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Art And Crafts Of Karnataka

Rich in heritage that is gifted by a history that dates back to ages immemorial, the state of Karnataka is unique in the way it preserves its heritage even today. Presence of this unique heritage can be found in almost every sphere of life while on a trip to Karnataka. The arts and crafts of Karnataka play a very important role in Karnataka almost wherever you look. Whether you are visiting the exquisite monuments of Karnataka or shopping for souvenirs in Karnataka, the artistic endeavor of the people of Karnataka is sure to charm its way into your hearts.

Art and Crafts of Karnataka The main areas of art and crafts in Karnataka are:

Wood Carving Thanks to the vast forest reserves of Karnataka, the region produces a large quantity of wood, which in turn serves as the perfect foil for demonstrating the artistic tendencies of the people of the region.

Everywhere you see whether it is in the case of the palatial mansions or the ancient temples of Karnataka, the art of wood carving can be found to be at the peak of artistry.

Ivory and Stone Carving Perhaps, the best examples of the excellence of this arena of the art and crafts of Karnataka are the ancient temples which have a large number of exquisite images of artistry being captured in stone. Ivory, one of the most important products of Karnataka is also widely used as an artistic medium of expression in the state.

Sandalwood Craft Synonymous with the essence of Karnataka, sandalwood craft is one of the most important forms of art and craft in Karnataka, earning a place for the state in not just the rest of India but also all around the world.