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Sirovasthi Ayurvedic Treatment

The ancients have always stressed on the importance of the role of the head as one of the most influential parts of the human anatomy. The head can be said to be one of the most influential parts of our bodies in spite of being one of the most susceptible parts of the human body. The head, as modern researchers have proved beyond a doubt today is a vast store house of nerves and sensory organs, all of which are interconnected to the other major organs of the human body. Ayurveda, the ancient science of healing which has always been practiced in India has always maintained this theory, stressing the role of the head and maintaining the various nerves and sensory organs which run through it via processes like Sirovasti. For experiencing the power and magic of the science of Ayurveda you could plan out a tour to the Luxury Spas and Ayurveda Resorts in India. You can choose from a vast range of Popular Ayurvedic Therapies, depending on the needs as well as choice of the person concerned. An important therapy in the world of Ayurveda is the process of Sirovasti.


Sirovasti is one of the most popular therapies in Ayurveda in which the patient is made to sit on a chair, after which his nerves are made as relaxed as possible. A special head gear is used for the process of Sirovasti, which is made up of several rolls of cloth, which is then wrapped all around the head of the client in the form of a bandage. This head gear is then sealed using a special paste made up of black gram paste and thus made completely air tight. A leather cap is then placed on the head of the client. Special medicated oil is then poured on the head of the client through this head gear and made to fall on the body of the client as well. This is followed by an intensive massage on the head as well as the body of the client which is targeted specially on the pulse points to improve the process of circulation and help the body of the client to absorb the medicated oils as fast and as completely possible.

The process is stopped after 45 minutes, following which the leather cap and the oil are changed to maintain optimal body temperatures. This is followed by a hot water bath, during which a mild massage is also given to the patient.

Sirovasti is extremely powerful in curing various diseases and illnesses like Facial paralysis, Head ache, Cataract, Earache as well as Deafness.

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