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Switzerland Visa

Switzerland is a prime holiday destination with natural beauty, unique landscapes, and unique travel experiences. However, a Switzerland Visa is required to get all these elements while enjoying your vacation here. From romantic to family-friendly and thrilling to relaxing, Switzerland can give a beautiful shade to your holiday. Once you start dreaming about the holiday, a Switzerland Tourist Visa is also in your mind to make this dream come true. Moreover, there are various questions in your mind that you are searching for while planning your vacation here. Fret Not, we got your back and will give you complete information about the Switzerland Visit Visa. We have shared step by step information about the visa process that will give you a clear picture of the Switzerland Visa. 

Switzerland e-Visa Validity 

Switzerland E-visa is a new way to get your visa to enjoy a holiday in this country. The process to apply for an e-visa is fast, safe, and convenient, which makes it widely popular among tourists. You should go to the official Government website of Switzerland and fill out the Switzerland visa application form to acquire your visa for a holiday.

Duration of Switzerland Visa Process 

Switzerland tourist visa processing time is 15 working days, allowing you to stay up to 90 days; this visa is valid for 180 days. However, you should have the complete documents that let you apply without issues. 

Documents Required For Switzerland Visa 

Switzerland visa requirements cover various documents and proof. Make sure to have it all before applying it; the process would take up to 15 days. And it is advised to check the status after applying for a Switzerland Visa. Here is the list of documents required for this visa. 

  • An application form for Visa 
  • Two Passport size Photographs with the dimension of 35 X45 MM along with the white background.  
  • A cover letter that has the complete Itinerary
  • Switzerland Travel Insurance Policy 
  • To and fro flight tickets of Switzerland
  • Your bank statement for the last 6 months for financial proof. 
  • Proof of your paid Visa fee. 

How to Apply for a Switzerland Tourist Visa?

You should visit the official website or the Switzerland Visa Application Center to apply by filling out the form. Make sure to carry all your documents along with your identity proof to complete the process. Apart from it, you should carefully choose your visa category and get a better insight into it from the officials. You can also visit the embassy and get complete information after completing the form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Switzerland Tourist Visa

Q: Can Indian Citizens get Switzerland visas on arrival?

Ans: There is no visa on arrival for Indian citizens, and they will all require a pre-approved tourist visa to travel to Switzerland.

Q: What are the Switzerland Visa Fees for Indian Citizens?

Ans: The adult single-entry visa fee is INR 6,583 (USD 80), and the children's fee is 3929 (USD 40). However, the prices are subject to change.

Q: How long does it take to get the Switzerland Tourist Visa?

Ans: The processing time for a Switzerland Visa is around 15 working days. However, it would take longer due to technical and other unknown reasons. But most importantly, you will get your visa application status within a maximum of up to 30 days.

Q: What is the validity of a Switzerland Tourist Visa?

Ans: The validity of the visa is 180 days, and your stay is up to 90 days. Ensure that visa on arrival is not available for Indian citizens. So, make sure to get a pre-approval visa for an incredible holiday.