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Hampi Travel Guide

  • Hampi city in Karnataka
Hampi At a Glance
  • Average Climate:12°C - 40°C
  • Best Time to Visit:September - February
  • STD Code:08394


Hampi is famous as the magnificent city of ruins. It is a city in Indian state Karnataka and located besides the Tungbhadra River and lies 352 km from Bangalore. Hampi Tour are a great insight into the history and tourist attractions in the historic town. The sojourns further indicate the artistic excellence and power of the then rulers of the city. Hampi was the capital of renowned kingdom of Vijaynagar Empire of 14th century to 16th century. It is regarded as most wonderful in ruins of India and is in the list of world heritage center.

Major tourist spots can be divided into two broad areas: the Hampi Bazaar Part and the Royal center near Kamalapuram.

There are numbers of tourist attractions in Hampi which you can explore. Existing structures tell stories about the glorious past of Vijayanagar Empire.

One activity you can perform during your Tour is climbing the Matangi Hills.

During your visit, explore many temples of the bygone era. The Virupaksha Temple, Achutaraya Temple, Hazara Rama Temple and the Vithala Temple are worth visiting here. Some other monuments you can visit during the Hampi Tour are Queen's bath, monolithic Ganesha, Ugra Narasimha. The Stone's Chariot, Elephant Stable, Balakrishna Temple, Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple, King's balance.

These tourist spots speak volumes about the history and culture of the Great Vijaynagar Empire.

The best season for Hampi Tour is monsoon and winters.

Mounuments Name Best Time To Go
Virupaksha Temple October To January
Vittala Temple October To January
Krishna Temple October To January
Hazara Rama Temple October To January
Elephant Stables October To January
Lotus Mahal October To January
Hampi Bazaar October To January
Achutaraya Temple October To January
Queen's bath October To January
Monolithic Ganesha October To January
Ugra Narasimha
October To January
Stone's Chariot
October To January
Balakrishna Temple October To January
Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple October To January
King's balance October To January


How to Reach:

Nearest Airport: Vidhyanagar (Thoranagallu)
Nearest Railway Station: Hospet
Nearest Bus Station: Hospet


Summers: Avg Temperature: 35-40°C
Winters: Avg Temperature: 25-30°C
Average Rainfall: 515mm

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