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Best Time to Visit Turkey

Turkey has charismatic beauty, diverse cultural beauty, and a rich historical background that attracts tourists throughout the year. When it comes to the best time to visit Turkey, spring is the best season to visit Turkey, then come autumn, summer, and last the winter. However, this country is considered a year-round destination that has the potential to make your journey compelling in any season of the year. Turkey experiences four seasons throughout the year, summer, autumn, spring, and winter.

The choice of places to visit and activities are some factors that will decide the best time to plan your Turkey vacation. Different seasons and different places of Turkey offer phenomenal beauty that can’t be described in words. If you want to indulge in outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, and exploring ancient sites, visit April to May for a better experience. June to September are hot and dry months that are suitable to catch the beachy vibes in Turkey. November to March are those months that experience a really cool climate. If you are okay with chilled winds and temperature, visiting Turkey would be a good option for you as you get less busy sites.

Winter is the off season in Turkey that sets the really cool climate from December to February. If you are okay with the winter season and a fan of snow, then you can visit Turkey in the winter season. Temperatures in Cappadocia and Konya showcase the true coldness, and snow is widespread in these places. During this time, the beach activity also stops, but the prices of the accommodations are low. Some of the places in Turkey experience temperatures in the negative that make tourism at those places impossible.

Let’s check out the detailed information about the climate conditions, temperature, and tips of each season of Turkey.

Overview of Turkey Season

Off Season:
June-August: 24°c - 28°c
Shoulder Season:
September-November: 12°c - 29°c
Peak Season:
March-May: 10°c - 26°c


Travel Season Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Weather Condition
March to May 10°C 26°C Enjoyable
June to August 24°C 48°C Warm and dry
September to November 12°C 29°C Enjoyable
December to February 03°C 16°C Cool and freezing


After getting a look at the above table, you would have a clear picture in your mind regarding the best time to plan your Turkey visit.

Turkey in Summer (June – August)

Temperature: The temperature of the summer season fluctuates between the range of 24 °C to 28 °C

Weather: The months of summer in Turkey bring hotness and dryness in weather conditions. During this month, the level of temperature reaches up to 40° C. That will make sightseeing of ancient ruins quite hard. But this weather is perfectly fit to visit the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline to give yourself rejuvenating moments. 

You can enjoy hiking in the mountains of Cappadocia in summer to witness splendid views with blooming flowers. The weather of Summer plays two different roles in Turkey. It is considered peak season for cruises that make the ancient sites likeEphesus and coastal resorts busy, and for other regions, this season can make you uncomfortable due to heat and dry weather conditions

Significance: Turkey is a muslim dominated country and may and june are two months that are considered auspicious because of Ramadan. You need to keep in mind that during the prayer hours some services may be unavailable for you.

Why you should visit: The reasons are gripping that will entice you to pack your bag for Turkey in summer. The Cappadox Festival is celebrated in June, which is one of the biggest festivals of Cappadocia. During this festival, around 140 events give the combination of music, culture, and food. The Bozcaada Island offer and wine-tasting tour that you can try in summer. 

The Chill-Out Festival is celebrated in Istanbul, Cesme, and Bodrum in summer. During this festival, you can enjoy the music, workshop, lounge, and fun activities. If you want to witness the best sight of swimming, you should give a try to the Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim competition that is a gripping sight to watch.

Things to know before the visit: Summer in Turkey comes up with dry and blistering conditions. It is better to know about the details of the region where you would like to plan your vacation. You can find many beautiful places to visit in Turkey in Summer. Choose your destinations wisely and pack your bag according to the climate conditions. 

Tips: You should wear light and comfortable cotton clothes. Staying hydrated is paramount for you, and you will find many juice and ice cream stalls on the roadside to keep you cool on your vacation.

Turkey in Autumn (September-November)

Temperature: The temperature in Autumn in Turkey revolves around 12-29 °C that gives the most pleasant climatic conditions for enjoying a vacation.

Weather: The weather of autumn in Turkey gives warmth and a blue sky. This country starts welcoming the cold at the beginning of autumn, and days get shorter, but the sea temperature remains the same.  It is a pleasant condition to explore Turkey, but days are shorter, so you need to start your sightseeing tour in the early morning. The weather creates a pleasurable atmosphere to explore the ancient sites, cities, and turquoise coast. On top of that, the crowd is fewer, and hotel prices will give comfort to your pocket. There is no shadow of a doubt that Autumn is one of the best times to make countless memories with your close ones in Turkey. From exploring the cities to indulging in activities, you can do everything with an easygoing mode. 


The autumn season welcomes festivals that celebrate art, music, and culture. This season offers pleasant weather, the opportunity to get an insight into the tradition.You can learn about the culture and Turkish lifestyle by being a part of the festival. 

Why should you visit

The choice of marking your vacation in the autumn season in Turkey will give you a load of cherishable memories. Whether you want to make your trip adventurous, rejuvenate your senses, or discover the beauty of the country from every angle, the Autumn season is ideally fit for you. Bozcaada Vintage Festival is a grape festival that is held on Bozcaada Island. September brings great joy for tourists and locals as the International Istanbul Biennial is held this month. 

This festival is one of the most prestigious contemporary art festivals in the world. If you want to gain knowledge about the Cappadocian food culture and organic farming, do not miss The Goreme Food festival. What else would be more energetic to see speeches, parades, and fireworks on the republic day of Turkey that is celebrated on 29th October.

Things to know before the visit:

During this season, the days start with warmth, and the night is a little bit colder. It is better to research the weather conditions of the place that you would like to visit. Planning your vacation with such little effort makes your trip commendable and hassle-free.

Tips: Autumn season offers you a great atmosphere to explore the different parts of this country.  Keep the thing in your mind about wearing comfortable shoes and carrying the clothes that suit you on your sightseeing tours.

Turkey in Spring (March-May)

Temperature: The temperature of Turkey in the spring season ranges between 10°C-26°C.

Weather: Spring season is one of the prime seasons to visit Turkey that gives pleasant climate conditions. The weather is enjoyable throughout Turkey, and days are long. The beauty of the landscapes of this country is enhanced as many wildflowers bloom during the spring season. Tourists visit Turkey in this season to explore the historical sights. The weather is so pleasant that you would like to stroll aimlessly in Turkey. 

Exploring the gardens and parks during the spring season is one of the best ways to feel the beauty of Turkey. The weather allows you to explore the tourist places as well as you can indulge in outdoor activities. Istanbul, Cappadocia, Izmir, Antalya, and Ankara are some of the must-visit places in the spring season of Turkey. You can also experience some mild showers in April. However, it is the month when Turkey receives heavy footfalls,

Significance: The sheet of flowers make this country a fairytale destination, where you can enjoy exploring the beauty as you want. Experiencing the full bloom in Turkey is magnetism for tourists that never disappoint. 

Why should you visit: April is the month when Turkey experiences the full blooms to give you an unforgettable view. One of the grand Tulip festivals in the world is held in Istanbul during April and also the entire month of May. Apart from that, the International Film Festival is held in Istanbul in April month. 

This event is one of the finest and charming that you should not miss on your Turkey trip. The writers, directors, and actors from all over the world visit during this time to attend this festival. If you are a fan of art and colors, the Ephesus Festival of colors and Art is a treat for you. This vibrant festival is held during the first week of May that offers beautiful performances and folk shows for an entire week.

Things to know before the visit: The weather may be unpredictable at the beginning of the spring, and you may get mild showers in April. 

Tips: The air in the night may be cool and chilly after a mild shower so, pack your bag according to that.