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Monasteries in Leh-Ladakh

Primarily under the influence of Buddhism, the valley of Ladakh is dotted with various monasteries all across its length and breadth. Giving Ladakh one more reason to stand superior from the other tourist destinations in India, these monasteries house a rich and rare collection of Buddhist relics. Generally situated atop hill or at an elevated ground, these Monastries are also counted amongst the most beautiful spots in Ladakh.

The tranquil and calm atmosphere surrounding of the monasteries makes them just perfect for the pilgrims. Irrespective of the rugged terrains and remoteness ruling the valleys of Ladakh, these sacred sites are visited by a large number of tourists from all over all the globe.

As Ladakh has a long course of history to narrate, one can easily get a quick brief of the bygone era through the monasteries, of which some are centuries old. Besides, relics of these Buddhist monasteries like thankas, murals, scriptures and sculptures, reflect the culture and tradition of Ladakh in a dignified way.