Fondue, Raclette, and more.

Know before you visit: Keep a check on the deals and discounts on hotels and flights in winter. There are not many tourists visiting Switzerland, so you might get hands-on great deals. Also, arrange your itinerary plus activities keeping the weather in mind. Book accommodation closer to the main town of the city and have basic amenities to keep you warm. 

Tips: Carry woolen clothes to keep yourself warm and protected from the cold Switzerland weather. The roads may get blocked due to heavy snowfall, so make sure you plan your tour keeping that in your mind. Keep drinking warm liquids and carry mufflers, gloves, and shawls with you all the time.

Switzerland in Autumn (September to November)

Temperature: The temperature from September to November in Switzerland ranges from 8°C to 15°C. 

Weather:  Autumn is also a good season to visit Switzerland from India. The weather in the country is warm and pleasant and you can see hues of orange and yellow all around. The air is crisp and chilly. You can visit Rhine Falls and indulge in some boating.

Significance: Plan your Switzerland trip in autumn/fall if you want to partake in the Grape Harvest Festival in September. The festival celebrates the beginning of the grape harvest. You can see the burst of colors and floral parades. Head to Neuchatel’s waterfront to see fire lights that light up the lake. 

Why you should visit now: The country changes its colors to yellow and orange, which is a sight to behold. The weather is also nice and there are fewer tourists around. It is the best time to visit Switzerland for honeymooners who want to spend time in peace and families you love to explore in isolation. Do not forget to savor chestnuts in the forests of Ticino.

Know before you visit: The temperature drops at night, making it a bit cold. Always check the weather reports before you book flights and hotels. Carry cash with you to remote areas and villages and also try booking tickets in advance. Keep a watch for discounts on accommodation and hotels since this is the shoulder season. 

Tips: Make sure to carry light sweaters to protect yourself from the cold at night. Wear sunscreen lotion, a comfortable pair of shoes, and mosquito repellants. If you wish to explore the country extensively, get a Swiss Rail Pass.