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Weekend Getaway from Bangalore to Sravanabelagola

Distance / Traveling Time

From Bangalore : 144 kilometers / 2 h ,10 m


Summer 23 to 37°C


Winter 17 to 30°C


Famous for

  • Pilgrim

Best Time To Visit

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec

Sravanbelagola or Shravanabelagola is a very well-known Jain pilgrim site. Placed in the Hassan District of south Indian state of Karnataka, it is a beautiful sleepy town, that can be a refreshing and spiritually awakening weekend getaway from the hustle-bustle of the Bangalore city. This town is extremely popular for housing Gommatesvara Statue, a huge statue, which is also its prime attraction. Dotted with a number of temples, this town offers you a chance to enjoy a relaxed vacation with your loved ones. This holy place has been named as the ‘White Pond of the Shravana’ as the term Belagola in Kannad means ‘white pond’.

How to Reach Sravanabelagola from Bangalore

By Train

Sravanabelagola does not have a railway station of its own. The nearest railway stations to Srvanabelagola are Hole Narsipur (HLN) and Hassan (HAS). Both these railway stations are well-connected to Bangalore by train.

By Road

Shravanabelagola is very well -connected to Bangalore by road. Since there are no direct buses to Shravanabelagola as you have to change at Channarayapatna. The best option to go to Srvanabelagola from Bangalore is to hire a private taxi and hit NH-4.

Attractions in Sravanabelagola

Gommatesvara Statue

The main attraction of the town, Gommatesvara Statue has a height of 58 feet and it is popular as the highest monolithic statue in the world. An excellent piece of craft and architecture, this statue was commissioned by Ganga King and Chamindaraya, his general. The base of the statue consists of several inscriptions. This site is visited by devotes from all around the world during Mahamastakabhisheka, an important Jain festival.

Akkanabasadi Temple

Built by Achiakka, the wife of a Barhmin minister Chandramouli in 1121 AD during the reign of King Ballala II, Akkanabasadi temple is a piece of architecture of the grand Hoysala Kingdom, which is known for its beautiful sculptures. Erected by soapstone, this temple complex consists different structures such as Sukanasi, Gopurams, Sabha Mantapa and Garbha Griha of sanctum Sanctorum. The temple has striking images of Yaksha Dharanendra and Yakshi Padmavathi.

Bhandaribasadi Temple

Built in 1126 by Hulla, the treasurer of Hoysala Kings, Bhandaribasadi Temple is also known as the Chaturvinsati-Jinalaya. Sravanabelagola’s largest Jain temple, this temple was constructed in different stages. The temple complex consists of Antarala, Garbagriha, Sabhamantapa and Mukha Mantapa.  The temple is impressive images of Lord Indra, Lord Brahma and Yakshi Padmavathi

Chandragiri Temple

The most popular Jain temple of the town, Chandragiri temple is placed atop the Chandragiri Hills. Erected by Chamundaraya, a follower of Acharya Nemichandra Siddhanta-Chakravarti, this temple is built in granite stone. The temple complex offers an amazing view of the surrounding area and the valley. Also called Iruve Brahmadeva Temple, is one of top 20 Jain monuments.

Jaina Math

Jaina Math, erected in 1912 AD, is a popular monastery of Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji. Originally this Math was a single-story structure and later, another floor was added to it.  The 3 cells of this Math consist of striking metal idols, which back to 1850 - 1858 AD.   The walls of this shrine have been adorned with attractive wall paintings of the Samavasarana, Tirthankaras, Nagakumara, the popular Jain ruler and so on.

Kalamma Temple

The only Hindu temple in Sravanabelagola, the ancient Kalamma temple or Kalamma Basadi is an ancient shrine that is dedicated to Goddess Kali. Placed quite close to the Akkanna Basadi, the rice from the Jain Math or Mutt are given here as offerings. The idol of the Goddess is in a seated form with four arms. There are other temples too, within the temple complex, dedicated to different other Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Vindhyagiri Temple

Also called Odegala Basadi, Vindhyagiri Temple is located on Vindhyagiri hills and becomes accessible after one climbs 572 steps.  The temple is placed on a high platform, made from rock slabs. The temple has images of Adinatha, Neminatha and Santinatha, three of the most respected Jain Tirthankaras. The Akhanda-Bagilu idol, made from a single stone, at the entrance is the main attraction.

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