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Bagh e Bahu Aquarium

The largest underground aquarium in the Indian subcontinent, Bagh-e-Bahu aquarium in Jammu is one of the most popular attractions here that attracts tourists in huge numbers. The place is equally popular amidst locals as well as tourists that it houses an amazing collection of exotic marine life. Awareness centre cum aquarium, it consists of 24 aquarium caves wherein 2 large caves have marine fishes, 13 smaller ones have freshwater fishes and 9 medium-sized caves have both freshwater and marine fishes.

The aquarium displays around 400 varieties of freshwater and marine fishes. Some fish species that can be spotted hear include sucker catfish, Pirhana, shark catfish, labeo rohita, neon jewel, cyprinus carpio, bubble eye, red shiner and more.

The center also consists of a museum, a public gallery, a multimedia conference hall, state-of-art equipments and laboratory. While the entrance of the aquarium is in the shape of a fish’s mouth, the exit is like a fish tail. The aquarium was inaugurated on 14th July, 2007.