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Tharpanam Ayurvedic Treatment

Tharpanam in Ayurveda is different from a Hindu religious performance with the same name. In ayurveda tharpanam or tharpan means retention of medicines over the eyes for up to 30 minutes or more a day as treatment for eye problems such as strain to the eyes, irritation etc.

Tharpanam ayurvedic therapy is said to improve eye sight, strengthen the optic nerve and prevent different eye diseases. It is basically an eye-cleansing process and gives a cooling effect to eyes. During tharpanam, the medicated oil is retained over the eye which is bordered with a thick herbal combination that prevents the oil from seeping out of the enclosure. Another therapy associated with tharpanam is pudapakam or pudapakom, which entails similar procedures.

Ayurveda tourism in India is now quite popular, specially, among foreign tourists who are quite enamored by the ancient ways and studies of India. Popular Ayurvedic Therapies offer solutions against chronic health hazards, prevents ageing, helps lose fat and stress, rejuvenates and detoxifies the body, offers beauty solutions- and all this while staying miles away from chemical or any mechanical interference.

Ayurveda offers a sure escape from the overpowering stress and strains of modern hectic life; a refuge from the eminent rat-race engulfing us continually. This ancient study has behind it years of scholarship, patronage and perseverence and is definitely one of the most important branches of ancient Indian subjects.

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