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Cities in Karnataka

Karnataka Map

Karnataka is one of the most fast growing states in India. In fact it is considered to be the IT capital of India. Bangalore, the chief IT hub of Karnataka is also the capital city of Karnataka. The cities in Karnataka are some of the most developed cities in India with ample opportunities to go around and have an enjoyable holiday. The cities in Karnataka have excellent places to shop and some brilliant hotels to stay.

About Karnataka:

Karnataka, the eighth largest State in India is one of the most beautiful states in the country. Both in area and population Karnataka is an enormous state. The states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala surround Karnataka from all sides.

The eastern and Western Ghats that fence Karnataka are the source of many east and west flowing rivers. The most important rivers that originate from these mountains are the Krishna, Kaveri and their tributaries. Karnataka is also considered as one of the most fast growing states in the Indian subcontinent.