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Snehapanam Treatment

Snehapanam is an Ayurvedic therapeutic measure given to patients for the cure of gastroenterological ailments. Snehapanam is characterized by the oral intake of ghee (purified buttermilk) made from cow's milk for internal purification before starting the panchakarma therapy (purva karma) or as a treatment.

The dose of snehapanam Ayurvedic therapy increases gradually from day one until day 8 or day 14 according to prescription. Snehapanam is considered beneficial in curing different conditions like osteo-arthritis, certain skin diseases like psoriasis, chronic constipation, etc.

Snehapanam is also considered to be an effective treatment for peptic ulcer. Overproduction of gastric juice in the digestive track is believed to be neutralized by the passage of the medicated ghee. The choice of medicines to be used in the ghee varies with patients. Generally the patient is given a dose of snehapanam of specific quantity and quality, based on the ability of the person to digest the medication. The person is also not allowed to eat anything till the medicinal ghee digests completely in his/her digestive tract. Snehapanam therapy for peptic ulcer may end in less than eight days.

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