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Visit this beautiful Swiss town, Interlaken, situated between two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienza. You will be delighted to know that it is one of Switzerland's most visited cities presiding over three magnificent mountains - Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau- the starting point of many activities.

Opt for cruise excursions and paddleboat streamers on the town's lakes for serene explorations. The Interlaken city tour bus is also a great way to explore the best places to visit in Interlaken, like Harder Kulm, Unterseen, Hohematte Park, and Jungfraujoch. And the backdrop of idyllic landscapes makes sightseeing and outdoor activities more enjoyable.

Adventure lovers will have a wonderful time as parasailing, horseback riding, windsurfing, and sailing are some activities offered in Interlaken. And if you get tired, visit the Touristik-Museum to see the tourism evolution in this area. Hence, there are plenty of places to visit in Interlaken that you can cover on your sightseeing tour.

So no matter what your idea of a holiday is, Interlaken will surely fulfill your trip with cherishable memories. We have prepared an Interlaken tour guide to get a glimpse of the city before you go ahead and book Switzerland tour packages that cover this town and many others.

Overview of Interlaken

Location Central Switzerland along the Aare River
Address None
Timings None


  • Witness the breathtaking views of three mountains. 
  •  Opt for a cruise on the lake for a delightful tour.
  •  Experience the traditions and customs of Switzerland in one place.
  •  Discover the number one destination in Europe for adventure sports.
  •  Plan Mount Titlis tour from Interlaken for a memorable tour.

Interlaken Entrance Tickets

As Interlaken is a town, there is no entry fee. 

About Interlaken 

Interlaken is a beautiful town in Switzerland that welcomes many adventure buffs worldwide. Some famous things to do in Interlaken Switzerland in winter include skiing, winter paragliding, kayak tours on Lake Brienz, Helicopter skydiving, and snowboarding. And some famous things to do in Interlaken in June include bungee jumping, river rafting, canoeing, etc. Skydive Interlaken is one of the more popular activities among tourists. For paragliding, head to Amisbühl take-off point in Beatenberg and get a bird’s eye view of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. 

Take up canoeing at Gimsel Canyon, one of the best canoeing destinations in the world. Lake Brienz is ideal for kayaking. There are hiking trails around Interlaken, including a 50-minute trek to Harder Kulm. For longer treks, take the Pizol 50 lake hike (5 hours to complete round trip). These are Interlaken sightseeing attractions that give you a spectacular view and adventure. 

Apart from this, take trains to the Jungfrau region during summer when Interlaken temperatures are lower, and you can enjoy clear views of the town. 

No trip is complete without shopping, and Interlaken offers some amazing things. From high fashion to souvenirs, there are plenty of places to buy something. The Höheweg is perfect for getting souvenirs and a collection of natural cosmetics and regional arts and crafts, head to Bernese Oberland. 

You can buy the well-known Swiss Army knife from the Swiss Knife Center, which sells multi-purpose knives. You can also have your name engraved on it. And coming to the cuisine of Interlaken, try KM Taj Mahal, La Terrasse, Goldener Anker, 3 Tells Irish Pub, and Pizzeria Horn.

Interesting Facts about Interlaken

  • Interlaken is Switzerland’s oldest tourist destination, with tourists visiting as far back as the early 1800s.
  • Earlier, Interlaken was known as “Aarmuhle”.
  • From the 16th to 18th century, Aarmuhle was locked in a land dispute with its nearby town of Matten, which was resolved in 1810.
  • The Jungfrau Marathon is the only one in the world that climbs 1,823 meters over 42.2 km.
  • The Victoria Jungfrau is one of the best hotels in Interlaken, built in 1864.

FAQS About Interlaken

Q: How many days are enough for Interlaken?

Ans: Plan three days for Interlaken to enjoy cruise, trekking, sightseeing, and shopping tours.

Q: How many waterfalls are in Interlaken?

Ans: Interlaken has 72 pristine waterfalls.

Q: How long is paragliding in Interlaken?

Ans: Paragliding is one of the best things to do in Interlaken, which takes about 10 to 20 minutes per flight before landing in Höhematte Park in the heart of the town.

Q: How much is skydiving in Interlaken?

Ans: Skydive Interlaken costs between USD 391 (INR 32,260) to USD 475 (INR 39,179). Note that these prices are subject to change at the time of booking.

Note: These prices are subject to change at the time of booking.

Q: How much are paragliding charges in Interlaken?

Ans: Paragliding in Interlaken cost depends on the flight duration. However, it will cost you between CHF 120-200 (INR 8778- 14,600). And if you want videos and photos, there will be extra charges.

Q: What is the best time to paraglide in Interlaken?

Ans: Among the best Interlaken things to do, paragliding is the best experience during the summer season (May to September). The weather is pleasant, and the air is cool, which is ideal for a tandem paragliding flight.